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    Meeting Wilhelm and The Fallen Angel, Xander


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    Meeting Wilhelm and The Fallen Angel, Xander

    Post  Mick on 24/12/2011, 01:25

    Wilhelm Trümper: *walks into the store and walks up to Manic* Excuse me, but do you know where the....uh.....scheiße i can't remember what it's called *he's trying to remember what it was D:*

    Manic Execution: -Turns & Sees The Guy- Uh,I'd Like To Help But,I Kinda Need To Know The Name Of The Item -__- -Looks At His Mirror-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he looks around for what it could even look like D:* um.....needles? *sounds like a total druggie xD but he isn't, his other needles broke xD stupid skin for being like that Dx*

    Manic Execution: -Lifts His Head Up Slowly Looks At Him Like "O.O"- Uh,May I Ask Why You Need Them? -Thinking Thsi Guy is Gonna Go Shoot Up After He Buys the Needles xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: medical reasons, I'm not going to use them for something like drugs *denies that his accent is showing a bit xD* or whatever people uses them for now...*now, denies sounding like an old guy xD*

    Manic Execution: -Answers Slowly- Right...Uh...-Calls Ash- Ash? Do You Know Where The Medical Section Is? -haha! He Sounds Smart For Once xD-

    Ashes Cross: *she gets up from her seat and walks over there* why should i know? O.o you're the one who's doing the job like this, the medical section? um....*tries to figure out where* why don't you just try to find out where...-_- *doesn't know xD*

    Wilhelm Trümper: *O.O is totally going to use the needles for his blood D:* why don't you know where the section is at? *they are suppose to know thier own job xD*

    Manic Execution: Im New At This,& Shes Just Stupid -He Tells The Guy & Smiles As He Motions To Ash-

    Ashes Cross: *slaps Manic on the head >.> creator wonders on how many months Ashes is preggo xDXDXDXD* Hey! if theres someone who's stupid here, it's you!

    Wilhelm Trümper: um...O.o....okay? do you two know any idea on where the stuff could be at? *could last a few more days but doesn't want to risk it D:*

    Manic Execution: Calm Down Ash! -Puts His hands Up Pretending To Calm Her- We Need To Be Calm For The Customers -Turns To The Guy- Sorry Shes A Bit Moody xD Lets Try To Find Those Needles -Starts Walking & he Just Did All That To Make Ashes Look Like She Was A Bad Worker xD-

    Ashes Cross: *glares at Manic >.>* bastard, i'm not moody -_- you're just stupid *>:D*

    Wilhelm Trümper: *doesn't really care on what's going on really xD* um....yeh lets go find tem *creators fail at an accent xD*

    Manic Execution: -He Says This Allowed Like A Tour Guide xD As Hes Looking For The Needles- Please Ignore The Moody Pregnant Girl In Isle One -He Smirks While Creator Freaked On Wilhelms Accent xD--

    Ashes Cross: *fucking asshole >.> she still need to get her revenge xD and she goes back to sit on her little area where she does cashiering xDXDXDXD*

    Wilhelm Trümper: *doesn't really want to know about any of that stuff...but he knows that they aren't human, that Manic is a Dark Elf and Ashes is a Vamprie O.o so he's like wskhjsdk about the vampire being preggo* OK...O.o....

    Manic Execution: -Creator Laughing At Ashes xD- Oh Sorry,Uh,Hi Im Manic -Holds His Hand Out To Shake The Customers Hand-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *shakes the guys hand* Vilhelm *just typing down what he says so it's easier for the characters*

    Manic Execution: Nice To Meet You -He Laughs At His Accent xD & He Found The Medical Section- Uh Heres The Medical Section -He Says-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *denies creator for thinking that Wilhelm can read his mind..., that was the other type 9 ability o.o'* tanks *XDXDXDXDXDXDXD*

    Manic Execution: -Creator Died Of Laughter At Wilhelms Accent xD- No Problem?..-Walks Away & Finds A Mirror & Is Checking Himself Out In It xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *O.O strange, strange creatures and he can't find the needle he needs D:* uhm.....excuse meh? do you know if you have any of te indestructible *not indestrible to him xD* needles? O.o

    Manic Execution: -Creator. Keeps. Imagining Bill. & jhgvcdnbjkhvgcf Fangirling- Uh....Cant You Read The Back of The Box Or Whatever The Needle Is In? -Didnt Look Away From The Mirror-

    Wilhelm Trümper: i can read it, it's just that there aren't anz over there *well, from what he sees, Creator: stop fangirling over my character :P he's my character (that i based off from my story idea that's been around for over two years xD)*

    Manic Execution: -Creators Laughing & Smiling About Wilhelm xDD- Can You Read English? -Grr He Walks Over & Climbs A Shelf & Finds Some- Heads Up! -Throws The Box To Wilhelm-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *can read english, just that it's not there Dx and he catches the box o.o'* this doesn't look like the one i bought before *that's why he couldn't find it*

    Manic Execution: >.> Would You Rather Me Take You To A Clinic Or Something? -Is Getting Anoyyed Of This Guy & Starts To Realize Hes Not Human-

    Wilhelm Trümper: no. O.O *is kind of scared of the hospital mostly cause of what happened to him in the past* i mean, i don't need to, besides the hospital will propably just do the same thing that i was going to do *not really, they would propably put him into some sort of exprimentation room so they can find out how he is alive D:*

    Manic Execution: -Jumps Down From The Shelf To Wilhelm- I Know Your Not Human...If You Need Help You Can Ask Me Or My Friend Ash Or A.K.A. The Moody Pregnant Girl Over There -Starts Walking Away-

    Wilhelm Trümper: um.....okay? *he walks up to Manic* how in did you know that i'm not human? *only the expri-vamps can and they concidered Wilhelm's type "9" to be an elder LOL XD*

