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    Caleb Elias Cross ^^ you'll find out who he is on here :D


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    Caleb Elias Cross ^^ you'll find out who he is on here :D

    Post  Mick on 28/12/2011, 00:39

    this scene was supose to be on here on christmas eve but things happen and kathy and i could finish this whole scene so i decided to pick off from a part that seems good to stop at ^^

    Manic Execution: -Just Walks In..He Was Actually Coming Back With A Christmas Present For Ashes....Creator Swears She Almost Wrote Judith O.O-

    Ashes Cross: *why did Kathy almost wrote Judith? O.o and Ashes sees Manic* um....O.O *wonders on what he's doing XD she doesn't want presents D: and she's about 7 months preggo*

    Manic Execution: -No reason O.O...- Oh Hey Ash -Puts The Present In The Drawer Is Going To Give It To Her Later-

    Ashes Cross: um....hi? *she laughs a bit cause why did the guy hide the present O.o....odd...xD*

    Manic Execution: Whats Up? -Lays On Her Bed-

    Ashes Cross: um....nothing really, trying to relax so i can sleep *isn't allowed to work right now D: so she has to stay in the motel room all day!! D:*

    Manic Execution: -Laughs- Oh...That Sounds Fun -Smiles At Her-

    Ashes Cross: it's not at all o.o i want to leave this place so badly D: *yep, she's restlesss XD*

    Manic Execution: Hmmm.....Maybe Uhm..Yeah I Got Nothing To Say To That....Thats Tough xD

    Ashes Cross: it is D: i don't like it at all....*she looks at Manic* um....can you get me a cup of blood? o.o'

    Manic Execution: -Grossed Out Face- Sure...-Gets Up & Goes To Get The Cup Pours Blood Into It & Is So Grossed Out & Brings It To Ashes- Here..

    Ashes Cross: um...thanks ^^ *is suprized that he did what she asked him to do xD o.o which is really odd for him D:*

    Manic Execution: -Still Grossed Out- No Problem....-He gets Up & Opens The Drawer He Put Her Present In & Is About To Go Give It To Ash-

    Ashes Cross: yeah....o.o.....*she tries to get up to put the cup up and then she starts hurting, and she hisses xD*

    Manic Execution: -Turns Around Quickly- Are You Okay? O.O -Not Sure On Whats Going On-

    Ashes Cross: um...i don't know o.o *she holds the area that hurts D: which is the bottom of her stomach and she hisses more*

    Manic Execution: Oh...Shit -Puts Her Present In His Pocket & Goes To Her- Do You Think Your Kids Coming Out? D: -Helping Her Stay Up By Her Shoulders-

    Ashes Cross: *that thought never came up in her head* maybe...o.o......*and more pain cause Mic sucks at this xD*

    Manic Execution: -Sighs We Have To get You To the Docters..Who Do I take You To? & How? Do I Jack Someones Car? -He Asks Kind Of Freaking Out-

    Ashes Cross: um......do you know Alex's phone number? *that's the only person she knows that she can trust right now outside of Manic XD and Alex has a car >.>*

    Manic Execution: Yeah....-Takes Out His Phone & Calls Alex & Tells Him Everything-

    Alexander Shaddix: *and he got the phone call and he drives to over there XD timeskip, well, sort of >.> he can drive his car fast XD and he walks into the door* what do we need to do? O.O

    Manic Execution: Ask Her! Im No good At This Stuff! All I Know Is I Need To get Her To Some Docter >.> -He Tells Alex-

    Ashes Cross: *she is sitting on the chair now, still hurting alot D: she hates this a LOT >.<*

    Alexander Shaddix: then let's bring her to the nearest hospital, okay? *he doesn't know if he should pick her up or not O.O*

    Ashes Cross: *despite how much she hates the hospitals* l-et's go Dx

    Manic Execution: Okay -He Was Thinking The Same Thing- Should I Pick You Up? Or What? -He Asks Ash-

    Ashes Cross: i think i can walk myself to the car...*she tries to get up from the chair but falls back down* nevermind i need to be picked up Dx *so. much. fucking. pain.*

    Alexander Shaddix: okay, let me get the car set up *he means turning it on and open the doors XD*

    Manic Execution: -He Picks Up Ashes- Ah Your Heavy >.> But i Can Manage -He Takes Her To Alexs Car & Gets In Along With Ash-

