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    Too lazy to finish the editing


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    Too lazy to finish the editing

    Post  Mick on 11/2/2012, 17:41

    Hazel Blackwell: -She Is Asleep-

    Xander Zephyr: *he walks into the room* WAKE UP!! <.<..... *he has a knife in his hands xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: -Sort Of Jumped Up Sitting In Bed- Whats..Going On? D:

    Xander Zephyr: *he scoffs* you passed out *LIES and he slaps her* what do you think about this situation? *>.>?.....what is he doing? xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: What? -Screams When he Slapped Her- I Dont Get It D: -Her Face Hurts xD-

    Xander Zephyr: *he rolls his eyes and he slices her arm xD watching the blood come out* something is off...O.o...*sees the wound healing up quick* what the fuck? <.<....

    Hazel Blackwell: Ow! -Screams Again When he Cut Her Arm- Who Are You????? -Yup Its Healing xD-

    Xander Zephyr: It's none of your business to know who I am, shit *he went to go get something xD* Why are you healing fast *faster then him >?.>?'* Your human...<.< *then he sees the tattoo on her neck * O_O oh...I see...F-18-45-Fail, what the fuck does that mean? <.<

    Hazel Blackwell: Why Are You Mad? Your In My Room Cutting me,Yes Its My Business D: -Looks At Him- What?

    Xander Zephyr: Can I can be!! *<.< glares at her* haha, And I'm not having fun with it right now *he points at her should, close to her neck* you have a tatto there...

    Hazel Blackwell: -Looks Close To Her Neck- Oh,...And Why is That Any of Your Business then? -Not Being A Smart Ass Shes Just Confused xD-

    Xander Zephyr: Cause that looks more like it's a tatto from WW2 <.<...and you look too young to be from that time...*XDXDXD*

    Hazel Blackwell: How Old Do I Look? -She Asks xD-

    Xander Zephyr: 20 or 19 maybe, why are you asknig this? *he slaps her xD OMG creator almost had him out of character xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: -Reminded Creator Of Aiden O.O & Hazel Screams 'ow' xDD- It was Just A Question D: -Falls Back Down Hold Her Face-

    Xander Zephyr: But I make the questions here!! >?.>?...*DUDE I wonder on how Aiden will be if he was sadistic O_O nope, can never think that; aaaaaaaaaaaand he slaps Hazel again, he brings out a rope and ties her mouth up <.<*

    Hazel Blackwell: But..? -DUDE LOL LOL LOL OMG XDD LMFAO XD & Creator Dies At The Next Part O.O & Hazel Screams But No Use Her Mouth Is Tied D:-

    Xander Zephyr: but what? *he smirks*

    Hazel Blackwell: -Looks At Him Kind of Glares & Scared o.o Knowing She Cant Speak >?.>?-

    Xander Zephyr: *he laughs* So what should I do with you? *he is basically talking to himself xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: -She Tries To get Away from Him &,Now That Creator Thinks About It,Why Is This The First time She Tried To get away? xDDD-

    Xander Zephyr: *he grabs her and throws her to the wall >.>* you are not getting out of this easily, it's only death that can let you get out of here...>.> *he threw a knife at her and it hits her xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Ahh -She Screams xD & Hits The Wall With A Loud Thump xD & The Knife He Threw Hit Her & She Crouches Slightly From the Pain-

    Xander Zephyr: *he glares at her* How in the HELL are you even screaming? *he ties the ropes tighter >.>...*

    Hazel Blackwell: -Ah Tries To Scream but Its More Of A....Sound xD & Falls To The Ground-

    Xander Zephyr: *he laughs* are you THAT weak?, I hope not....*he stabs her then he licks the blood from it and he spits it out* What the fuck? *disgusting xD*


    Xander Zephyr: *he grabs the ropes and untie them, he's getting tired of the muffled noise >:U*

    Hazel Blackwell: -She Gets Up Really Hard Though D: & Is Like Gasping Cause That Was Hard To Breathe With- What Ae You Doing To Me? O.O

    Xander Zephyr: To tell you the truth, I have no idea really, I just thought that it would be fun to torcher somone, but now, I'm not in the mood, so I might just finish you off...

    Hazel Blackwell: Howd You get In My House? -xD-

    Xander Zephyr: *he sighs* do you really think that this is your home? >?.>?

    Hazel Blackwell: I Don't Know D: -Lost-

    Xander Zephyr: then if you don't know, why are you asking me on why I am in your house *he rolls his eyes and he snaps her neck*

    Hazel Blackwell: -Creator Not Sure If Shes dead Or Paralyzed Or What xD-

    Xander Zephyr: *she's paralyzed and he leaves the place XD*

    Hazel Blackwell: -She Paralyzed...Scheisse..Sh?es Just Laying There LOL-

    Alexander Shaddix: *after a few hours and he found some tracks to some killer he finds Hazel* O_O......*and he checks if she's alive, and she is....<.<....let's just say he fixed her neck cause creator is tooo lazy to type up what happened xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: -LOL IF ONLY IT WAS THAT EASY IN REAL LIFE XD- o.o.....-Looks Around & sees SSome Guy & looks At Him-

    Alexander Shaddix: Are you okay? *wonders on how come the neck breaking didn't really harm her much O_O yeah, that's why it's so easy xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: -Sits Up & Looks At Herself- It Looks Like I Am...But..How? -So Confused xD-

    Alexander Shaddix: It looks like your neck was healing...o.O

    Hazel Blackwell: -Feels Her Neck- Oh...-Mic Does She Know What She Is And All That? Creators A Biut Confused xD-

    Alexander Shaddix: *yes...xD pretend this is a scene after she met Wilhelm xD* yep....

