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    Old Friends Meeting Again


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    Old Friends Meeting Again

    Post  Mick on 31/10/2011, 20:34

    Gabriel Amsel: -he is at a store, getting some sugar for his cake, he was going to make a cake cause he felt like to >.> he also wanted to make an alaskan cake, he can burn it ^^ and as soon as he got out of the store and looks at the reciept just in case the person might have checked in something more then it should and he bumbs into a girl, he was totally not paying attention and he reconize her- Ivory? O.O

    Ivory Haven: -She Was Just Walking Through The Store For Amusement xD & Bumps Into Some Guy- Gabe! -She Smiles Excitedly- You Should Watch Where Your Going -__- -She Starts To Walk Away-

    Gabriel Amsel: O.O -hasn't seen her in a long time and she just walks away after they met? O.o he walks up to her- sorry i was checking this -points at he reciept- so how are things? ->.> meaning what happened since they last met-

    Ivory Haven: -She Stops Walking & Turns To Him & Answers Slowly- Right..Uh,Things Are Good I Guess? Ive Been In Trouble On And Off But Ive Been Able To get Away For A While,And You Gabe? -She Asks-

    Gabriel Amsel: -what's with her? O.o- i have been trying my best to avoid the trouble -he been doing that so no one can find him o.o and he guesses that somehow they did D:- is everything okay? O.o you seem like you are in a rush ->.> since she started walking away from..oh...o.o wait D: he didn't mean to kill Arriane D: D: D: D: D:-

    Ivory Haven: Well,Thats Great! -Sarcasm- No,Its Just,Im Bored & Im Trying To Find Something To Do And Im Impatient -She Tells Him- I Thought That You Would Remember That?..Or Has It Been To Long? -Wondering If He Remembers What Happened The Last Time The Group Was Together-

    Gabriel Amsel: -remembers o.o he left them before he could explain himself D:- i actually forgot about it o.o -he looks at his car- it has been a long time huh -laugh nevously >.> he really didn't want to talk any of them from the group like this D:-

    Ivory Haven: Yeah It Has..-She Leans On the Wall By The Isle Their In- You Left Before We Even Understood What Happened,-She Sighs- But you Look lIke You Seemed To Get Over it..-Looks Down Awkwardly-

    Gabriel Amsel: -actually he never really gotten over it >.>' hence that he said that he was trying his best to aviod trouble- i had to o.o i don't think any of you guys would believe me if i told you -he didn't understand it either- o.o and i never really gotten over it -XD creator is like WTF? he sounds like a wuss XDXDXDXDXDXD-

    Ivory Haven: Well,Back Then You Probably Would've Had More Of A Chance Of Us Actually Believing You,But Now..-Moves Her Hands Aroound & Starts Tapping Her Foot,Shes Impatient D:- Yeah,You Look Nervouse Right Now -She Looks At Him While Creator Is Laughing-

    Gabriel Amsel: ->.> how could they when he didn't even know what really happen o.o', hates being one of the few phoenixs out there >.<- now what? -wonders where the others are anyways >.> well, its actually Mystic is the only one who isn't here XD-yeah....o.o -what's with my characters and thier awkwardness >.<, ignoring creator >.>-

    Ivory Haven: I Don't Know But I Want To get Out Of This Store D: -She Says & Starts Walking Out Quickly-

    Gabriel Amsel: ->.> they are out of the store o.o creator fail XD- alright.....-walks out of the store >.> creator swears that they were outside anyways; nice subject change XD-

    Ivory Haven: -Creator Is Laughing Cuz Creator Wrote On Ivorys "Walking Down the Isle" Mic Is Slow xD But Anyway...She Takes A Breath And Asks Gabe- So,Have You Seen Mystic Anywhere?

