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    Mick likes RPing as a baby, yes, yes...^^


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    Mick likes RPing as a baby, yes, yes...^^

    Post  Mick on 17/1/2012, 17:32

    Leonard Hanley: *he walks into the store to look for some bag of chips, he finds the isle that has the chips but they don't have the kind he wants D: so he walks up to Manic* Where are the Doritos? *<.< Creator could think of any other brand of chips xD*

    Manic Execution: -Looks At The Dude- In The Chip Isle? -Didnt Care To Look As Always xD Hes Looking In His Mirror-

    Leonard Hanley: It's not over there, I already looked, there's a tagg for it, but you guys are out of it, so are there any in the back?

    Manic Execution: Maybe We're Out? Do You Really Need Those Chips? -Flips His Hair & looks At The Guy- Most People Would Just Pick A Different Bag Of Chips If They Were Out -___-

    Leonard Hanley: *he shakes his head* You're the employee, aren't you suppose to go out in the back when a customer asks you to? >​.>​ *if he says no, Mick is going to have a big talk with Manic <.<*

    Manic Execution: Not Really -Annoyed xD-


    Manic Execution: A Normal One? Ugh...I Dont Understand Why You All Want Me To Do Things For You -Rolls His Eyes, Creator Laughs At mic xD-

    Leonard Hanley: Cause you're suppose to do your job, not looking at yourself in the mirror -_- *creator is wondering if Manic could reconize him a bit xD LOL*

    Manic Execution: Don't Be Jeralous That Im Hotter Than You -Pops The Coller Of His Jacket-

    Leonard Hanley: Don't get you airhead of a brain to think like that, it would propably never get all that air out *<.< insult? wtf?....sorry if its a bad one XD*

    Manic Execution: -Rubs His Hands Through His Hair- It Takes An Airhead To Know A Airhead >​.>​

    Leonard Hanley: Whatever...*he shakes his head* Well, are you going to look for the chips or not, if not I'll just leave the store and never come back again *Why is it that the both him and his brother have problems with Manic xD*

    Manic Execution: You Look Familiar -He Tells The Dude- Whats Your Name? -LMAOo CAUSE HES HOTTER THAN THEM XD-

    Leonard Hanley: *XD OMG XD* How do I look familiar? O.o *doesn't show his accent much >​.>​.....* Leonard Hanley, Whom do I look similar to, if you think that I am familiar? O.o

    Manic Execution: -LOL XDD- Uhm...I Think You Remind Me..Of This Guy Name Wilhelm..-He Says-

    Leonard Hanley: *he looks up at Manic as soon as he hears the name* Did you just say Wilhelm? *shit, he thought that he made sure that they aren't in the same town <.< again why is he hiding from him? O.o....*

    Manic Execution: Yes. -He Says & Takes Out His Mirror Again- Do You Still Want Those Chips?

    Leonard Hanley: shit...*he says under his breath* Yeah, I still want them, that's why I even came to this store >​.>​

    Manic Execution: Okay Hold On ASHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?!?!​?!?!?!?!!?! -hE cALLS aSHES Xd-

    Ashes Cross: *wait Ashes is working? O.O...okay...xD she walks up to Manic* yes? O.O what is it? *sees Leonard and she sighs* Let me guess this customer is bothering you about something and you want me to do something about it *mental facepalm*

    Manic Execution: Yes,Your Smart :D -Grins- he Wants Doritos But their In the Back of The Store -He tells Her- ----creator laughed so hard at ashes reply xD-

    Ashes Cross: and you want me to get it -_- *seriously? thank god the owner isn't around much or Manic woul have gotten fired D:*

    Manic Execution: Exactly -Winks At Her-

    Ashes Cross: fine....*she goes out in the back and finds the Doritoes and give them to Manic* but you are putting them on the shelf >​.>​

    Manic Execution: >​.>​ -Hands Them To Leo- The Hottie Here Got You Your Chips -xDD-

    Ashes Cross: *she rolls her eyes* stop that...>​.>​

    Leonard Hanley: *he grabs the bag* finally! shesh, is this how all the workers in this place act like?