    Hazel Blackwell: Oh.....Who Are You? -Okay lol-

    Alexander Shaddix: Alexander, you?....*dude, seriously? xD just go into a conversation? XDXDXD*

    Hazel Blackwell: -Sorry Its A Habit lol- Hazel...

    Alexander Shaddix: nice...name...Why were you in that condition when I found you?...*wants to make sure if it's the right person that he's been finding out victums to...<.<*

    Hazel Blackwell: Thanks..Uh...I Dont Know? I Woke & This Dude Was Stabbing Me And Tieing My Mouth & Like yeah -O.O-

    Alexander Shaddix: what does he look like?....

    Hazel Blackwell: Uhm....Black Hair With White Highlights..Black Eyes....-She Says-

    Alexander Shaddix: hm....Black eyes? O.o...*demon? no, there aren't any sulfur aroud...what the fuck?*

    Hazel Blackwell: Yes,He Was Just Weird...He Even tasted My Blood & Called It gross...-Weirdo >.>-

    Alexander Shaddix: this doesn't make sence, what would do that type of stuff? >.> *thinking...xD creator is not sure if there ever been any angels that were pure evil xD well, that like torcher I mean xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Anythings Possible,You Never Know What It Could be D: -D:-

    Alexander Shaddix: Do you have any ideas on what it could be? *just want to make sure that she might know something xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Uhm....-Wondering If He KNows What She Is & Stuff- What....Are You?

    Alexander Shaddix: human, a hunter actaully, you? *>.> her eyes aren't human or she could've gotten contacts xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Oh......Im.....Some Sort of Vampire...-She Says-

    Alexander Shaddix: what do you mean some sort of vampire? o.o...*what? XD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Im...A...Type 9 Vampire -Creator Hoping Thats Correct LOL-

    Alexander Shaddix: *dingding It's correct * O.o...never herd of- wait, I have....*xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: -XDDDD- Yeah,Well Y...eah.

    Alexander Shaddix: *he noddes and he stands up >.> <.< >.>....denies creator remembering and interview she seen yesterday xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Howd You get Here? -Honestly Just Wondering-

    Alexander Shaddix: O.o...I walked into the door....*LOL XD*

    Hazel Blackwell: >.> -ROTFLMFAO XD-

    Alexander Shaddix: what? o.o

    Hazel Blackwell: -Sighs- Nothing..

    Alexander Shaddix: okay...*he looks around for any signs on who that person could be then he finds some sort of sign on the wall* O.o..what the...?

    Hazel Blackwell: Huh? -Turns & Sees The Sign- W-Whats T-That?

    Alexander Shaddix: some sort of sign, never seen it before...O.o....I'll have to ask my sister about it later...*he grabs his phone and takes a picture of it and sends it to his sister xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Your Sister? Oh..Okay O.O -She Says-

    Alexander Shaddix: yeah, my sister, she's smarter then most of us are, but she can't hunt...*he got a message back* what the fuck?

    Hazel Blackwell: Thats Strange O.O -She Says- What?

    Alexander Shaddix: the signs are some form of signs for angels? o.o.....and I don't think that there's such thing as an angel who torchers people >.>

    Hazel Blackwell: Maybe Hes Evil? -She Says-

    Alexander Shaddix: <.<....yeah, maybe, but I thought when an angel goes against thier own kind they loose all of thier abilities,,

    Hazel Blackwell: Maybe He Foudn A way out Of That? -xD-

    Alexander Shaddix: I don't know, I'm not smart about this stuff o.o'

    Hazel Blackwell: But,Your A Hunter? You Should Kow Of All Creatures O.O

    Alexander Shaddix: that's why I ask my sister about this stuff...

    Hazel Blackwell: Oh So Like,Your Stupid,But You Can Hunt,& Shes Snart,But retarded At Hunting? -lol-

    Alexander Shaddix: No, I don't know about the creatures like this, I know most...my sister has a disability so she can't even hunt if she wants to, she's good at it well, was I mean...<.<

    Hazel Blackwell: -XDXDXDXDXDXDXD- Sure,Okay thats Uhm Yeash

    Alexander Shaddix: yest? O.o....*gotta love misherd stuff xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Okay...-Stands Up & Sits On the bed xD-

    Alexander Shaddix: what are you doing? *this place is an abondoned house XD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Sitting On This Bed? -Not Even Sure On Where Shes At xDDD-

    Alexander Shaddix: ok...

    Hazel Blackwell: -Starts Walking Out-

    Alexander Shaddix: bye...*and he looks around the place XD*

    Hazel Blackwell: ...Bye...-Waves & Leaves xD-

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