    Manic Execution: I Don't Know,You Just Have A Strange Feel To You? -Maybe Its A Drow Thing? haha Manic xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: tat's OK, i tought tat it wazn't notisable o.o....is tis te indesetructible needlez? *he just needs to know so he can just buy them and leave :P*

    Manic Execution: -Creator: My Beloved Accent Is Back xDD- I Think So -Motions To Ashes Telling Him To Go But Them xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: OK *he walks to the cash register and buys the needles ^^ and he starts walking away...*

    Ashes Cross: *she looks at Manic after Wilhlem left* what was that all about? O.o.....*not sure on what just happened xD just knows it took a long while for him to get the needles xDXDXD*

    Manic Execution: -Walks To Ashes Then Sits Down- Hes Not Human..He Needed Some Weird Needles...-Sighs- That Was Too Much Work For One Day D:

    Ashes Cross: O.o then what is he? wierd needles? *very strange, wtf? >.> <.<* i think our shift is over...*checks to see if it is* nope, i'm right, our shift is over xD

    Manic Execution: Indestructable Needles O.O Okay! Finally! -Starts walking out-

    Ashes Cross: O.O *she clocks out both of thiers cause he didn't do that to his -_-* wait, why in the world does he need those? O.o.....aren't all needles the same way?

    Manic Execution: -He Laughs Walking- Uhm,Unless Hes Some Stromg Creature That Can Break Cheap Needles? -Ha-Ha-

    Ashes Cross: no, creature can do that O.O *xD Wilhelm's acidic blood breaks it to peices xD sorry, creator hack >.>*

    Manic Execution: Ugh Think For Yourself Then >.> -Is Wondering If They Should Do Some Research & Hes Fixxing His Hair-

    Ashes Cross: what? O.o *yeah, what?, creator hack >.> <.<*

    Manic Execution: -What? -Wasnt Paying Attention & Is Crossing On A Red Light O.O-

    Ashes Cross: Manic!! watch where you were going?! *she yells at him >.>* you told me to think for myself then? O.o

    Manic Execution: -Realises Hes In The Middle Of The Street On A red Light & Runs Back T Ashes & Almost Got Hit By A Few Cars- WHOA!

    Ashes Cross: *grabs Manics mirror and threw it to the ground, breaking the mirror >.>* there, you won't die cause of you looking into a compacted mirror -_-

    Manic Execution: No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -Falls To His Knees Looking At His Broken Mirror & he Looks Up At Her With A Glare- You..Monster! :O Why Would You Do that?

    Ashes Cross: >.> you almost died cause of that piece of shit >.> *she has a point xD*

    Manic Execution: Your Calling That Shit? It Is A master Piece Cause I can See My Hotness On It!

    Ashes Cross: -_- do you care about your "hotness" more then your own life? *if he says yes, she's gonna walk away from him >.>*

    Manic Execution: Maybe >.> If I Die All My Hotness Will Go Away & I'll Look Like A Raison! So..No -Sighs & Stands Up- Your Buying Me A New Compact!

    Ashes Cross: alright i will *is the future, like 20 years later xD* so what are we going to do now? O.O

    Manic Execution: We Should Start Planning on What To Do After Work cause If You Havent Noticed We Always Have Trouble On That Part -xD-

    Ashes Cross: we do don't we O.O *thanks Manic for pointing that out xD* okay, let's get the plan together ^^

    Manic Execution: -He Laughs Lightly- Yes. xD Okay. Ugh This Town is Boring D: We Should Take Pictures.

    Ashes Cross: okay ^^ wait we need a camera O.O

    Manic Execution: Lets Go Buy A Camera? xD

    Ashes Cross: alright.....um....we need to buy a cheap one -_- *not going to buy an expensive camera right now >.> lol xD*

    Manic Execution: Okay! -They Go to A Store & Buy A Cheap Camera xD-

    Ashes Cross: *is suprized that he actually listen to her O.O*

    Manic Execution: -Has The Camera & Takes A Picture Of Ashes-

    Ashes Cross: *pushes the camera away from herself >.> creator found out that it's a noticble showing xD so....yeah....xD....nein​ >.>* take pictures of the town insted of me D:

    Manic Execution: -Laughs- I Already Got One Of You xD -He Starts Taking Pictures Of The Town-

    Ashes Cross: one is all you need -_- *and YAY!! they are looking around the town more :P*

    Manic Execution: -Took Another Of Ash & Moved Away before She Could Do Anything & Hes Taking Pictures Of Some Buildings?-

    Ashes Cross: *she didn't even realize that he took a pic of her xD* so what part of town are we in? O.o

    Manic Execution: We Are Far From the Motel O.O So....You Guess -He Says-

    Ashes Cross: *was thinking downtown but isn't sure* let's just hope we can find ourselves back to the motel and won't get lost O.O

    Manic Execution: We Can Take The Bus O.O

    Ashes Cross: i was saying that we have to make sure okay ^^ *doesn't want to leave at that moment D:*

    Manic Execution: Oh Okay xD -He Takes More Pictures- Hmm..-Starts Taking Pics Of Himself The Majority of The Pictures Are Of Him xD-

    Ashes Cross: *rolls her eyes cause of that*

    Manic Execution: So,Ready To Go Home? -Mic,We Need To get These Muses To Get More Exciting lol-

    Ashes Cross: um....okay? O.o...*really doesn't want to D:, Creator: O.o should i bring in Xander? -has been a bit psycho all day today xD-*

    Manic Execution: Oh,Unless You Dont Want To O.O -Yes Mic lol-

    Ashes Cross: no, i guess we have to anyways *notices that it's the nightime xD*

    Manic Execution: Okay...-She Confuses Him- Im Hot..