    Gabriel Amsel: -actually creator wrote "She Was Just Walking Through The Store For Amusement" >.>' Kathy is slow- O.O the last time i seen him was the same time that i last seen him, why? -wonders if everyone just went thier separate ways cause of Arriane's death o.o'-

    Ivory Haven: -Both Creators Are Slow lol- The Last Time You Saw Him Was The Last Time You Saw Him? Yeah That makes Total Sence xD -She Jokes & Is Walking- Oh,Cause I Havent Seen Him Since You Know..Arriane :/

    Gabriel Amsel: -ment you >.>' on that second him- O.O i ment you, i haven't seen him...-hears what she said about Arriane- yeah that...->.> is holding bags from the stuff that he bought- i didn't really mean to do that to her o.o' i didn't know my powers were still growing

    Ivory Haven: -She Laughs Lightly- Oh I See...She Says- Yeah,I Never Thought You Did It On Purpous Its Just That,The Feeling Of The Moment Was Just Like..You Know..So Have You Learned To Controll It? -She Asks-

    Gabriel Amsel: -he actually has, well, at least keep it down so nothing like that can happen again o.o'- kind of...not all the way...-he is actually suprized that Ivory thought that he didn't do it on purpose o.o'- what about you, has your power advanced any? -he asks-

    Ivory Haven: -She Nods her Head- Thats Good -She Says Then Answers- Yes,The More Fear,More life Source,Except That When Im Done using It I Feel Really Tired -She Says-

    Gabriel Amsel: that is strange...->.> it should be that she is more awakened O.o- can i put these in my car? -he is talking about the grocieries that he bought-

    Ivory Haven: I Know -She Says Smiling- Uh,Yeah Sure -Forgot About Them- And What Are We Gonna Do After This?

    Gabriel Amsel: -walks up to his car, gets out his keys and unlock the door and puts his grocieries in; he had no clue on what to do since he never expected to see Ivory today, or any day o.o'- i don't know, i was going to bake an Alaskan Cake -he tells her, smiles a bit >.>' he's been around humans for a little too long even though he was the only one in the group who was originally human o.o that's why when he kills he tries to make it quick-

    Ivory Haven: -She Walks Over To Him & Walks Around & Looks At Him With A Smirk- An Alaskin Cake? Whoa..What Happened To You Gabe? -She Jokes With Him-

    Gabriel Amsel: -o.o' the alaskan cake is one of the things he can do to keep his powers under control xD and it tastes good- o.o what do you mean? ->.> they only been around him when he is in a bad mood xD not when he is living like a human- the way i act? O.o -he shruggs- i guess that's what happens when you are around humans and used to be a human ->.> she'll never understand o.o-

    Ivory Haven: -She Laughs- Im Jokling Of Course Haha,Its Weird To See You in A Good Mood xD -She Tells Him- Humans..Hmmm...Interesti​ng -She Says & Leans On his Car-

    Gabriel Amsel: ->.> it is kind of wierd to see him in a good mood o.o, it has to be the cake- its just today i guess -notices that she leaned on his car o.o' and notice that she was thinking about humans now- Ivory? what are you thinking about? ->.> he wants to make his cake and eat now, he's a bit hungry xD-

    Ivory Haven: -Answers Slowly- Right..-She Laughs At Him Cause It Seems Like Hes Trying To Search through Her Thoughts But he Cant o.o- Gabe? xD Oh,Nothing..Humans Are Strange Thats All..

    Gabriel Amsel: -says someone who never lived as one xD; he isn't trying to read her mind >.> he is just worried a bit o.o- they are....and sometimes they can be easy to understand -it depends on the humans- way too many languages o.o -lets see how many languages are there; denies creator for googling it-

    Ivory Haven: I Lived As One When I Was Young,Only To Find I Am What I Am At the Age Of 14 -She Tells Him- Languages..-He Is Weird o.o-

    Gabriel Amsel: -didn't know that o.o'- wow....o.o -can't say anything right now; still wanting to make his cake and eat it D:-

    Ivory Haven: -She Smiles A Little- How Old Were We When We Met? Im Guessing I Was About 15 Or 16..Considering I Was New With My Powers -Then She Notices Why Gabe Came To the Store in the First Place- Is That All you Came For? Your Cake? o.O

    Gabriel Amsel: O.O i thought that i was older then that >.> -wow.....creator guesses its was that age xD; he looks at his groceries- yes, well to get the ingredients so i can make it -any there any problem with it? O.O- Alaskan Cake is good -he tells her >.> not sure if she tried it or even though creator never had it before xD-

    Ivory Haven: I Never Really Knew Your Age Which Is Weird -She Says Then Laughs- You And Your Cake..Wow..xD How Long Has It Been Since You've Been Around With Non-Humans? -She Asks Him-

    Gabriel Amsel: -creator fail x.x; he was about 20 something when they first met- since i last met you guys -well, non-humans that he hanged out with, he has bumbed into some others but it never turned out good; he leans on his car-