    Manic Execution: -Puts His Arm Around Ashes- Only The Hot Ones ;)

    Leonard Hanley: *he rolls his eyes* can I check this out? *not angry at Ashes >​.>​ at least she did her work, unlike the guy with the ego >:U*

    Ashes Cross: sure...*she walks back to the cash register and checks out the bag :D and puts it in a bag, wtf? a bag within a bag? O.O IS THIS POSSIBLE?!?!?* here...

    Manic Execution: -MIC FREAKED OUT OVER A BAG IN A BAG LOL XDDD & Manic Goes Back To Looking In His Mirror-

    Leonard Hanley: *he leaves....pissed that the services suck here >:U*

    Manic Execution: -He Walks To Ashes- Whats Up?

    Ashes Cross: nothing much *wondering when they can clock out D:* what time is it? *she grabs one of the candies she bought a while ago and eats it xD*

    Manic Execution: IU Dont Know? I Just Know Im So Completely Tired! There Were Sooo many Customers Making me Do ACTUAL Work Today! Ugh -wipes His Forhead As If He Was Sweating xD-

    Ashes Cross: *she rolls her eyes* you mean, yell at me to do all the work >​.>​.....

    Manic Execution: Exactly -Winks At Her- We Like To See The Hotties Work

    Ashes Cross: *she rolls her eyes* would you please stop that, it's really on my nerves right now >​.>​

    Manic Execution: -Laughs & He Huggs Her-

    Ashes Cross: *she gets up and looks at the clock* my shift is over ^^ *Manic had gotten a different shift LOL*

    Manic Execution: >​.>​ NOO! -Sad Face- Now Who Will Do All My Work? -Thinks- Wait......ALEXXX?????

    Ashes Cross: *she looks at him confusingly* Alex must have forgot to tell you that he left the town for the week *mentally laughs at Manic xD*

    Manic Execution: -Hands Crossed- Can't I Quit?

    Ashes Cross: O.O no. *she leaves the store xD*

    Manic Execution: Hey? But..What Am I Supposed To Do Here? D: -Calls Out To Her-

    Ashes Cross: -_- your job, Manic *and she goes to buy a soda :D and a few other stuff that she needs, sticks out her tongue at Manic XD*

    Manic Execution: -Gasps With His Mouth Open & Goes To The Cash Rehister This Time- Here Come Ash! -Smiles Friendly- ill Check Out The Soda For You -He Says-

    Ashes Cross: *she looks at him oddly* okay..? *she wasn't even done with the shopping >​.>​.....*

    Manic Execution: Okay -Smiles & Waits For Her To Come To The Register-

    Ashes Cross: *she might as well go to the cash register and she gives Manic the soda O.O* This is wierd seeing you actually do work ^^

    Manic Execution: Okay ^^ -Checks It- 10 Dollars Please -Smiles-

    Ashes Cross: O_O ten dollers? *it's only a 16 oz bottle?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!*​ you're joking with me right?

    Manic Execution: -Trying His Hardest Not To Smile- No,Ash Its 10 Dollars -He Says With A Straight Face xDDDDD-

    Ashes Cross: I don't think that it is, if it is then I am letting you keep the soda and I'll get it somewhere's else >​.>​

    Manic Execution: OAKY! Fine D: Its 8 Bucks..-He Says-

    Ashes Cross: <.<.....still not the right price...

    Manic Execution: How Do You Not Know They Didn't Raise The Prices?

    Ashes Cross: cause I work here dumb idiot, besides they wouldn't raise the prices that much O.O

    Manic Execution: How Do You Know? We May need A Raise ;)

    Ashes Cross: *she rolls her eyes* I think I am going to get the soda somewhere's else *creator fail xD why is Manic hitting on a girl that had a child like three months ago? O.O..*

    Manic Execution: -Manic Got Her Pregnant xD creator laughs at the way she said that xD- Why? Can You get Me A Slurpee? -Smiles-

    Ashes Cross: *OMG XD please don't type that again xD* okay...? O.o....*goes to get a slurpee >​.>​ totally going tokeep the slurpee insted of giving it to Manic XD*

    Manic Execution: -He Was Even there When She Gave Birth...He Named The Kid Practically! xDD (-really needs to stop xDD-)- I Hav Like 10 More Minutes Left -He Says-