    Ashes Cross: >.> not this again *rolls her eyes*

    Xander Zephyr: *is just walking around ad notices them* hello...

    Manic Execution: Well,In Your Mind Im Cute But Whatever -Pretends To Sigh & Notices The Other Dude- Uh....Hey?..-Why Is He Talking To Us? o.o-

    Ashes Cross: >.> cute yes but that's it *annoyed*

    Xander Zephyr: so what's up? *trying to keep a convo going so he can kill at least one of the two*

    Manic Execution: -Smiles Confidently- xD -He Turns To The Other Guy- Nothing..And You? -Go Away >.>-

    Xander Zephyr: trying to find some people *to kill, but he didn't say that >.> <.<*

    Manic Execution: Okay..Well...Bye -Starts Walking Away Leaving Ashes-

    Ashes Cross: *wait, why is she being left D:* wait

    Xander Zephyr: *he puts a barrier in fron of Manic so he can't leave* i don't think i can let you do that...

    Manic Execution: Whoa...But..I Need To Piss D:

    Xander Zephyr: *shakes his head* really? you don't need to tell people that >.> *looks at Ashes* so...why do i have to pick you guys? hm...

    Manic Execution: But I cant Hold It! -Is Holding On To His Pants-

    Xander Zephyr: what the fuck? *brings out his knife and walks up to Manic, he's making it that Manic can't run, so yeah...o.o*

    Manic Execution: -Is Jumping Up & Down- But i Really Need To pee !

    Xander Zephyr: >.> just pee in your fucking pants okay? *takes the knife and slides it against Manic*

    Ashes Cross: *can't really move either, which us kind of strange O.o*

    Manic Execution: -Screams- I Will Not Wet My Pants! -Pushes The Guy Away & Run To Pee-

    Xander Zephyr: *DUDE KATHY MANIC CAN'T MOVE O.O* what the fuck? *wonders on how his powers didn't work on the guy >.>"*

    Manic Execution: -Well...Uh....Now He Can O.O- Uhm..-He Went Pee Then Came Back- Okay Now You Can Kill Me

    Xander Zephyr: O.O what? *this is suprizing O.o*

    Manic Execution: Well,I Didnt Wnanna Die Covered In Piss O.O

    Xander Zephyr: *he slices Manics arm a bit >.> cause the guy is getting a bit annoying now* i don't give a fuck really, it's not like i want to eat you *is grossed out with just saying it*

    Manic Execution: -Screams- Ow! -Falls To The Ground All Dramatically-

    Xander Zephyr: *he scoffs* seriously? it's just a wound that seems like a paper cut -_- *well, actually like a razor cut xD, he grabs Manic by the hair and puts the knife to the guys neck*

    Manic Execution: AHH!!! Ash! -Screams- Why Is Everyone Jealous Of My Looks? Come On Man! Your Ruining My Hair! D:

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he first thought that his powers were tricking him again, but no, he sees the two people he'd seen earlier in trouble, with a fallen angel? O.o strange, he's not sure if he should walk up and stop this or not, he will come up to there if any of thier lives are in danger*

    Ashes Cross: *she tries to move from her spot and she can't* what did we do to deserve this? O.O

    Xander Zephyr: *he looks at Ashes* being alive...*he looks at Manic* i have nothing against your look *denies creator going asghokl h cause of Xander's sexuality xD*

    Wilhelm Trümper: *not going to wait, he walks behind of Xander and says some words and Xander flies away from them ^^* you to ok? *he looks at them O.O he blew his cover xD*

    Manic Execution: -He Was Gonna Say That The Guy Was Jealous Cause hes Hanging With Ashes xDDD- Uh...I Was Cut -He Says-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he walks up to Manic and looks at the cut* it doesn't seem lihke a bad cut, just put bandaids on it *he tells him, sorry for the lack of accent xD*

    Xander Zephyr: *gets up from that attack* i thought i reconize a presence, Wilhelm....*only herd about the guy xD*

    Ashes Cross: *looks around for something to do D: she can't really do anything D: D: D: D: D: stupid pregnancy >.<*

    Manic Execution: -Crosses His Arms- i Thought You Were Dead >.< -To Xander-

    Wilhelm Trümper: just leave okay? none of these kids did anything to you, you can just go and go attack some other people...*isn't going to let his visions to come true...o.o*

    Xander Zephyr: i can't do that, they know what i do and what i look like...*he tells him, really just wants to kill something else then a human D:*

    Manic Execution: -Walks Over To Ashes & Leans On Her Kind Of Putting is Arms Around Her- hey..

    Wilhelm Trümper: *puts his hands up and says something and fire is showing on his fingers* just....leave...*the guy is a witch also xD so yeah...xD*

    Xander Zephyr: *>.> doesn't want to get burned alive tonight* fine....but i will come back for you again *he tells Manic*

    Ashes Cross: *she looks at Manic* hello.....*she moves her arms* finally o.o......

    Manic Execution: -He Keeps One Arm Around Her- How've You Been? -Totally Not Paying Attention To What Just Happened xD-

    Xander Zephyr: *and he's gone :D*

    Ashes Cross: um.....Manic, we were almost in danger and you ask me on how i have been? *he's nuts*

    Wilhelm Trümper: O.O so......*not sure if he should just leave or not xD*

    Manic Execution: -Bends His Head Down So Hes Face To Face With her- You Know You Look hot When Your Scared? -xD-

    Ashes Cross: *will go all hormonal on him if she wants to >:U* shut up -_-......