    Ivory Haven: Whoa,....So You've Been Living Like A Human Since Then?...That Would Be Impossible For Me -She Jokes A Little-

    Gabriel Amsel: yeah i have been -its not bad actually- how come it would be possible for you? -totally forgot about her powers for that moment; he remembers now ^^- just ignore that question, i forgot -he laughs a bit; denies creator for listening to one band the whole time this RP had started o.o'-

    Ivory Haven: -She Laughs At Him- Yeah..So..-Looks Around Still Leaning On His Car- What Now? -She Asks-

    Gabriel Amsel: o.o i have no clue on what to do...you wanna come over so i can bake this cake - -_-' i shouldn't have candies right now; ignoring creator- unless you have a better idea? -not sure on what to do really; been a long time since he been around non-humans like he told Ivory earlier; yep he needs to stay away from humans everyonce in a while xD-

    Ivory Haven: -She Has A Big Grin On Her Face- Okay,Lets Go Make Your Cake..You Got Me Hungry..-She Says Weirdly-

    Gabriel Amsel: -didn't mean to do that o.o'; they got into his car and drove to his house; how did Ivory got to the store? O.o and they are at his house; he picks up his groceries and unlocks his house and gets inside; turns on all of the lights-

    Ivory Haven: -She Followed Inside & Looks Around & Laughs Lightly-

    Gabriel Amsel: -as he puts the groceries he notices that Ivory is laughing; he walks where ever Ivory is at- what's funny? O.o

    Ivory Haven: Your Home..-She Says With A Smirk-

    Gabriel Amsel: -he noddes- what about it? -has she ever seen a house before? O.o; he goes back into the ktichen; he has to make the cake by scratch D:; o.o' he forgot that they don't know that he can cook xD what a suprize for Ivory-

    Ivory Haven: Its So....Lame Comepared To Mine xD I mean,I Live In A Kind Of Mix Of A Shed/House But My Fireplace Is Always Burning,And I Live By the Woods..-She Says & Follows Him To The Kitchen Then Hops Up & Sits On The Counter- WHOA! Gabe Is Cooking? :O -She Smiles-

    Gabriel Amsel: ->.> he barely lives in this house, he's mostly out of it- o.o the woods? -she does mean forest right; creator just facepalmed; ignoring creator; he hears what Ivory said about him cooking- yes, i am......that's one of the things that i never told you guys about o.o i grew up with a dad who cooks alot -creator isn't sure back then that guys cook or not, but what ever-

    Ivory Haven: Forest,Woods It All Trees Isnt It? -Shakes Her Head In Dissapointment At Gabe xD- I Feel Like I Dont Know You Anymore..-She Jokes xD- Oh,I See..

    Gabriel Amsel: why do you think that? -talking about Ivory saying that she doesn't know him anymore O.o; and he has the batter ready ^^; putting the batter into the pan so he can put it in the stove so it can get cooked >.> well enough so it can get its shape XD-

    Ivory Haven: -She Laughs- Im Joking! Lossen Up Gabe xD -She Says & Watches Him Put The Tray In The Oven-

    Gabriel Amsel: -o.o has nothing to do for about 30 minutes right now so he has no idea on what to do now xD- i can tell you were joking -she sounded like she was serious earlier; creator fail x.x; about to hurt his creator for failing too much-

    Ivory Haven: -Creator Is Laughing Like Hell At Mic xDD- So Wut Now Cheff? -She Asks-

    Gabriel Amsel: we wait for about 30 minutes -he tells her; was walks into the living room-

    Ivory Haven: -She Follows Him To The Living Room- So...-Awkward- How Long Have You Lived Here?

    Gabriel Amsel: about a year -he bured down the other house he lived in before he came to here o.o'; he sits on the couch- what about you? -wondering if she is here just to pass by the town or she actually living in this town-

    Ivory Haven: Ive Been Exploring PLaces,But I Got Tired So Ive Been Here For..Uh...I Dont KNow How Long,But Not Long -She Says-

    Gabriel Amsel: okay...-awkward cause he has no idea on what to say now; hoping that the thirty minutes is over o.o'; he gets up and went to the bathroom; >.> leave him alone he needs to go xD-

    Ivory Haven: -Awkward At The Moment And She Walks Around His House,Looking For Pictures And Stuff But She Barely Finds Anything-

