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    Rules Of The Website

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    Rules Of The Website

    Post  Dead Blue Eclipse on 15/10/2011, 00:52

    1. Religious and politcal debates are not allowed. Period.
    2. Respect other users and roleplayers. Don't boss each other around or bully each other.
    3. Fighting can be tolerated to an extent, but don't get everyone involved in it and if neccesary Mic and Megan will intercept it. If the fighting does not settle or stop, we will see to it that there is some form of appropriate punishment.
    4. Don't STEAL other people's characters. That's a given. However, you CAN heavily base a character off of a real person (that includes stars) and, in that case, if someone uses the same person for whatever reason then it's not stealing from you.
    5. If you loosely base a character off a real person. That's fine. Even off of the image of that person. That's all good.
    6. Your characters are not allowed guns in the roleplays. Too quick a kill.
    7. Rules may be updated at future times.
    8. Characters don't HAVE to be humanoid AS LONG AS they CAN communicated with other players. If they're a dog, they can't just bark.
    9. The characters can get killed, commit suicide, or die for other reasons, and come back to life, but they can't just come back to life without any consequences, and they can't come back until after two days of thier death.
    10. The character can't be perfect, they have to have some flaws and some ways of showing that its alive, only non-living things are prefect.
    11. The rating on this site is R, only for the voilence, for the sexual themes, please keep it to a PG-13 level ^^.
    12. Sex isn't allowed on here, yes you can hint it and then just make it so it passes on in time but no graphical sex, this isn't a porn site.
    13. Please do not expect to see your character in a relationship or anything like that so quickly, this isn't a dating site.
    14. Also don't expect someone to automatically want you to RP with them.
    15. Please don't use cuse words after every other word, if you need to start using subsitute words, or don't even write them.

    Any questions please talk to Megan or Mic. ^^

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