    Wilhelm Trümper: zo....i guess, i kan yust leave? OK? *ACCENT IS BACK ^^*

    Manic Execution: -Creator Died At Ashes Thoughts xD- Oh Yeah,Even More When Your Angry xD -LMFAO XD- Uh...-Turns To Wilhelm- Oh,Thanks For Helping us There -He Says & Creator: OMG MY ACCENT<3 XD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: your velcome.....*really want to make sure that the guy won't follow them o.o.....why did he have to have that vision D:*

    Manic Execution: Do You Guys Want To Hang Out At the Motel? -He Has Nothing To Do & He Cant See If He Looks Hot Or Not Cause Ash Will Only Say Cute >.>- Hey Wilhelm?

    Ashes Cross: *Creator: >:U HEY!! stop fangirling my character!!!, Ashes slaps Manics head -_-* just shut up right. now.

    Wilhelm Trümper: i guess

    Manic Execution: Chill Ash Chill! -Hugs Her Lightly With One Arm Creator: BUT OMG OMG OMG HIS ACCENT<3 XD- Do I Look Hot? -Asks Wilhelm xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: ....vhy ar you asking me? i'm a guy *denies creator for using another word for guy just to play with his accent xD*

    Ashes Cross: *can't really calm down xD she sits down on something, legs are getting a bit sore now o.o*

    Manic Execution: So Am I! Us Guys Can Talk About How We Look Right? -He Is Straight Dont Think Wrong xD Creator: OMG I CAN IMAGINE WILHELM TALKING XD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *um...hello? he was raised in the 30/40s so this whole people being gay in public is kind of strange for him O.O* nein, ve kan not....

    Manic Execution: Im Not Gay -He Tells Him- I Just need To Know I Don't Look like A Pig D: -Is About To Start Crying & Creator Is Laughing At Wilhelms Accent xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: you look fihn OK? *okay, that still odded him a bit D:* i kan tell tat your not but te oters around here are a different story O.O....

    Manic Execution: -OH MY GOD! XDDD HIS ACCENT!! XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Creator Died- Okay -Laughs & Grabs Ashes Hand- Lets Go Guys

    Ashes Cross: *D: she's being pulled up D: D: D: D:*

    Manic Execution: -Got Ash Up Motion To Wilhelm To Follow & Starts Walking xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *and they are at the motel room cause creator says so xD* uhm.....nett, plaes O.O.....

    Ashes Cross: *she goes to the door of the motel room and unlocks it and she lays on the bed xD*

    Manic Execution: -Creator Laughs At Mic & Manic Walks In- So This Is Our Room -o.o-

    Wilhelm Trümper: ok....*just looks round the place, its a wreck O.O*

    Ashes Cross: *not paying attention to what's going on around her xD*

    Manic Execution: -Runs Straight To The Mirror & Checks Himself Out-

    Wilhelm Trümper: uhm.....i kould just leave *he points at the door* if you rheally didn't vant meh around you to o.o......*it just got quiet so yeah....xD*

    Manic Execution: Oh..No Don't Leave D: You Don't Know How Hard It Is To Live With Her -Motions To Ashes Hes Slightly Joking xD-

    Ashes Cross: Hey! i'm not that bad D:

    Manic Execution: -Covers Ashes Face- Shhh...Go To Sleep You need The Rest xD

    Wilhelm Trümper: it's propably not as bad as it was to me when i lived in this one place...o.o...*talking about the "Mental" Building xD*

    Ashes Cross: >.> i just need to keep my feet off of the ground for the rest of the night *rolls her eyes*

    Manic Execution: -Gets A Pillow & Lays It On Ashes Face & Walks To Wilhelm- Uh-Huh..So Whats Up?

    Ashes Cross: *is he trying to smother her? O.O if so why does most of the scene we've been doing seem like something from Othello xDXDXDXD* asshole -_-

    Wilhelm Trümper: uhm....nothing really....*is anti-social so he doesn't do much stuff around the town, well, except buying a new microwave every week -_-*

    Manic Execution: -Creator Laughs At Mic & Manic Hears Ash & Laughs At Her- xD Haha -Looks At Wilhelm- Oh Okay O.O

    Wilhelm Trümper: uhm.....vhat about you? *>:U this character gotta stop failing so much!!!*

    Manic Execution: ----------Creator Died Over His Accent xD----------------- Oh Uh Taking Care Of This Lil Pregnant Girl & Talking To Some Creature Guy -He Says-

    Wilhelm Trümper: uhm....about that? O.O how is she pregnant? she's a vampire right? *knows that they aren't suppose to have childern >.> well, he did thought SUPPOSE XD*

    Manic Execution: -Laughs- She Was Born A Vampire So Shes Able To..Yeah. O.O -Looks At Ashes Then Back To Wilhelm- I Am Not The Father.

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he laughs a bit* i kind of noticed that you aren't *with the way that they talk to each other...>.>* born as a vampire? O.O what? O.o.....*not suppose to happen to a normal vampire D:*

    Ashes Cross: *is asleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep xD*

    Manic Execution: -He Laughs- It Would Be A Tough Relationship xD She Thinks Im Cute -xD- Yes Born As One.

    Wilhelm Trümper: um...yeah.....tat's kind of strange....O.o *he's thinking on how in the world that could be possible O.o*

    Manic Execution: -Laughs- UhmShes Weird o.o


    Manic Execution: -Creator Laughing & Fangirling At his Accent xD- So Tell Us Some Stuff About You.

    Wilhelm Trümper: uhm.....vhat do you vant to noe? O.o i hav a lot of tings to zay *<<<FAIL GERMAN ACCENT; um....he's old!!! so he's like a grandpa telling kids his stories if he just starts talking XD*

    Manic Execution: -Dude LOL XD- Anything,What Are You,Why You Helped Us..Blah..

