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    GingerStick-Sour Empty GingerStick-Sour

    Post  DindellaTheDefender on 16/12/2011, 23:06

    Real Full Name: Rosemary Anne Glawford
    Real Age: 16
    Real Gender: Female
    (Optional) Real Personality:
    (Optional) Real Appearance:
    (Optional) BIO:

    Name: GingerStick-Sour
    Username: Sweet-Potatoe-Bob
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Sarcastic, blunt, but not necessarily mean, although rude. Can be very selfish and enjoys violence, normally a bit too much. For reasons not explained, she does not wish to leave Steampunk.vg Virtual Reality and keeps to herself a lot. While not the nicest on the outside, she does prove to have a bit of a soft-side. . . but she is normally an ass.
    Appearance: Literally neon blue, partially wavy hip-length hair elaborated with glowy jewels in peculiar metal casings. A stylized pipe tiara sits around her neck as if it were a necklace, a small generator-watch hanging off from it dimly glows. Crimson eyes like a cat's align her face, her eye lids colored dark blue. Silver steam-punk style armor decorates her torso, arms, shoulders, and legs. Five chains hang down her left side, all of them holding her weapons. Large bat wings hover over her back and a half-sized pair hovers down by her waist; both sets featuring unrealistic symbols with a slight glow. A bazooka is strapped to her back.

    Weapon(s): Cherro (a large chipped-sword she named), two regular in-game swords, a katana, three knives, a dagger, a bazooka, two pocket-sized shotguns, and an upgraded pistol she calls "Jimmy" that shoots exploding bullets.
    Extra Equipment: Frequently rides a futuristic motorcycle that can also turn into a flying motorcycle. . . and a boat.
    Abilities: Stealthy, great at "pick-pocketing" other players without being next to them
    Powers: Uses some of the magic you can use on the game, mostly just enchantments she spends on Jimmy. Amateur shapeshifter.

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