    Alexander Shaddix: *annnnnd he drives them to the hospital and he opens the door to the car and he runs to ne of the doctors and tell them what's going on*

    Manic Execution: -Had Somehow Got Ash Into The Hospital O.O-

    NURSE: -She Brings Out Some Thing And Lays Ash On it....It Has Wheels xD They take Her Into A Room OKAY SOMEHOW THEY GOT HER INTO A HOSPITAL ROOM & HAS HER ON A BED XD-

    Ashes Cross: >.> where am i going D: *doesn't want any knives on her, oh...god x.x she's paranoid now XD*

    Manic Execution: -Had Tried To Follow Them Into The Room-

    NURSE: -She Stops Manic Before He Can Go In- Are You The Father?

    Manic Execution: >.> Its Okay Just Let me In! -Tries To Go In-

    NURSE: -Looks At Ashes- Ms,Is It Okay? If He Comes In?

    Ashes Cross: *creator: XDXDXDXD* O.O no, he's not....o.o.......xD *she's like WTF? why did they ask him that D:* yeah, it's okay if he comes in o.o'

    NURSE: -LOL xD- Hmm...-Lets Manic Come In- I Will get the Docter -Goes To Get The Docter xD-

    Doctor P. Diddy: *and the doctor walks into the room* so what seems to be the problem? O.O

    Manic Execution: -Hes Standing Next To Ashes Not Sure On Whats Gonna Happen O.O-

    NURSE: -She Is In The Back Getting The Tools Ready xD-

    Ashes Cross: *bitches >.>* um...i'm guessing a baby is trying to come into this world? O.O *FAILS XDXDXDXDXD*

    Manic Execution: -He Cant Help It & He Starts Laughing At Ashes- xD

    Doctor P. Diddyy: um...okay.....*he looks at the nurse D: he never did baby delivering D: D: D:* what do i need to do?

    NURSE: -Rolls Her Eyes- Help Her Push The Baby Out? Or..If It cant Happen...Cut It Out O.O -ID BE SCARED IF I WERE THERE D: Creator Hack >.>-

    Ashes Cross: wait, wait WHAT? O.O no cutting is going to happen to me D: *did someone forgot to mention that Ashes is afraid of knives D: D: D: D: D:* >.> just get it out please D:

    Doctor P. Diddy: okay....*he sits on the chair that's um....yeah, creator feels uncomfortable just typing it XD* okay, uh....push, wait doesn't she have to be in some sort position? O.o

    Manic Execution: -Creator: ROTFLMFAO LOL LOL LOL XD- DON'T FREAK OUT ASH! DONT FREAK OUT D: -To Ashes-

    NURSE: Your The Docter! -Tells The Docter xD-

    Ashes Cross: *is freaking out cuase the stupid doctor doesn't know what to do >.>* how stupid are you?! *she's talking to the doctor and...the nurse helped her with the position so yeah...xD she was already in the right position O.O*

    Doctor P. Diddy: okay....uh.....*o.o he got everything ready ^^* okay, now push :D *Creator: i hate you....*

    Manic Execution: Dont Call the Docter Stupid! -he Tells Her- He Could Kill You! D:

    NURSE: -Creator: Love You Too<3 xD- Okay...-Standing By Dr P. Diddy xD-

    Ashes Cross: *doesn't give a shit anyways -_- this is where creator had thought of her being a little different for her personality, she can be a bitch :D and she pushes XD*

    Doctor P. Diddy: *creator was talking to the stupid doctor* okay...*wonders if this is right D:*

    Manic Execution: -Is grossed Out At the Moment- D: D: D:

    Ashes Cross: *she laughs a bit but it's not noticable cause of her pain D:* [can we time skiip D:]

    Manic Execution: -Anddd Time SKIP-

    Ashes Cross: *she's passed out XDXDXDXD cause i don't know how much of a time skip we did xD*

    Manic Execution: Ash?...-He Says Slowly...& Worried.....HES HOLDING THE KID XDDD-

    Ashes Cross: *she slowly waking up O.O....thinking that was all a dream until she notices she's in the hospital D:* are there any needles on me? -_-....*not thinking clearly as you can tell xD*

    Manic Execution: Uhm...Your Hands....One D: -Tries To hand The Kid To Her- Uhm..Heres Your Son -Smiles Slightly Still grossed Out-