    Ashes Cross: *DUDE!! just stop xD you'll make it out that he's the childs father LOL XD* yeah, so? O.O

    Manic Execution: -He Even Gave Her A Silver Necklace & Held The Kid BEFORE She Did XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD-​ Stay here So I Dont Have To Do Anythhing Pretend Your Buying Stuff ^^

    Ashes Cross: <.< as long that you pay for it....*I SAID STOP XDXD wait, who's watching Caleb? O.O......-did misspell Caleb D:-*

    Manic Execution: Hence The Word "Pretend" >​.>​ -LOL LOL LOL Wilhelm XDDDDDDDD Nein U Didnt lol-

    Ashes Cross: still you are paying for the stuff, if not I'm leaving ^^

    Manic Execution: Why? D: -He Asks- Im Not Your Husband D:

    Ashes Cross: I know you're not, but you are forcing me, basically, to stay in this store until you get to clock out -_-

    Manic Execution: But Its Time For Me To Clock Out Already -Winks At Her & Takes Off The Thing Hes Wearing & Walks Out The Store-

    Ashes Cross: O.O uh...Manic aren't you going to clock out *he has to press a button that says that he is actually done >​.>​....*

    Manic Execution: Can You Do It For Me? -He Says As He Walked Out-

    Ashes Cross: *she rolls her eyes >​.>​ she's been doing that alot for him D: and she's done lol XD*

    Manic Execution: So Where We Going? -Wonders How Wilhelm Is Doing With The Baby-

    Ashes Cross: um...I seriously don't know O.O home?

    Manic Execution: But I Want A Slurpee D:

    Ashes Cross: <.< go get your slurpee *why didn't he get it while they were in the store? O.O*

    Manic Execution: They Sell Slurpees In There? o.O -He Asks-

    Ashes Cross: Yeah, they did *she laughs XD cause it was a bit obvious xD especially when she got one >​.>​*

    Manic Execution: Can't You Just Go To 7-11 & Get Me One? -He Asks-

    Ashes Cross: <.<....says the guy who is lazy as hell -_-

    Manic Execution: Please Please Please Please? -Tuggs On her Shirt-

    Ashes Cross: no.


    Ashes Cross: no

    Manic Execution: -cRIES & dITCHES hER & MAKES iT hOME lIKE 10 mINUTES bEFORE HER & gOES iN tHEIR rOOM- hELLO?

    Wilhelm Trümper: *not sure on how he got to babysitting O_O and creator isn't on how he is arounds kids <.< >​.>​ <.< he could be bad at it for all we know* hallo? O.O

    Manic Execution: How Was It Taking Care Of Caleb? -He Laughs-

    Wilhelm Trümper: azleep....*most of the time D: why didn't he brought the- wait <.< Aasia LOL he doesn't know on how should react around a kid XD she might call it a demon O_O yes, Wilhelm is taking care of Aasia, mostly cause he's terrified that she might hurt herself accedently with her wild thoughts xD*

    Manic Execution: Uh-Huh....-Picks Caleb Up Slowly Cause Is Kinda Freaked Out About Wilhel Watching Himn For Some Reason xD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: yep ^^ *hey, he's not a mental case >​.>​' and he only been around one child before and during that time he wasn't around that child enough xD*

    Manic Execution: -Sits On The Bed With Caleb- Haha Thanks For Watching Him Though.

    Wilhelm Trümper: you velkom ^^ *again, how did he got into this? ^^'*

    Manic Execution: -HIS ACCENT XDDDD LOL Creator Hack xD- Cool -He Says- Im Supriused You ctually Did This O.O

    Wilhelm Trümper: uhm...zam hier really...^^ I do not tink tat I vas able to take kar of ihm *< that was on purpose >​.>​*

    Manic Execution: Well,The Kids Not Dead So Thanks -Laughs- Yeah....-MIC LOL LOL LOL ROTFLMAO HAHAHAHAHAH XDD-

    Wilhelm Trümper: ok ^^

    Manic Execution: -10 Minutes Passed & Ash Gets There xD-

    Ashes Cross: *walks in and Wilhelm left okay? <.<* um.....Manic? *want's to make sure if he's not pissed or sad or whatever at her xD*

    Manic Execution: -Looks At Ashes- Ashley? >​.>​

    Ashes Cross: *HATES being called Ashley >​.< but she deserve it xD* yeah?

