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    1. Religious and political debates are not allowed. Period.

    2. Respect other users and roleplayers. Don't boss each other around or bully each other.

    3. Fighting can be tolerated to an extent, but don't get everyone involved in it and if necessary Mic and Megan will intercept it. If the fighting does not settle or stop, we will see to it that there is some form of appropriate punishment.

    4. Don't STEAL other people's characters. That's a given.

    5. The rating on this site is R, only for the violence, for the sexual themes, please keep it to a PG-13 level ^^.

    6. Sex isn't allowed on here, yes you can hint it and then just make it so it passes on in time but no graphical sex, this isn't a porn site.

    7. Please do not expect to see your character in a relationship or anything like that so quickly, this isn't a dating site.

    8. Guns are perfectly fine in Steampunk.dot.videogame! Remember there are Soul Shrines to where characters can be revived!!

    9. If you wish to True Death a character somehow, remember that it is permanent. Once that character has been destroyed, they are GONE. FOREVER.

    10. Since this is RP, expect anything to happen. If you don't like it, aw well. Just remember there is a point where it is okay to be upset. . . and if the time comes, I shall decide that line.

    11. No face-calms. All characters are created from imagination. THIS MEANS DON'T USE PICTURES OF REAL PEOPLE AS YOUR CHARACTER~!

    12. Your character can be anything as long as it can communicate somehow with other players. This does not, however, say they cannot speak a foreign language no one else speaks. Your character can speak French as long as they have the ability to talk or mentally speak to others.

    13. Yes, that last rule means robots, anthros, animal characters, mythical beings, zombies, ect are perfectly acceptable to a POINT.

    14. >.> No Mary-Sues or Gary-Sues. And realistic personalities and reactions are a MUST. I will probably test you before letting you join the main RP and criticize you depending on how weak you are in that. Realistic reactions, especially to important situations, are more what I'm looking for though. ESPECIALLY, since I am no professional either and I don't expect you to be.

    15. ;A; GRAMMAR. SERIOUSLY. At least so I can understand you!

    16. All characters will be approved by me before you can use them.

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