    Gabriel Amsel: -he barely keeps stuff anyways xD what was she looking for anyways? O.o; he come back from the bathroom and notices that she is looking around- what are you looking for? -he walks up to her-

    Ivory Haven: -She Steps Away From Him & Answers- I Don't Know..You Seem Pretty boring Now I Was Just Looking To See If You Had Any Pictures Up..-She Says Honestly xD-

    Gabriel Amsel: they were all burned, i accendently burned a house before i moved over here -o.o' hate admitting of his powers being uncontrolled-

    Ivory Haven: -Facepalm- I Should Probably Keep An Eye On You Then..xD -She Smiles At Him-

    Gabriel Amsel: you don't have to >.> i just have to be careful on what i do -he walks to the couch- and i have to keep my anger in controll -he mumbles to himself o.o' for some reason his powers are connected to his emotions, which really sucks; good thing he isn't a teenager xD; ignoring creator >.>-

    Ivory Haven: Yeah..Sure....-She Sits On The Arm Of The Couch- Have You Been Living Alone Here? Or Do you Know People In This Town?

    Gabriel Amsel: just living here on my own -he tells her- the only people i talk to are the ones i work with but i don't hang out with them after work -mostly cause they don't even ask him; man, Gabe sounds like a total wuss D: what happened to him D: D: D: D: D: D:?-

    Ivory Haven: You Work? Wow Gabe..You Seemed Like You've Changed Alot,..Too Much -She Says That Cause He Used You Be Like Her,Mystic & Arriane,Having Fun Being Evil And Messing With people,Now He Sounds Like A Loner That Bakes All Day D:-

    Gabriel Amsel: -creator just laugh; ignoring creator >.>; he doesn't have time to do evil stuff, and he was also trying to prevent from being found; o.o' which was to live as a human- i don't think i really have, i just.....keep it in me alot -he tells her and a few moments of silence- i do miss it sometimes -o.o he really does, its fun but dangerous >.>-

    Ivory Haven: You Seriously Think Your Gonna Get Caught? -She Looks At Him- I've Escaped So Many Times Since I've Met You Guys,We Will Always Get Away. -She Laughs Then tells Him- Im Gonna Bring Back the Old Gabe,My gabe,The Fun One! Not The Loner Cheff That Makes Alaskin Cakes! xD

    Gabriel Amsel: -likes making the Alaskan cakes D:- it was alot easier to fun from danger when there are alot more people to help you hide ->.> he got caught before he met the others and he hears what she said- well, try your best -creator laughed at "my gabe" xD; >.> will hurt creator is she keeps this up >.<-

    Ivory Haven: We,-She Pauses With A Smirks on her Face For Dramatic Effect While Creator Is Like -Facepalm- At Ivory xD- Don't Need Help To Hide -She Tells Him-

    Gabriel Amsel: -creator just mentally died x.x; please Kathy just stop; denies creator for hacking >.>- well, for some reason i always get caught when i do something -luckly enough the only thing they do to him is hang him o.o' but that's the least of the worries cause all he does after they do that is leave the town and chuckles a bit- why did you pause for a bit?

    Ivory Haven: -Creator Is Laughing So Hard At Mic Right Now xDD- When Your With From Now On,You Won't Get Caught! And If You Do,We'll Get Away From It! -She Says Smiling- Oh,-She Says About The Pausing- It's Dramatic Effect xD -She Says-

    Gabriel Amsel: O.o -odd >.> doesn't remember why he hanged out with her before xD- okay.....-he laughs a bit; knowing that Ivory might be serious, but has she done some evil stuff recently o.o'; the hunters have gotten more serious-

    Ivory Haven: -OMG!! Gabe Ur A Jerk!! ~was Creator Hackage~ She Smiles- Im Like So Experienced With getting Away,For The Last Few Years -Meaning The Last About 5 Years- Has Been So Much Fun! Except You Know,For It being Only Me -__- -She Has Hung Out With A Few More Non-Humans But Never Like Them Much D:-

    Gabriel Amsel: yeah....-and the cake is almost done ^^; he gets up and gets the cake out- let's go outside -he walks to the door opens it and is at the porch >.>; doesn't want the fire department to come over to the house cause of this cake o.o'; he puts the cake on fire >Very Happy; denies that emote >.>; the cake is done ^^-