    Manic Execution: -Lays Down With Caleb Over His Arm So Hes Laying With Him-

    Ashes Cross: *<.< just been totally ignored and she can't hold her son D:*

    Manic Execution: -Is Holding Caleb Of Course Laying Down & Looked At ASHLEY & Then Back To Caleb-

    Ashes Cross: um....o.o'''' *feels totallu neglected >​.>​ wants her son now D:*

    Manic Execution: -Has His Arm Around Caleb & Caleb Woke Up &Is Looking At Manic & Creator Picturing This Scene AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ^^-

    Ashes Cross: *totally just went to her bed and just makes it look like she is going to sleep >​.>​ she's not wanted in here o.o'''''*

    Manic Execution: -& Caleb Tried To Bite Manic O.O So he Takes Caleb With Him & Comes Back & Is feeding Him- I Always Knew You'd try To Bite me Little Dude D:\

    Ashes Cross: *Caleb laughs at Manic, well, really a giggle >​.>​.....lol*

    Manic Execution: -Makes A Gasp face At Caleb :O- Your A Lil Jerk Just Like Your Mom -He Laughs But Feeds Him-

    Caleb Cross: *she's asleep ^^ and Caleb is done feeding O.O he needs his burping now LOL XD*

    Manic Execution: Wait? -Doesn't Really Know How To Do This- Uhm...-Gets A Blanket & Puts It On His Shoulder- Uhm..So..Uh...Lil Dude,Please Try To Be Nie To me -Puts Him On His Shoulder 7 Pats His Back-

    Ashes Cross: *>:D Caleb burps and pucks ^^.....hehehe.....nice..​.huh?*

    Manic Execution: -ROTFLMFAO MIC XD & He Moves Caleb Off Him & Lays Him On the Bed- Hmm Your Clothes Seems A Bit Dirty,Will You Ever Drink Blood? o.O

    Caleb Cross: *is he talking to him O_O......and he can't talk so he just starts making noises with his mouth xD*

    Manic Execution: -He Laughs xD- haha! I can Talk & you Can't Lil Dude! -& He Changes Calebs Clothes xD- There You Go Nice & Clean...-Sits Caleb On His Lap- So How Arew You? xD

    Caleb Cross: *does a rasberry with his mouth....and looks up at Manic, like 'what are you saying? O.O' or 'ohhh....shiny lights' he's also looking at the lights xD*

    Manic Execution: Ew You Like....Spit On Me A Little D: -Wipes His Face- You Lil Weirdo Just Like Your Mom O.O -Laughs & Looked At Caleb Back- Too bad You Dont Understand A Word Im Saying..

    Caleb Cross: *nope he doesn't ^^ and creator LOVES RPing as a baby :D she should do it more :P anmd he giggles more ^^*

    Manic Execution: Hmmmm...So What Do You Wanna Do? Omg! Im Gonna Take You Shopping! -Takes Ash's Wallet & Leaves & About An Hour Or 2 Later Comes Home & Has Lil Caleb Wearing A Mini Jeana Jacket Green Pants & A Baby Blue Shirt & A Red Hat xDD-

    Ashes Cross: O_O *she woke up a hour after they left and she had no idea on what happened so when they came back she was FREAKING relieved, and notgiongallprotectivemot​herlyonthematall!! xD* hi ^^ *is calming down*

    Manic Execution: Look At Your Son!!! -He Says Happily & Holds caleb Up xD- I Gave Him A Lesson On Style xD

    Ashes Cross: O_O you seriously got him that, you know he will grow out of that....right? *<.< hopes it's not alot of money D:*

    Manic Execution: Of Course! Then We'll Take Him Shopping Again xD -Smiles- He Looks Good In This Outfit! -Hugs Caleb Lightly-