    Wilhelm Trümper: vell, let me zay vhat i am, i am a type 9 vampir *says it as if Manic knows what that is >.> he's been living for too long D:*

    Manic Execution: Which Is...? -Flips His Hair-

    Wilhelm Trümper: O.o was?.....>.> OH! a type 9 vampir is an exprimented vampir *he pauses* Expri-vamps are humans vho vere exprimented into being a vampir, i vas on of te....most sucsessful, the scientist mostly vanted a type 10 but i found out tat in order for a.....................nevermind about tat, tere are only a very few expri-vamps out tere o.o *remembers his friend burning down the place as they were escaping, why did they had to die?*

    Manic Execution: Oh Alright So You Special? -lol-

    Wilhelm Trümper: O.O *um...he's a bit bothered by the fail of speach D:* uhm...ja, i guess zo...i noe tat tere are a few type 7s but tats about it o.o everyone else died..*>.> Wilhelm don't get all sad right now xD*

    Manic Execution: -Smirks A Little Cause He Can tell he Got Slightly Botherd- Yeah Its Okay -Thinks About The rest- Hmmmmm So Are You the Only Type 9 Left?

    Wilhelm Trümper: tere ver to, but te oter one died about 10 years ago *now he has to drink some form of blood that his body can take and add a few drops of the blood he needs when he is desperate o.o*

    Manic Execution: Oh...Ha xD Cool So Why Are You in This City?

    Wilhelm Trümper: i moved over here a vhile ago... i needed to move anyvays, people vere starting to realize tat i vasn't aging o.o

    Manic Execution: Ah..I Seee -Walks To the Mirror & Is Looking At Himself- Ive Been here For A few Months? o.o

    Wilhelm Trümper: *6 to be exactly Manic >:U XD blame your creator for that she says that Ashes is 6 months preggo xD* okay....o.o....

    Manic Execution: -Creator: LMFAO XD- Yeah So What Should We Do Now?

    Wilhelm Trümper: i hav no idea O.O *wait, he looks at the clock* i hav to go or my microwave vill get smashed again D: *he gets up and walks to the door xD*

    Manic Execution: Uhm....O.O Okay?....-What The F....-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *and he's gone :P*

    Ashes Cross: *was half way asleep whem they were talking >.> she was sleeping but for about a minute o.o....>:U GRRR!!!!*

    Manic Execution: -Runs Over To The Bed & Lays Next To Her- ASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ashes Cross: *gets up slowly after he said her name and she looks at him with a sleepy/glare >.>* what? -_-

    Manic Execution: How Was Your Nap? -He Asks Her Smiling-

    Ashes Cross: i didn't get a nap -_- i couldn't sleep, i got woken up D: *stupid little -beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee​ep- xD*

    Manic Execution: -Puts His Arm Around Her Even Though hes Laying Down Somehow o.o- Oh,Who Woke You Up? -Totally Clueless xD-

    Ashes Cross: who do you think? >.> *yeah, he is clueless XD even though its wait O.O -creator totally forgets that Manic hasn't been around much humans XD to know xDXDXD-*

    Manic Execution: Well,I Dont Know -Relaxes- Cause Wilhelm Left O.O -He Says-

    Ashes Cross: >.> no...*she awoke before that xD O.O she's a bit hungry :P -MY FAIL i keep forgetting the symptoms to pregnancies xD-*

    Manic Execution: No? -Doesn't Understand The Answer O.O- So What Else Should We Do?

    Ashes Cross: no...>.> are you an idiot? *she asks him, wondering if the guy has been dropped on the head when he was a baby -LOL- she gets up from the bed and gets some blood >.>*

    Manic Execution: Im Not D: -He Answers- WHOA! -Was A Bit Grossed Out About That- I've Known You For These Few Months But Ive Never Seen You Drink Blood....-Knows Shes A Vampire But WTF XD-

    Ashes Cross: O.O *somehow she gotten the blood from the creators okay? xD* um....i must have drink these when you aren't around *WHOA XD* few? *>.> Manic is bad with time XD it's like 6 months? XDXD GOSH!!, she takes a sip from the bag*

    Manic Execution: Ew! -Cover His Eyes The Bag Makes It Worse lol-

    Ashes Cross: what's so bad about me drinnking this? *she thought of something* if i put this blood in a cup would you just stop acting like that...o.o...*feels like she's some creep now...*

    Manic Execution: Cause Thats Someones Blood D: Its Gross...-Thinks- Yes! I'll Pretend Its Juice...xD

    Ashes Cross: >.> it's donated blood so it's not like i am actually getting blood from the source and spilling it everywhere *-O.O whoa that's um....odd for me to type xD- she puts the blood into a cup and sits back on the bed ^^ mentally laughing cause now she's just messing with Manic*

    Manic Execution: Its Still gross Ew! You Put the Image In My Head D: -Gross! He Moves A Little Away from Her Still Grossed Out-

    Ashes Cross: i know ^^ i ment to do that...^^ *o.o she looks at the cup* Manic, it's part f my nature, what does your kind do that might be digusting to humans? *she thought that evil elfs usually kill humans and stuff like that O.O*

    Manic Execution: Jerk D: -Ew Hes Really Grossed- Well We Dont Drink Peoples Blood For Sure! D: I Know Its Part of Your Nature Its Gross D: Uhm...I'll Fill You up On That When I Remember xD

    Ashes Cross: >.> yeah...*kind of herd, stories of Evil elves killing people, so....* it's not gross O.O *has been raised around vampires so she doesn't understand on how it's gross xD*

    Manic Execution: But Its Not Grossss Killing People,Its Just Wrong -He Says- It Is Gross! Your Nature Anyway Can Make A Bloody Mess >.> Plus You Lived With vampires Right? And I Barely Know Either Race Of My Own O.O

    Ashes Cross: *she sighs* i have seen my kind drink blood, and they don't make a mess, what would you do if you became some creature that needs blood, would you drink the blood or die from starvation *>.> she's not talking about vampires but there are other creatures out there, right? O.o*