    Ivory Haven: -Shes Watching Him Do All This Thinking Hes Weird Then Follows Him To The Porch & Sits Down- Okay xD

    Gabriel Amsel: -gets the cake up and brings it into the kitchen adnd grabs a couple of plates; not knowing if Ivory wants any or not o.o'- do you want any of this? -he asks as he gets piece for himself-

    Ivory Haven: Uh,Sure -She Says Thinking Of Why he Likes It so Much-

    Gabriel Amsel: -cause it keeps his powers under control, how many times do i need to type it >.<; ignoring creator >.>; he gets out a piece and gives it to her, and then he eats his peice; denies that he was smiling >.>- so what do you think?

    Ivory Haven: -Now Creator Is Wondering How It Keeps It Under Control O.O- Thanks..-She Takes It & tries Some Of It- It's...Pretty Good Actually -She Smiles-

    Gabriel Amsel: ->.> he uses his abilitis to catch it on fire; and he smiles; dammit creator stop that!! >.< denies any smiles on here- that's good -barely makes a good cake cause most of the time its a bit too long in the fire o.o'; he sets his plate down- what to do know? -he asks as he puts the cake in a container and puts it in the refridgerator-

    Ivory Haven: -Creator is Like Whoa Cause It Took This Long Of A Scene To Go by Cake Ingreients & Make It O.O- I Don't Know,Now Im Bored -She Says-

    Gabriel Amsel: -creator didn't realize it O.O- well i have nothing else to do really o.o' -all he does at home is sleep xD; he has a boring life xD; ignoring creator >.>-

    Ivory Haven: Lets Go Look Around Then,Your Home Is Boring! -Thinks About It- You Should Go To The Forest And Burn Trees In Your Free Time xD

    Gabriel Amsel: -o.o' forest fires; is this girl serious about that >.>- alright -he gets up and puts on his jacket- where to then? -has no life after he left the group xD-

    Ivory Haven: -Is Already Out The Door- Uh..That Depends,What Do you Want To Do? -Creator Just Lost it-

    Gabriel Amsel: -creator just laughed cause her mind isn't thinking straight x.x; denying creator for hacking ever again >.<; and he walks out of the door- like what -he laughs- i barely do stuff anymore, i just try my best to stay content to myself -like you know, basically being non-sociable-

    Ivory Haven: Yeah,You Don't Seem Like You Do Anything Anymore xD -Sighs- If Only Mystic Was Here At The Moment...-Really Doesnt Wanna Bring Up Anything About Arriane-

    Gabriel Amsel: -he really doesn't o.o'- can we go to a bar -he wants to get wasted now o.o'; since he realized that he has no social life-

    Ivory Haven: Okay,To The Bar It Is -She Starts Walking-

    Gabriel Amsel: -they are at the bar; creator totally forgot why he even suggested to go in a bar XD; MY FINGER HURTS D;; denies creator input; he walks up to the bartender and asks fro a drink; once he got it he sat on a table- anything else that we can talk about right now?

    Ivory Haven: -She Sits On A Chair At the Table Gabe Sat & Creator Has To Say This Right Now MIC DUDE!! I WAS WATCHING A VAMPIRE MOVIE! & THE VAMP TOOK THE DUDE & HIS NAME WAS GABE! & HE GRABBED HIM & THE OTHER GUY WAS LIKE GABEE!!!! BUT He Died >->...Ivory Answers- Uhm,Well,I have A Question,Why Did You Want To Come To This Bar?

    Gabriel Amsel: -o.o' poor Gabe; denying creator input for now and on >.<- to get wasted really o.o' -do they know that he can get wasted by alcohal >.>'; he takes a sip from the drink; he wants to get wasted cause he's remembering everything that he tried to forget D:-

    Ivory Haven: -Creator Is Laughing xDD- Okay Then -She Says She Goes To The Bartender Gets A Drink Then Goes Back To Her Seat & Creator Is Like "Oh No.." At Gabe Getting Wasted Cause When People Get Wasted They tend To Talk More..And Say The Truth,...- Well,Do you Want Toi Talk About Anything We Havent Covered In the Last Hour? -She Asks & Drinks Some From Her Cup-

    Gabriel Amsel: -o.o' doesn't know what to really talk about really- don't you have anything to ask, i seriously don't know what to ask you -without creator trying her best to prevent her mind from taking over o.o'; >.> wants his creator to let it go >.< he's getting wasted so there's an excuse; but D: i don't want to end this badly; ignoring creator by now-