    Ashes Cross: O.O son? *okay, she's lost it D: and holy crap* one on my hand D: D: D: D: *and then she reaches out her hands to see the son ^^*

    Manic Execution: Calm Down You Cant Feel The Needle -He Says & Puts Her Son In Her Hands- Its....Caleb. -Laughs-

    Ashes Cross: *she puts Caleb closer to her o.o* Caleb....*she looks at him o.o......*

    Manic Execution: -Is Watching The Moment..Its Kind Of Awkward..And Weird To Him xD- o.O

    Alexander Shaddix: *he walks in cause creator totally not forgot about him >.> <.< >.>* so how's it going?

    Manic Execution: Uhm...-Kind Of Caught Off Guard- Its A Boy...O.O

    Alexander Shaddix: cool....*wonders on why Ashes let herself get into trouble like this D:...* is there anything that you guys need? *like food and stuff like that XD*

    Manic Execution: -Looks At Ash For An Answer...Creator: LOL HE JUST SAYS COOL XDD-

    Ashes Cross: *paying more attention to Caleb ^^*

    Manic Execution: Ash? Do We Need Any Food Or Anything?...Baby Food? -Hes retarded Cuz Caleb Will need Formula & Stuff lol Not Baby Food xD-

    Ashes Cross: O.O um....*Manic is an idiot XD she doesn't need human food right now o.o* i guess strawberries...o.o....

    Alexander Shaddix: okay, what about you? *he says to Manic, he sounds like a damn waitress D: which is not good at all D: D: D: D:*

    Manic Execution: -Looks At Alex- Strawberries I Guess o.o -Lost and Laughs- I'll Be Fine...

    Alexander Shaddix: alright, i'll be back in a few..*and he leaves xD >.> might call a few people XD*

    Manic Execution: Thanks,,,,-Turns To Ash- Uhm...Hey....I Got You This..-Takes Out Her Late Christmas Present xD- Its A Late Christmas Present...-He Holds It Out To Show Ashes Its A Silver necklace-

    Ashes Cross: O.O um....why did you get me this? *Creator: ROTFLMAO XDXDXDXDXDDXDXD* um...thanks o.o......*wait, how in the world did he get the money for it D:*

    Manic Execution: Well,......Your A Good Friend..-WHOA Creator Suprised Hes being Normal Liek Not Into Himself xD- Uhm....-He Puts It On Ashes- No Problem. -xD-

    Ashes Cross: *this is really wierd....o.o............​* okay ^^ *and she looks at Caleb >.> he started making funny noises XD*

    Manic Execution: -Looks At Caleb- So...Everythings Good...-He Thinks- So is This All Gonna Go Normal? Like..Cause Your A Vampire O.O

    Ashes Cross: i don't know if it is or not ...o.o...to tell you the truth i don't know how this will be okay, i am still not sure if it's part human or not D: *she tells him*

    Doctor P. Diddy: *he walks in coughing* it seems like everything is functional, except for a few things but those are fine for the child ^^ suprizingly the child doesn't have any healt problems with it being two to one months premanture *Creator: PROVE IT THAT A PREME IS A RETART!!! >:U I AM A PREME!! >:D; the doctor isn't a normal doctor xD*

    Manic Execution: -Kind of Got Kind Of Scared

    Ashes Cross: so...*she guesses that she has to worry about the other problems D: great.......* thanks doctor....*okay, she still wants to hurt him >.>*

    Manic Execution: -Laughs Slightly- So When Will She Be Able To Come Home?

    Alexander Shaddix: *and he's back with strawberries and a few monsters :P he's not sure if they are able to drink it D:*

    Doctor P. Diddy: tomorrow, maybe...she needs to let her body rest ^^

    Manic Execution: Okay -He Says- Thanks...-Sees Alex- hey Dude

    Alexander Shaddix: hey...*he smiles slightly as he sits on one of the chairs* so anyone wants a monster? *creator needs to look wait xD nvm XD*

    Doctor P. Diddy: *and the doctor leaves ^^ he doesn't like being around vampires but this is quite odd with what he just seen O.O a vampire having a child XD*

    Manic Execution: I'll Take One -He Says To Alex & Reaches His Hand Out-

    Ashes Cross: *really wants one right now D: but she rather sleep right now :P*

    Alexander Shaddix: *gives one to Manic* so what are you guys going to do about the child? *o.o he's a bit shocked when he first found out that ashes was pregnant o.o*