    Manic Execution: Sure Sure >.> -Yeah Right !- Die From Starvation Cause Ew >.>

    Ashes Cross: *she rolls her eyes* -_- i guess you won't understand at all *she gets up from the bed and washes the cup >.> she is kind of pissed xD Manic must of forgot about the mood swings O.O oh, shit so has creator xD*

    Manic Execution: Probably Not -He Answers Still laying Down- Yes You Better Wash your Bloody Dishes Cause..Ugh...Ew..ASH THATS SO GROSS D: -He Couldnt Help it lol-

    Ashes Cross: *>.> fucking asshole, she calms herself down, she just dropped the cup with anger O.O, she doesn't want to get mood swings and Manic isn't helpful* yeah, yeah, yeah -_-

    Manic Execution: -Starts Laughing- Thats Great...You broke The Cup -He Gets Up Puts Gloves & A Mask On Which Creator Has No Ide aoN Where He Got That o.o & he Starts Picking Up The Cup-

    Ashes Cross: i wouldn't have if you wouuld just shut up about what i drink o.o...*which is the truth xD*

    Manic Execution: So You Dropped It Cause I Said Thats gross? -He Finished Picking It Up & Threw It Away xD-

    Ashes Cross: i got pissed that you keep saying that it's gross o.o, and well, i rather break a cup, then throw it at you *>.> um....okay, let's never get a vampire pregnant again xD*

    Manic Execution: Cause It Is,Your Drinking Someones Blood O.O -Ew..LOL DUDE XD-

    Ashes Cross: *she glares at him* can you please shut up about the blood? *CREATOR TOTALLY FORGOT TO MESS WITH WHATEVER POWERS THAT THE BABY CAN HAVE XDXDXDXD*

    Manic Execution: -He Puts His Arm Around Her But Doesnt Say Anything He Just has His Arm Around Her O.O XD-

    Ashes Cross: >.>.....................​.*she pushes his arm off of her -_-*

    Manic Execution: -He Hugs Her But Again Doesnt Say Anything xD-

    Ashes Cross: um...waht are you doing?

    Manic Execution: Can't I Hug You? -He Asks Still Hugging Her xD-

    Ashes Cross: yes...*no...O.O*

    Manic Execution: Okay -Hugs Her Than Lets Go While Creator Is Like ROTFLMFAO XD-

    Ashes Cross: *she somehow got out of the hug and she goes back to the bed >.> creator forgot to say that the room has two beds xDXDXDXDXD*

    Manic Execution: -And Its Funny How Manic Just Always Goes To Sit next To Ash On her Bed LOL XD- Im Gonna Have To Deal With A Drama Queen Tilll Your Kid Comes Out xD

    Ashes Cross: -_- you need to do your research, Manic >.> *O.O she has to also D:......damn, >.> <.< she still need to figure out if the kid is even going to be part human or not D: XD*

    Manic Execution: Pfft! And You Dont? -Moves His hair More Out Of His Face-

    Ashes Cross: -_- i am going through it so i don't as much as research as you do but i still need to >.> *she tells him*

    Manic Execution: And It Wouldnt Help If You Knew What You Were Going Through? -___- -He Says Ha xD-

    Ashes Cross: >.> shut up *he's right, for once O.O*

    Manic Execution: -Sits Next To Her & Smiles Friendly-

    Ashes Cross: what are you doing? *she looks at him cause with Manic it can be anything -_-*

    Manic Execution: Can't I Smile At You? -Laughs-

    Ashes Cross: O.O and not speak, it's just strange....*>.> <.< she gets up* wanna go to the library?

    Manic Execution: I Was Actually Imagining You Eating A Buffet xD -He Starts Laughing Really Hard- You Would Actiually Eat The WHOLE Buffet xD

    Ashes Cross: O.O....*sadly she would eat alot of that stuff even if she's not pregnant >.> and she laughs a bit* funny >.>

    Manic Execution: -He Laughs So Hard He Falls Off The Bed Still Laughing On the Floor-

    Ashes Cross: it's not that funny, Manic O.O doesn't everyone eat alot at the buffet? *>.> <.< if he doesn't then what's the use of having a baffet xD*

    Manic Execution: -And Hes Laughing Even More xD- HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH​AHAHAHAHAA...XD

    Ashes Cross: -_- it's not that funny, Manic...

    Manic Execution: -Laughs For A few More Minutes & Gets Up- Lets Go To the Library -He Walks Out-

    Ashes Cross: *what the...O.O*

    Manic Execution: -He Gets To The Library- ^^

    Ashes Cross: so what should we look at first? *she asks Manic*

    Manic Execution: Im Not A Reader >.> What Do you Wanna Look At?

    Ashes Cross: great, now i have to do the reading, i'm not sure on what i would like to look at first *never been to a library O.O*

    Manic Execution: Yes You Do! Hey Im Gonna Go...You Know..Look For Some..Books.....-He Walks Over To A Chair & falls Asleep On It-

    Ashes Cross: *>.> asshole, lazy little bitch, any other words ^^ and after hours of FAILED research she throws a book at Manic xD*

    Manic Execution: AHHH! -Screams & Falls Off The Chair- WTF?

    Ashes Cross: what? O.O some kid came up to you and put a book and you and he left *she points to where the "kid" went to..* and are you okay?

