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    Verliebte Sich In Einen Engel


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    Post  Mick on 14/10/2011, 23:06

    hallo ^^
    my name is Michelle, but i like using Mic over the internet
    i am in a band Smile called Unendlichkeit >.> <.<
    if you can't tell by now i am learning german in school xD (if you thought i know german :') you just made me happy ^^)
    i know i am an admin i really have no idea on how to describe myself xD (i suck okay? i am only good at figuring out stuff, talking to other people sucks o.o')
    i can do screamo -YAY xD >.> well, kind of-
    i like RPing alot ^^ -that should be obvious-
    i am sort of a movie maker, i suck mostly, but i do that on my own time when no one is online o.o. (or when i have this certian song stuck in my head ^^)
    as i said i am a music freak xD -don't look at my characters until after you read this xD-
    my favorite bands are Tokio Hotel, Vampires Everywhere!, Black Veil Brides, Falling In Reverse, Three Days Grace, My Chemical Romance, etc. xD
    this looks all messed up xD man, i gotta find a way to make myself a little less....uh...what's the word, bad at the introduction of myself ^^

    so.....um......done ^^

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    Wilhelm Trümper
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    Post  Wilhelm Trümper on 19/11/2011, 22:17

    um...-doesn't know how to really do this xD-..i am angelzfalldown character ^^
    at least one of them, she is a bit tired of typing down my name when she RP's as me on the on-site scenes -laughs a bit-
    uh...i guess that's it -leaves for the moment O.O creator thinks that this made him sound like a total girl >.> <.< but that could be just the creator thinking that xD-
    Alexander Shaddix
    Alexander Shaddix

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    Post  Alexander Shaddix on 20/11/2011, 13:14

    okay, i am another of angelzfalldown (Mic) characters >.>
    she's going to be using the most for the on-site scenes, if not then she just wasted time on this account

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