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    What this forum is for Empty What this forum is for

    Post  Mick on 14/10/2011, 23:00

    this is forum is for the RPs
    >.> off site and on site scenes

    On-Site Scenes
    An On-Site scene should be in first person, past tense.Please note on the title that if it is going to be a on-site scene, so we won't get confused Very Happy danke ^^
    I can hear what Poison had told me. I just don't understand. I told her that I don't want to drink from humans, so now, she is trying to make me drink hers, what the fuck? And now she is wondering on why I don't want to drink from her since she isn't human. I sighed, tired of this. "How is this the easy way out?" I walked around a little bit. "Drinking from a friend?" Yes, I admit she is my friend, I haven't had many friends since I have been turned and I told myself not to gain any, but I did. "Poison, why must you be so stubborn about my eating habbits?" I don't drink from humans, but from supernaturalistic creatures. I can see that the wound on her wrist that she gave herself is still bleeding.

    Off-Site Scenes
    The off-site scenes should be in third person, present tense, like it is actually happening when people reads it. For the off-site scenes, i think that those will be used the most.
    the only that came up my mind that i can think of for the off-site scenes to use from is chatzy http://www.chatzy.com ^^

    Poison Embers: -Rolls Her Eyes- Just...-She Hesitates For A Minute Then Bites Her Wrist- Here..-Raises Her Wrist To Him- Drink This..You'll Have Your Full Strength By Tommorrow -She Informs Him-

    Aiden Nacht: -did she really just did that O.O- i won't take it -he backs away from her-

    Poison Embers: Aiden Come One! Im More Than Twice A Dozen Years Old! I have My Strengths Plus More! This Is The easy Way Out! -She Says-

    Aiden Nacht: how is this the easy way out? drinking blood from a friend? -he just addmited that she's his friend xD creator is laughing at him for saying that-

    Poison Embers: -Creator Is Laughing & In Shock That he Actually Aditted Poison Was His friend xDD- Cause You Don't Have To Drink From A Human,Its Just Me Aiden -She Tells Him-

    Aiden Nacht: -sighs- how does that make it any easier

    Poison Embers: Cause Its Just me Aiden! What Harm Can It Do? -Sheesh..Aiden-

    Aiden Nacht: -seriously how stubborn can she be? O.O- alot... -doesn't how it can harm just can-

    Poison Embers: Im Not Stubborn! & What? All Your Gonna Do is Drink my blood Dude! -Looks At Her Wrist- Come On! Im Bleeding For Nothing! -Raises Her Wrist To him Again-

    Aiden Nacht: -sighs- fine i'll drink your blood, but its only to shut you up about me not drinking human blood -he grabs her bleeding wrist, and he starts drinking her blood-

    Poison Embers: -Creator Is Laughing So hard Right Now Cuz Aidens Weird lol..She Sighs- Finally..-Rolls Her Eyes- Yeah Uh-huh..Thats The Reason -__- -It feels Weird With him Drinking Her,When Was The Last Time She Fed?-

    Aiden Nacht: -and he is done cause creator has no idea on how to make a post with just him drinking xD- there....happy now? -wipes the blood from his mouth-

    ps. the examples are from another RP site i go on, Aiden is my character, where Poison is another person's RP character. ^^

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