    Manic Execution: -He Opens It And Drinks Some- Uhm...Take Care Of It? I'll Guess I Have To Work More...>.>

    Alexander Shaddix: *he laughs* i can help you with that if you want me to? *totally meaning by letting him have some of his own money xD case he really doesn't care if he lives in the streets ^^*

    Ashes Cross: *is slipping into sleep land but not going to all the way D: cause she does not want to drop the Caleb x3 she likes that name*

    Manic Execution: Thanks -He Says- You Want Me To Put Him In His Crib Thing? -They Have That Weird Crib/table thing for the kid xD- Or You Want Me To Hold Him While You Sleep?

    Ashes Cross: um...either or......*she tells him sleepishly D: Creator: you're right on that ^^ i think its called an icubator O.o*

    Manic Execution: -He Puts His Monster Down & Picks Up Caleb & Sits In A Chair With Him-

    Ashes Cross: *and she slowly goes to sleep ^^*

    Alexander Shaddix: O.O....*not sure on what he should say now XD so yeah, he takes a sip from the monster :P*

    Manic Execution: -He Laughs Slightly Looking At Caleb Them Turns To Alex- This Is...Kind Of Weird.

    Alexander Shaddix: yeah, i know....it is wierd, i actually mean strange....o.o...

    Manic Execution: How Is It Weird For You? -He Asks Alex-

    Alexander Shaddix: i never expected Ashl- i mean Ashes to get pregnant o.o....it's a bit strange to me, even her adopted parents were off by it when they found out that she was a natural born vampire....*oops xD >.> Alex have you ever think that she can be actually more human then vampire D:*

    Manic Execution: Adopted Parents? -Tf?o.o..- It Was An Acccident,She Was Drinking And..Says This Slowly- Yeah...I Think Its Even More Weird That I Have To Live With This Baby And I Dont Even Know What He Is Yet D:......-He Also Means Living With A Baby In General- I Like His Name Though -He Smiles..Muahahaha xD-

    Alexander Shaddix: yeah, her parents somehow died >.> no one is sure about it....*he laughs a bit* i don't think anybody is okay with a baby being a around..

    Manic Execution: I Never Knew That O.O...I Just Knew She Was Born A Vampire >.> -He Says & Looks At Caleb & Laughs- True...

    Alexander Shaddix: it's cause Ashes doesn't know about it really, they want to keep it a secret for some odd reason..*he tells him*

    Manic Execution: She Doesn't? -He Moves Slightly & Holds Caleb A Little Closer- No Wonder She Didn't Tell Me...But how Do You Know?

    Alexander Shaddix: my parents told me just in case a bunch of vampires came into town >.> besides i am older then you guys...well, at least her...o.o...i don't know all the details to it..

    Manic Execution: -Smiles A Little Cause Of The Reason- I See....-Good Thing Hes A Dark Elf..They Dont Need Their Sleep Even Though Manic Got Used To Sleeping,He Can Stay Up All Night & Not Be Bothered By It- Older? How Old Are You?

    Alexander Shaddix: twenty-one, how old are you? *denies creator looking at his profile >.>*

    Manic Execution: -Laugh & Looks At Him- Im Twenty-Three :D

    Alexander Shaddix: so, you are younger then me? O.o *the guy doesn't act like it...xD*

    Manic Execution: I Am...-He Answers Creator: ROTFLFMAO ALEX XD- By Two Years..

    Alexander Shaddix: sorry, i mean older >.> *fuck, stupidity got to him D:* my mind is working a bit too much right now *>.> blames it on the monster xD*

    Manic Execution: -Laughs- And Im The One Who Acts Younger..Ad Im Not Freaking Out Or Thinking Wrong & Im Holding Her Kid..

