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    vhat? O_O tis kan not be happenin


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    vhat? O_O tis kan not be happenin

    Post  Mick on 5/2/2012, 12:35

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he is sitting on the bench watching the ducks xD at heart, he's an old guy xD and you can tell with this scene, OH he's in the park O.O*

    Hazel Blackwell: -And Was Walking Through The Park Not Sure On What To Do & She Sees This One Dude Thought He Might Be Nice- Hello? -She Says-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he looks up after he hears a voice O.O* hey...*not looking at her xD too distracted watching the ducks besides, he thinks that he's halucinating again*

    Hazel Blackwell: Halucinating? -She Asks Confused-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he looks at her O.O....* shtupedfukinkriztiana *he mummbles to himself, yeah, right now he hates Hazel's sister xD* ja, I zomtimz Halusinat a freund of mein tat deid a long teim ago ^^ *he tells her O.O*

    Hazel Blackwell: -Shes not Sure if She Should Talk To Him Anymore After That o.o She Sits next to Him- Can I Ask Your Friends Name?

    Wilhelm Trümper: eh....her name ist Hazel Blackvell....vhy did yu ask? O.O....

    Hazel Blackwell: -Looks At Him Weird- Hazel Blackwell? -She Still Remembers her Name Right Mic? o.o-

    Wilhelm Trümper: -yes she remembers her name at least- Ja! Hazel Blackvell ^^ zorry O.O I do not feal leik mackin my englisch better -xDXDXD- und yu zeem to noe vhat I said

    Hazel Blackwell: But.....Thats....My Name -She Says-....Who Are You?

    Wilhelm Trümper: O.O....vait, yu ar Hazel? nein, nein, nein, zie deid. Mei nahm ist Vilhelm Trümper, vhy do yu vant to noe...do yu noe yur familie? *maybe they named her after Hazel o.o'*

    Hazel Blackwell: No.....I Am Hazel -She Says Looking At Him trying To See Any Signs- I Dont Know You..Or Dont Remember You Wilhelm,But How Is It that I feel ive KNown You?....Or..Just feel Cpmfortable With You? No....I Dont Remember My Family -She Says-

    Wilhelm Trümper: ah..scheisse, vhat vas the day und teim that yu remembered vhen yu had yur firzt mehmorie? O.o...*>​.>​ if she says 1985, Paris then he's doomed xD nah, he'll try his best to prove it that she isn't real xDXDXD and he didn't think this, this is creator telling Kathy xDXD*

    Hazel Blackwell: 1985...Paris -She Says & Creator Is Lost But Is Following Mic xDDD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: sheisse, scheisse...o.o'''''...*s​orry xD some things I jsut need to tell you but now I don't need to Very Happy* may I hav yur hand?

    Hazel Blackwell: Uhmmm....-Whoa,...- Sure? -Hands Him Her Hand-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he grabs the hand and bites it O.O he is suprized that he even touched her xD and he is tasting her blood and he jerks away* scheisse, yu ar her....o.o''' *the blood is EXACTLY it was*

    Hazel Blackwell: -Creator Freaked Out Like wtf She Even was Like WHOA WHOA WHOA XD On the Fone Hahhaa xD & She Pulls Her hand Away- Uh...Ow? -She Says- What Was That About? -Lost o.o-

    Wilhelm Trümper: te only vay I kan mack zur yu ar relly te Hazel I neu iz by tazting yu blood,*o.o' not to mention how hungry he has gotten now xD WILHELM don't drink from her!!! >:U at least not right now!! xD* yu vill heal in a fev sekondz ^^

    Hazel Blackwell: O-Okay? -Slightly Lost- Your Confusing Me...But Wait O.O I Knew You Before?

    Wilhelm Trümper: ja, yu neu mich befor o.o' hov do yu feal right noe? O.o...*just needs to know if she is human bound or she need blood xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Uh......Im Kind Of Hungry & Confused -She Says- WHOA Wait..-Looks At her Hand- You Like..Bit Me O.O..