    Manic Execution: >.> Liar -He Gets Up & Walks Out-

    Ashes Cross: *seriously this guy can be a total bastard if he wanted to be D:*

    Manic Execution: -He Can Also Be Your Best Friend xD He Walks Into A Ice Cream Shop-

    Ashes Cross: *she walks into the ice cream shop after a few minutes* what was that for? O.O

    Manic Execution: You Threw A Book At me- D: -Is About To Cry-

    Ashes Cross: to wake you up O.O

    Manic Execution: You Couldve Just Pat me -Cries-

    Ashes Cross: *she laughs at his crying* you do know i never really made you regret on what happened *she was originally going to cut his hair but...that seemed a bit too much o.o*

    Manic Execution: I Didnt Even let That Happen! -Still crying- You gave Into Peer Pressure >.>

    Ashes Cross: not going into that conversation again o.o

    Manic Execution: -Sits Down With His Arms Crossed-

    Ashes Cross: so why did you choose to be in here? ^^ *doesn't want to silence right now*

    Manic Execution: -Glares At Her-

    Ashes Cross: *great, now he's pissed D:* what did i do now? o.o *>:U he forgot about the mood swings xD*

    Manic Execution: -Gets Up Gets A Vanilla Ice Cream Cone & Walks Out-

    Ashes Cross: *o.o*...*she doesn't know on what she can do right now o.o', what in the world did she say?, she leaves the store, but she's not sure if she should go to the motel or not o.o*

    Manic Execution: -He Went To the Park xD hes Sitting On A Bench Eating Ice Cream-

    Ashes Cross: *o.o*

    Manic Execution: -He Finishes His Ice Cream & Doesnt Know What To Do Now O.O-

    Ashes Cross: *o.o..she decided to just find somewhere to sit o.o since she was basically a guest in the motel room D:*

    Manic Execution: -Somehow He Finds Her- Hi Ashley

    Ashes Cross: *O.O this is suprizing...* uh...hello? *wait, but, huh? xD*

    Manic Execution: How Are You? -Sits Next To Her xD-

    Ashes Cross: confused.....you?

    Manic Execution: Oh Im Fine -He Says O.O-

    Ashes Cross: okay....o.o....

    Manic Execution: Why? -He Asks-

    Ashes Cross: why, what? *is lost, he's the one who ask if on how she is? O.o*

    Manic Execution: Why Are You Confused? O.O -...-

    Ashes Cross: cause you were all angry at me and now you're like O.O i don't know... i expect you to still be pissed at me D: *well, creator lost the mood to this xD*

    Manic Execution: You Rather Me Be Pissed? Cause I Can Do That You Know -Smiles-

    Ashes Cross: no, it's just that...o.o...*doesn't know that many people so yeah..xD* nothing, so who's going have to say sorry to whom? O.O

    Manic Execution: Uhm,You Want Me To Aplogize? -He Asks-

    Ashes Cross: i'm not sure who should apolagize *<.< Ashes, Manic has to, he forgot about the mood swings and that Ashes can't control it D:*

    Manic Execution: How About We Both Apologixe? -He Says-

    Ashes Cross: alright, i'm sorry...o.o...*she doesn't remember what she did to get him pissed O.O; Creator: xD i need to google up the symptoms cause i am forgetting them D:*

    Manic Execution: Im Sorry Too -He Says- So..What Now?

    Ashes Cross: i don't know...*creator fails at RPing with a pregnant character XD; she looks at the ground, figiting :P*

    Manic Execution: Are You Okay? -She Looks Lost & Nervous O.O-

    Ashes Cross: yeah, i'm fine ^^

    Manic Execution: Okay Weirdo...-Stands Up & Holds His Hand out To Her-

    Ashes Cross: *O.o she grabs his hand and she gets up ^^* what are we going to do now? O.O.....*denies creator imagining her in a dress >.>*

    Manic Execution: -Creator: Dude U Just Freaking Read My mind o.o (bout the dress)- Uhm..I Was Gonna Take You For A Walk But if You Dont Want To o.o

    Ashes Cross: *Creator: -dies laughing and then choke on my own saliva xD- DUDE!!! then she's wearing a dress >.> its a lot less money to waste ^^* no, i'll be fine with it O.O

    Mick: *creators getting involved cause she can >:U*

    Manic Execution: -Creator: LOL LOL LOL XDDDDD- Okay,So We'll Go For A Walk -He Takes her Hand & Starts Walking xDD-

    Mick: O.O.....................​...............>:U NEIN!

    Ashes Cross: *>.> lets go from him taking her hand D:* so where are we going to?

    Manic Execution: Ugh >.>

    Ashes Cross: what? O.O

    Manic Execution: I Dont Know ?

    Ashes Cross: okay....o.o. *just wants to go into the motel room now D:*

    Manic Execution: Wanna Go Hoem Then?

    Ashes Cross: yeah, i do really want to go home right now o.o *she tells him, WTF? D: this isn't Ashes*

    Manic Execution: Okay -They Go To The Motel O.O-

    Ashes Cross: *as soon as they got the door open she lands onto her bed xD and she sits up*

    Manic Execution: Uhm..Are You...Okay? -Really Lost About Her & he Walks To the Bathroom Only To Use Hairspray xD-

    Ashes Cross: yeah, i'm okay? *creator realize that Ashes doesn't have morning sickness xDXD strange O.o....*

    Manic Execution: -Fixxes His Hair For About 20 Minutes Then Comes Out- Your Acting Like..Uhm...

    Ashes Cross: acting like what? O.o

    Manic Execution: Like You Were All Strange Then Kinda Happy -He Says & Flips His Hair-

    Ashes Cross: -_- mood swings

    Manic Execution: -Starts Laughing- Sorry I Forgot xD

    Ashes Cross: i kind of realized that *She tells him x.x*

    Manic Execution: -Smiles Friendly-

    Ashes Cross: *she puts her head on the pillow o.o; hating things right now xD; creator is totally going to tell her that she needs to think of names >:U but that's later xD*

    Manic Execution: -Omg Mic Let Manic Help Her With Names Right Now! xD-

    Ashes Cross: *somehow creator and Ashes had a convo in her head O.O*....o.o....*she sits back up xD how in the world can she find out how to do that D:*

    Manic Execution: -Goes & Lays Across Ashes Bed- You Should Name Your Son/Daughter Manic xD

    Ashes Cross: >.>.........you're talking in third person, or you just failed *she laughs* O.O yeah, i should.....o.o.....