    Caleb Cross: *was asleep until Manic hugged him D: and he slowly wakes up*

    Ashes Cross: okay....*the dude needs some serious help xD*

    Manic Execution: Aww I Woke Him Up D: Poor Lil Dude -He Says & Takes Caleb In Front Of A Mirror- Your As Hot As Your Mom Now -Winks At Ash xD-

    Ashes Cross: *she rolls her eyes* can you please stop doing that? D: it's really annoying >​.>​

    Manic Execution: -Makes A Noise Kinda Like A Vampire Would Make If He Sees A Girl he Wants To drink- Im Sorry,Your Just So Hard To Keep My Eyes Off Of xD -ROTFLMFAO XD-

    Ashes Cross: O.o...what are you doing? *talking about the noise xD*

    Manic Execution: -Smirks- Nothing..xD

    Ashes Cross: okay...? *<.< she is picking up a bowl of ravioli xD yeah....for some reason she likes canned foods O.O*

    Manic Execution: Weirdo...-Sits On The End Of Ashes Bed With Caleb xD Watching Her-

    Caleb Cross: *is teething ^^*

    Ashes Cross: O.O what? you never tried canned foods have you? *she takes a spoon full from the ravioli xD*

    Manic Execution: No....And I Dont Plan To...-& Caleb Trying To bite His Finger D:-

    Ashes Cross: then what do you eat? O.o *she laughs at Caleb xD good thing he doesn't have teeth....yet*

    Ashes Cross: *it won't hurt Manic so he keeps teething his finger ^^*

    Manic Execution: -And Hes Chewing On His Finger & manic Is Getting Grossed Out But Lets Him- I Cook? I Buy Food? I Hire People To Cook For me?

    Ashes Cross: <.<....um...Manic, you can't even afford to but normal food -she gets up and give Manic some raman soup :D- eat this

    Manic Execution: I'd rather Starve -Closes His Mouth-

    Ashes Cross: you're hopeless

    Manic Execution: :O Am Not!! -He Says-

    Ashes Cross: yeah, you are xD

    Manic Execution: No....-Is Holding Caleb Anyway He Cant eat xD-

    Ashes Cross: fine -_-

    Manic Execution: -Smiles At Her-

    Ashes Cross: O.o *not going to question him as creator is about to attack the kittens in her room cause she just cleaned it D:*

    Manic Execution: So? -He Asks-

    Ashes Cross: I'm tired >​.>​

    Manic Execution: Go To Sleep..Your Lazy -He Tells Ash-

    Ashes Cross: -she scoffs- says the guy who wanted me to get his slurpee earlier >​.>​...

    Manic Execution: At Least I Don't Sleep All day -Hes Taking Care Of Your Kid-

    Ashes Cross: -oh.....yeah...xD she was just asleep, no wonder she's sleepy- >​.>​.....yeah, but I stay up at night D:

    Manic Execution: -Looks At Caleb- Your Moms A Lazy Brat Sometimes..>​.>​

    Caleb Cross: *passed out xD*

    Ashes Cross: I am not, shesh, you try to stay up 24 hours *:P*

    Manic Execution: I Can! I Even Take This Kid Shopping! -Motions To Caleb- You Verbally Abuse Me >​.>​

    Ashes Cross: <.<...*is not used to it D: and she laughs at Manic* I don't know how he can do that, when he can't even walk <.<

    Manic Execution: -Sighs & Shakes His Head & Takes Caleb To His Bed & Lays With Him- Whens Alex Coming Back?

    Ashes Cross: next week, he has to do something about his 'family job' >​.>​ *hopes he knows what she means by that xD*

    Manic Execution: Oh,...I See....-He Says & Falls Asleep With Caleb In His Arms Carefully-

    Ashes Cross: *annnnnd she decides to watch TV :D*

    Caleb Cross: *if this kid could talk he could have sworn that manic acts like his parent more then Ashes >​.>​...........Does Manic loves kids? or what?*

    Manic Execution: -He Was Thinking He Was gonna Be Anoyying To Take Care Of xD But Manic Likes Taking Care Of Him For Some Reason xD-

    Caleb Cross: *O_O Manic has adopted Caled then...>​.>​ and he starts crying xD*

    Manic Execution: -Got Scared Slightly But Woke Up & Picks Up Caleb Carefully- You Okay Buddy? -Whats Wrong D:-

    Caleb Cross: *stil cries xD*

    Ashes Cross: *she looks up and sees Caleb crying and she laughs a bit cause yea, xD payback is a bitch <.<*

    Manic Execution: -He Gets Up & Walks Around With caleb Talking To Him About Nonsence xD-

    Caleb Cross: *cries more D:*

    Manic Execution: -Looks At Caleb- You Okay? You Hungry? Want Milk or Something?