    Ivory Haven: Uhm..-Takes Another Sip- Is There Something I Should Ask? O.O -Is Like So Lost- Uhm..I Don't Know..-She Takes A Few More Sips From Her Drink-

    Gabriel Amsel: -there isn't really anything that she can ask >.>'; creators mind is blown up D:- nothing really, what have you been up to? -like the evil stuff; when was the last time she hunted o.o' he doesn't know what she calls her feedings-

    Ivory Haven: Uhm,About Two Weeks Ago I Attacked Some People In The Forest,Haha -She Smiles- They Were Stuck There For A While Until I Got Bored..-She Tells Him- And What About Y..Oh..Right,You Don't Do Much Anymore o.o -Has Nothing To Talk To Him About,She Wishes He Was More Exciting..-

    Gabriel Amsel: i burned a house accedently last year o.o' but that's basically the last time that something like that had happened to me o.o' -feels like he's a total loser right now; and he takes another sip- so met any new people? ->.> meaning that she has hung out with o.o' not the...;shutting up creator now by strapping her fingers together >Very Happy; dening that emote-

    Ivory Haven: -Creator Just Died x.x.....- Haha,Was It Fun Burning That House? -She Asks- Don't You Feel More Powerful When You Do Things Like That? -Then Hears The Next Question- Yeah Actually! I Met Some Other Non-Humans,But They Werent As Fun To Hang With As You Guys Were..-Meaning The Old Group-

    Gabriel Amsel: -doesn't blame for her creator dieing XD- o.o i owned that house....i didn't really mean to burn it o.o', i don't actually feel more powerful -he smiles a bit- that's good, how could they be not as fun as the group? O.o

    Ivory Haven: -She Laughs "I Owned That House..."- Really? I feel More Powerful When I Use My Power..I Don't Know What Is Is But It makes Me Feel Better,Alive,You Know What I mean? -Then Answers & Smiles A Little- Uh,I Don't KNow,..Maybe I Just Didn't Like Them As Much? -Shr Shruggs & Drinks More Of Her Drink,Its Almost Done-

    Gabriel Amsel: -creator just facepalmed; >.> its different when its someone elses but he bought that house D:- no i really don't know on what you mean -he hears on her answer- hmm...-he takes another sip ^^- i see -and he has no other questions to ask now xD-

    Ivory Haven: Well,Than Pay No Attention To What You Don't Understand -She Says & Finishes Her Drink- Yeah,Thats Pretty Much It -She Sighs-

    Gabriel Amsel: -what? O.o that does not make sense at all O.o- yeah, i am all out of questions also -he laughs; still has some of his drink left, wtf? O.o-

    Ivory Haven: -Is He Confused?..- I Don't Either -She Says Smiling Lightly-

    Gabriel Amsel: -nope, he is just suprized that he hasn't finished his drink all the way by now xD; and he finishes his drink- what would you like to do now? -he wants to go get another drink >.>' but he needs to drive back home and he isn't going to let Ivory drive his car >.<-

    Ivory Haven: I Don't Know -She Says- Its Hard To Talk To You,Im Not Sure Why But Its Hard To Keep A Conversation Up With You Right Now -She Tells Him- I Mean Don't Get me Wrong,I Like That Your Here Again But..Yeah..-Awkward-

    Gabriel Amsel: i understand, my life is boring now -he laughs, gets up to get another drink, he'll just get his car the morning next xD-

    Ivory Haven: -She Facepalms- Haha..Wow Gabe..-His Life Is Not Exactly Boring Just..Boring Compared To Hers? That Made It No Better..xD-

    Gabriel Amsel: what? O.O -he hears as he goes to sit back down; creator jsut found out her kitten was in her room o.o'-

    Ivory Haven: Nothing -She Laughs- But Hey,I Think I Should Head Home Now...Maybe We Can Hang out Again Sometime? -She Stands Up-

    Gabriel Amsel: yeah we should -notices that he hasn't took a sip from his new drink, he leaves it alone and he gets up- see you soon -he tells her as he leaves to his car; hoping that he can drive back home without the police catching him for DUI o.o'-

    Ivory Haven: Okay -She Smiled At Him one Last Time Then Walked Home-

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