    Manic Execution: -Laughs- Yes,If The Kid Is As Hot As Me It Deserves An Awesome Name...Not like..'Ashley' -Makes An Ew Face- Or Anything Like That >.> -HES SLIGHTLY JOKING XD-

    Ashes Cross: yeah, i know *doesn't really care about the "ew" face cause she hates her name also o.o*

    Manic Execution: -Smiles- You Agreed Wth me! :D

    Ashes Cross: yes, i do, that's why i get pissed when you call me Ashley -_- *even though creator had a laugh when she found out that this one "Ashley" was actually a guy O.O*

    Manic Execution: -Smiles Bigger- Sorry Ash D:

    Ashes Cross: it's alright....o.o....

    Manic Execution: Yeah -Falls Asleep-

    Ashes Cross: *what happened to the thing about trying to figure out the kids name D:; she hits his head with a pillow ^^*

    Manic Execution: -Screams- D: Why Cant You Be Like Any Normal Person & Just Say "Manic Wake Up" ?!?!?!

    Ashes Cross: cause, it's not a s fun if i just told you to just wake up -_- *besides he might not hear her xD*

    Manic Execution: -Glares At Her- Then Im Going To Sleep -Goes Back To Sleep-

    Ashes Cross: *she rolls her eyes* Manic, can you please wake up? -_-

    Manic Execution: -Opens His Eyes & Looks At Her- Well,Since You Said Please..-He Sits Up-

    Ashes Cross: *>.> will NOT call the guys a stupid little bitch* yeah...o.o

    Manic Execution: So What Kind Of Name Do you Want The Kid To have? -He Asks-

    Ashes Cross: *she shruggs* i don't know...o.o...*will not let creator pick or it will sound gothic xD*

    Manic Execution: Okay If Its A Girl?

    Ashes Cross: um....o.o...i never really thought of this.....o.o..

    Manic Execution: Okay,Uhm....-Grabs A Book he Took From the Library- xD Heres A Book Of Baby names -Gives It To her-

    Ashes Cross: *O.O never going to that library ever again and she looks through the book ^^* um....Lilith? *Creator: -facepalm- i needed to google names just to remember that one? xDXD i fail*

    Manic Execution: Sure Lillith,And If Its A Guy? -He Asks-

    Ashes Cross: *denies creator wanting to type Tempest; and she looks at the other side of the book ^^ while creator tries to figure out names for guys D:* um..Markus

    Manic Execution: Ew...No -He Says-

    Ashes Cross: then what? O.o

    Manic Execution: Not Markus...>.< Thats Ugly D: -Creator Agrees-

    Ashes Cross: ->:U creator couldn't think for guy names xD- then what would you like that could be a good guy name?

    Manic Execution: Uhm..Caleb,Ethan,Jeremy?​

    Ashes Cross: *LOL not to Jeremy >.> reminds creator of PM's BF XDXDXDXDXDXDXD* Caleb, or Ethan sound good

    Manic Execution: Awesome! -He Says...Creator: Is That His Full name? No Way?-

    Ashes Cross: ^^ O.o that was quick *very strange*

    Manic Execution: I Like Caleb -He Says-

    Ashes Cross: yeah....sounds alot better then some names they had in here *talking about the book xD*

    Manic Execution: -He Laughs- Cool...-Is Hoping Its A Boy-

    Ashes Cross: *LOL XD can't read minds :P* yep

    Manic Execution: I Hope Its A Boy o.o -Creator: "Keiran - Good looking, clever and popular ... surely he must be gay?" LOL That Site Is Funny xD-

    Ashes Cross: okay....? O.o *Creator: XD what is the site?*

    Manic Execution: Oh..Sorry O.O -Creator: http://www.tummyfluff.co.uk/fun/humour/b...-

    Ashes Cross: sorry about what? o.O

    Manic Execution: Uhm For Hoping Its A Boy? -Sounds Like A Father Somewhat xD-

    Ashes Cross: um......you shouldn't be sorry for that *she laughs a bit; Creator: father figure ^^*

    Manic Execution: -Laughs- Alright,Cool,So We Got The Names -Smiles-

    Ashes Cross: yeah, i guess we did O.O

    Manic Execution: Alright So..We're Making Process xD

    Ashes Cross: yeah, okay....*wonders on why he says that they aren't O.o*

    Manic Execution: Sooo.? -He Asks Her-

    Ashes Cross: *she looks around the place, hungry again xDXDXD* i don't know...o.o

    Manic Execution: -Really Wants To Call Her A Fat Ass..xD- What Do You Wanna Do?

    Ashes Cross: *>.> don't call her that >:U it's the stupid baby!!!* um.....i don't know, maybe sleep *tired >.>*

    Manic Execution: You Wake Me Up So Then You Get Tired? -Rolls His Eyes-

    Ashes Cross: *>.> again, blame that on the fucking baby >:U* sorry about that....o.o...it's been like that, i just tired randomly D:

    Manic Execution: Okay...Good.....-Cant Live Like This Forever-

    Ashes Cross: *LOL well, no more drinking for Ashes XD* yep

    Manic Execution: What Time Is It? -He Asks-

    Ashes Cross: midnight, i think *looks at the clock* close enough -_-

    Manic Execution: -Laughs- Then We Should Get Some Rest?

    Ashes Cross: *she yawns >.>* yeah, we should....

    Manic Execution: Alright...-He Lays Down Closes His Eyes- Goodnight..

    Ashes Cross: *and she is already under the converters and she's asleep ^^ she forgot to say goodnight D:*

    Manic Execution: Fatass....-Falls Asleep-

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