    Alexander Shaddix: what do you mean by freaking out or thinking wrong *isn't around them much so yeah...xD and Caleb is asleep x3 Creator: >:U remember i RP as Caleb also XD*

    Manic Execution: Well..That Im Pretty Chill Right Now? And Im Thinking Straight...-Yeah thats What he Means LMFAO MIC XD-

    Alexander Shaddix: oh....O.O...it's just the way you said it, nevermind...*he laughs a bit*

    Manic Execution: -Shakes His Head & Rolls His Eyes Slightly At Alex- Sorry...I Have A Specific Vocabulary. o.o

    Alexander Shaddix: it's okay..i don't blame you for your words since what you are....*>.> he doesn't mean to do that as an insult if he did sorry D:*

    Manic Execution: Since I Am What? O.O ->.> lol-

    Alexander Shaddix: a drow? O.o don't you guys have your own language? *fail xD*

    Manic Execution: Oh..-Laughs Cause He Thought He Meant Something Else- Yeah We Do..A Few Of Them...But i Go By One....Yeah I Mix My Tongue With A Slight Of Their Language..Its A Bit Proper And...Just me I Guess xD

    Alexander Shaddix: okay...*suprized the guy didn't get offended XD* that's nice, i only know one al the way >.> i need to know latin for my hunting *creators fasination with the show Supernatural is showing a bit xD*

    Manic Execution: -Starts Laughing- Oh...That Sounds Cool -For Some Reason is Scared To Put Down Caleb So hes Gonna Hold Him For A While-

    Alexander Shaddix: *doesn't blame him XD* not really O.O....Lantin is freaking hard *>.> denies creators hack with that XD*

    Manic Execution: -He Smiles At Him- Is It? -Wonders if He Should Try & Learn It-

    Alexander Shaddix: it is...

    Manic Execution: I See....-He Says & Starts Walking Around The Room With Caleb xD-

    Ashes Cross: *>.> slowly waking up XD*

    Manic Execution: -Is Holding The Baby Looking At Him Laughing Thinking How Good Looking He'll Be Cause Hes Ashes Kid xDDDDDDDDDD-

    Ashes Cross: *if only he said that out loud Ashes wouold hurt him calling her hot D: XD and she doesn't move o.o she wants to seem like some sort of stalker? O.o*

    Manic Execution: -He Smiles Looking At Caleb- I Wonder Who Your Dad is....Probably Was Some Drunk Jerk >.> Its My fault But Still D: No Worries Caleb...You'll Still Be Good Looking Because Of Your Mother -Creator: ROTFLMFAO XD-

    Ashes Cross: *Creator: we need to figure out whos the dad XD* O.o....*this is wierd watching Manic talking to Caleb; and Caleb giggles a bit D: NO!!*

    Manic Execution: -Smiles At Caleb Cause He Smiled Back At Manic- Haha Im Like-able You See? I Wonder Why Your Mom Was So Annoyed Of Me At First? Cause You Seem To Like Me Well Enough -xD I Know lol-

    Ashes Cross: *she wakes up fully* -_- what time is it? >.> *she looks around xD*

    Manic Execution: -He's Slightly Embarrassed He Forgot The Others Were In The Room D:-

    Alexander Shaddix: um...O.O *he laughs at Manic*

    Manic Execution: -He Glares At Alex For A Lil Bit- Shut Up D: -Walks Over To Ashes- Take Out The Cell Phone From My Left Pocket And Check -He Tels her-

    Ashes Cross: um...okay? *she takes out the phone >.> isn't there a clock in the room and the times says 11:03 xD*

    Manic Execution: -Creator: LOL- Okay.....-Stands By The Bed Ashes Is In- So You Think You Can Come Home Today?

    Ashes Cross: um...maybe later? O.o

    Manic Execution: -___- I meant Do You Think You feel good Enough To Go Home....-The Docter Already Said She Could Come Home Today-

    Alexander Shaddix: well, i got to go *and he leaves xD*

    Ashes Cross: yeah, i guess ^^

    Manic Execution: Bye?...-He Walked Out To Fast O.O- Uhm,That Was Weird..

    Ashes Cross: yes, it is...O.O

    Manic Execution: Cool,So How Long Do You have To be In Here Today? -He Sits On The Edge Of The Hospital Bed Still Holding Caleb-

    Ashes Cross: um...i don't know maybe i can leave right now? O.o

    Manic Execution: Try To Stand Up Ash -He Says- Uhm...I Guess We Have To Walk Also Cause Alex Left O.O

    Ashes Cross: *she laughs D:* can't we get a cab? *and she gets up off of the bed, guess being vampire is a good thing right now XD*

    Manic Execution: Alright Lets Go -He Goes To the Docter And They handle All That Crap & He Calls Up A Cab-

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