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he laughs* Ja I bit yu *this is going to be hard for her to understand*

    Hazel Blackwell: Whoa...Did You Like..Yeah...You Drank My Blood o.o....-whoa...-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he is still laugh* Ja, did you hier vhat I said to yu? O.O

    Hazel Blackwell: Uhm...Maybe......-Really​ Lost Like Whoa O.O-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he laughs* vhat vould yu leik to noe?

    Hazel Blackwell: Uh..Everything? If That Isn't Too Much To Ask..-She Says Looking At Him-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he shakes his head* ten tat vouhld be a long converzashion und zom of te tingz are very..herd to explain O.O

    Hazel Blackwell: Can..You..Tell Me The Basics? -Haha xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: um....yur a vampir O.O *well that is a start xD* but not te normal kind

    Hazel Blackwell: Me? -Scoffs- A Vampire?.....Uhm...Yeah.​....I Dont Think So.......

    Wilhelm Trümper: ten tell meh vhy yu ar hungry? O.o....und te hunger iz not te food typ of hunger iz eht? *he is trying to tell her this stuff xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: -Looked At Him Weird Cause His Accent- I Dont KNow...I Eat...And...It Doesn't Help o.o -She Says-

    Wilhelm Trümper: ja, *XD yet, she understands him O.o* tat happenz, luckly zu ar not a tip sevehn or zu vill be pucking out tat food *he laughs* or vorz..

    Hazel Blackwell: -Fake Laugh- Ha-Ha.....Uhm,I Dont Get It Okay WAIT,What Type Am I? -ROTLFMFAO XD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: tip nein O.O...tip neinz ar almost a compleet immortal except they need blut from anohter tip nein >​.>​.....*yeah.....xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: -'Neinz' xDDDD- Uh...-Looks At Her Wrist- How Have You Been Surviving Then?

    Wilhelm Trümper: uh....*he looks up at the sky* tat's a long story....o.o' zomehov I kept a vhol bottle full of blut >​.>​ but I onlie uez eht vhen mei tirzt iz really....*says it as Creator says it xD cause she likes saying it as a german accent O.O what? it's fun xD*...bad o.o


    Wilhelm Trümper: nein, yu vill yuzt goh into a coma, ef yu do not drink o.o'

    Hazel Blackwell: Now That Doesnt Sound To Great O.O -Uh-Oh xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: nein, et iz not, o.o' I remember tat Hazel *now going by his friend xD not her even though it is her bu he hopes she understands why he said it xD* uzt to goh und trei to find vayz to dei O.O'

    Hazel Blackwell: What?...You Were Put In A Coma? -xD Wilhelm Sounds So Sweet lol xDDDDD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: uhm...yeah....but not az long...o.o...I did not lozt a lot of blut >​.>​....*OMG XDXDXD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Wait,What Do You Mean "As Long" ? -Confused, Creator Loves Wilhelm xDD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *mental facepalm* o.o' long storie >​.>​...*not talking about it anymore xD suicide isn't a good thing to talk about, xD and some other stuff that he doesn't want to talk about like why Hazel didn't heal as fast as him xDXDXD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Okay......Your Kind Of Weird -She Says xD- Your Talking Like Your Completely Okay With All This & if Its Normal o.o

    Wilhelm Trümper: uhm...yeh..yu vould alzo ef yu lived mozt of yur leif as one *he laughs xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: M..Hmmmm....-Nodds At Him But She Smiles & Ends Up Laughing A Lil- Okay So Uhm,What Are We Gonna Do About This? -Is Still Confused xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: I hav no ideah...O.O I did not expekt yu bien aliv...o.O

    Hazel Blackwell: Uhm...Yeah....And I Also Didnt Expect That You Knew Me More Than I Did -Rolls Her Eyes-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he sighs cause he knows that she rolled her eyes, does she not belive him* alright, believ meh oder nicht, but I am tellin yu te trut....>​.>​