    Caleb Cross: *criescriescries C.R.I.E.S. cries~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~*

    Manic Execution: Uhm..Uhm...UHM..........​................-He Puts His Finger In Calebs Mouth To See If He Might Bite Him & if He Has Fangs & needs Blood Yet xD- Not Too Hard Lil Dude..Please D:

    Caleb Cross: *cries and bite ^^ and then he stops and starts sucking Manic's finger >​.>​......he needs a binki xD*

    Ashes Cross: *is soooo laughing from this xD*

    Manic Execution: Ow? o.O -He Laughs A Little- Ash? This Dude Needs Those Things Where You Like Uhm Bite Or Suck On Or Whatever D:

    Ashes Cross: *she stops laughing, for a bit xD* O.o a Binki?

    Caleb Cross: *^^ is happy~~~~~~~~~~~~*

    Manic Execution: Uhm,Yeah That -He Says As Calebs Sucking On His Finger- You Lil Weirdo...-Shakes His head Sighs & Sits Down With Him xD-

    Ashes Cross: *she laughs* it's kind of cute xD

    Caleb Cross: *creator is soooooooooooo not imagining Caleb with one little baby tooth showing a bit while sucking his finger and denies perversion to think whil typing this XD CAUSE CALEB IS A BABY!!! D: he doesn't know!!!*

    Manic Execution: Do You Know How Weird This Feels? -He Asks- xD .....Sure -Looks At Caleb & Creator: Dude xD Is It Just me Or Can U Imagien this Scene Too?-

    Ashes Cross: *I can imagine it O_O* nope.....but then again, Caleb likes you more then me .-. ....

    Manic Execution: Thats Cause I Actually Talk & Take Care Of Him -He Says xDDDDDD-

    Ashes Cross: <.<.....and you won't let me take care of him .-.

    Manic Execution: I Would! But You Come Home From Work & Sleep! Or Are Mean To me D: -Tears In His Eyes- D: D: D: D:

    Ashes Cross: - .-. now she feels really bad- I only did that today o.o'....you wouldn't let me stay with him for the rest of month >​.>​ you forced me to work again.......

    Manic Execution: Did Not!! Why Would I make You Work If I Dont Even Wanna Work? -Flips His Hair- Hey By The Way Can You Help me Dye My hair Now That your Not Pregnant? -Then Back Looking Sad- Im Just Good Taking Care Of Him D:

    Ashes Cross: O.O....so I can do all the work for you over there >​.>​, yeah, I'll help - o.o'.........thank for making her feel like a bad parent D:-

    Manic Execution: Nope! That What Alex Is For -He Says- Oh Thank You ^^ I Always Wanted A Hot Girl to Dye My Hair ;) -lol-

    Ashes Cross: -<.<................no comment and she rolls her eyes-

    Manic Execution: -Siles At her & Caleb is Biting Pretty Hard o.o-

    Caleb Cross: *Tehe ^^*

    Manic Execution: -Looks At Caleb- How Fast Will Your Teeth grow?

    Caleb Cross: *giggles a bit*

    Manic Execution: -Makes A Face At Caleb Kind Of Laughing- Weird..

    Ashes Cross: O.O I think he knows what we are saying to him...*still doesn't know on how his aging is affected on him or not >​.>​*

    Manic Execution: -Laughs- You Think So? -Smiles-

    Ashes Cross: um...look how he reacts to how you talk to him...O.O

    Manic Execution: -Looks At Caleb- You Think You'll Have More Style Than Your Mom In The Future? -xD-

    Caleb Cross: O.O *stares at him*

    Manic Execution: You Think Im Stupid? -Asks Caleb xD-

    Caleb Cross: *still staring XD*


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