    Hazel Blackwell: Oh,You Bit Me So I Believe You -She Says- its Just That...Yeah ,So Uh...Thats Kind Of Gross Drinking Peoples Blood o.ol

    Wilhelm Trümper: O.O ya, I underztand vhat yu ar zaying >​.>​ *and she doesn't drink peoples blood xD that's Thomas that does that o.o'...........o.o...whe​n did they fall apart? .-.*

    Hazel Blackwell: -LOL XDDD- So,Uhm....Its Weird That You Were Here -She says-

    Wilhelm Trümper: vhy ist tat? O.O....

    Hazel Blackwell: I Dont Know? I mean,I Come To A Park & Happen To meet Someone I Already Knew But Forgot? o.o

    Wilhelm Trümper: ah...I'm juzt zupreizt tat yu ar even, I mean >​.>​....*he sighs* yu noe vhat I mehn o.o'

    Hazel Blackwell: -Laughs- Yeah....Welll.....Its Good Too See You...I Guess....o.o -ROTLFMFAO XD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he laughs* et is....^^ do yu vant meh to ztart talking with a better englisch, cause I kann...O.O *creator is kind of dieing with the accent cause it's soo hard to keep track of xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Yeah -Smiles- That Might Help A Little -xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: ok...^^ I vill try but geiv me zome slack O.O...

    Hazel Blackwell: -She Starts Laughing- Okay xD Uhm..Wait I have A Few More Questions About Things If You Dont Mind Me Asking Them.

    Wilhelm Trümper: ask them avay ^^ *still has the accent but not as hard to type xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: -Creator Forgot The Questions xD But Will Work With It- Uhm,Why Did I Lose My Memory? How Do I Know You..And Uh....Hmmm...-Walks Around Awkwardly-

    Wilhelm Trümper: tat first one, I hav no clue to the ansver, to me you are supose to be dead...O.O....uh....*nee​ds to think about that xD* my parents vent to Amerika before the var so tey kan talk to your parents ^^ *>​.>​'*

    Hazel Blackwell: -HIS FREAKING ACCENT HAS CREATOR GOING CRAZYY XDD HES SO SWEET XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD​- Hmm...Dead? I Probably Should hmm :/ Oh Wait,Why Did Your Parents Want To Talk To My Parents?.....Who Am I? Why Am I Like This? -Panicking A Little Walking Back & Forth xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: O.O....um....It is a long story...and I do not feel like talking about the vhole storie D:...*kind of hard to say it xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Okay -Sighs- Okay....Uhm......-Sits Down-

    Wilhelm Trümper: O.o yu really vant te vhole storie? O.O

    Hazel Blackwell: I Just..Want....SOMETHING So I Wont Be So Confused D: -Says-

    Wilhelm Trümper: vhat do yu vant first? O.o

    Hazel Blackwell: -ROTLFMFAO XD- Anything....xD

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he sighs* tat is going to be hard to start wit o.o'

    Hazel Blackwell: Uh...Im Sorry D: -She Says- Its A Lot To proccess Though You Didn't Give Me Much To proccess O.O

    Wilhelm Trümper: it is ok ^^ *he moves his hands a bit o.o' they are shaking? xD* I kan tell yu later on ef yu vant me to? O.O

    Hazel Blackwell: Y-Yeah..Thatd Be Fine -Looks To See If The Bite Is Healed xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *it's healed xD* ok ^^

    Hazel Blackwell: -ROTFLMFAO CREATOR LAUGHING CAUSE THE OTHER SCENE ON TVRP XD- Hm..-Sighs- Okay,How Long Will It Take Till This Coma Thing Happens? Cause im pretty Sure Ive been Living Human For Like..How Long..o.o

    Wilhelm Trümper: it depends..on vhat yu did...

    Hazel Blackwell: Confusion o.o -Faceplams Both hands xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: leik, if yu commit suiceid, yu vill be in a coma for leik....5 dayz O.O but ef yu used some of yur povers it vill take longer to vake up *xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Powers? What Powers? -His Accent x.x-

    Wilhelm Trümper: O.O witchy povers.....yu kan read minds...^^

    Hazel Blackwell: Thats...Weird -She Says xD- But Cool I Guess o.o -lol-

    Wilhelm Trümper: it is ^^ but it kan kill yu ef yu do not use it right O.o

    Hazel Blackwell: Uhm....Now Im Scared -He Gives Her Like Ugh Information xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: O.O oh...I mean, just do not use the Forbidon speel *xD*

    Hazel Blackwell: I Won't

    Wilhelm Trümper: tat is good ^^ tat means yu would not ruin yur life, cause it seems tat yu are sort of human *more then him* but still a expri-vamp ^^

    Hazel Blackwell: How Is That? -She Asks-

    Wilhelm Trümper: yu used te forbiddon speel before and it ruined alot of tings in yur life...o.o'

    Hazel Blackwell: Wait What? -Lost Cause She Was Asking On How Shes A Bit More Human xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: yur more human tan me...o.o...I was not able find out tat yu were my fruend until I bit yu O.O

    Hazel Blackwell: Cause Of The Bloodflow? or The taste? -She Says-

    Wilhelm Trümper: yur aura... it is not vhat it should be o.o'

    Hazel Blackwell: Am I Defective? o.O

    Wilhelm Trümper: nein, vell, tey considered yu a failed expriment O.O....but tats not eht xD

    Hazel Blackwell: -She Starts Laughing- Oh How Nice xD

    Wilhelm Trümper: yep ^^

    Hazel Blackwell: -Sighs- I Came For A Walk In The Park & I get the Story of My Life...Literally D:

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he laughs* verzeihen? ^^

    Hazel Blackwell: o.o English? -xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: sorry O.O...

    Hazel Blackwell: Its Okay....-xD Creatr Wondering If Shes Standing Or Sitting xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *she's sitting xD* no, the word Verzeihen, means sorry ^^ *well, actually it means Forgive Me XD*

    Hazel Blackwell: Oh Haha Okay....Its Fine i Guess O.O This Is Weird Now I'll Be Living But My Thoughts Will be Like Whoa..I have Powers O.O -Ikr? xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *he laughs* but I suggest you to not use them >​.>​

    Hazel Blackwell: I Dont Even Know How To Use Then -She Says-

    Wilhelm Trümper: tat is good ^^

    Hazel Blackwell: -Looks At Him Strangely- Your Weird.

    Wilhelm Trümper: danke ^^ age helps vit tat O.O

    Hazel Blackwell: -She Smiles At Him- Are You Older Than me?

    Wilhelm Trümper: um...yeah ^^ but only by leik a few monts O.O

    Hazel Blackwell: -Laughs Creator Wondering How Old She Is xD- Oh Alright,..

    Wilhelm Trümperr: *she's 89 xD* ja ^^.....*awkward silence XD*

    Hazel Blackwell: -ROTLFMFAO XD- .... So...? -xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: Zo vhat? O.O

    Hazel Blackwell: I Dont Know -Feels Awkward-

    Wilhelm Trümper: oh....vell, I got to go o.o' even tough I do not vant to...*he gets up*

    Hazel Blackwell: -TOUGH XDDDDDDDDDD LOL- Oh,Uhm...Okay Then -She Says- O.O

    Wilhelm Trümper: vell, bye ^^....*and he leaves cause...yeah...<.<....wh​y is he failing ALOT on this? XD*

    Hazel Blackwell: ......-Creator Smirking Trying Not To laugh Cause This Is Funny lol- Bye..-Waves-

    Wilhelm Trümper: *and he's gone xD*

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