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    One Messed Up Day


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    One Messed Up Day

    Post  Mick on 10/12/2011, 17:59

    Ashes Cross: *she walks up to a creators home, the creator is Megan >.> she was talking to her a week ago and she somehow got her adress xD and she knocks on the door*

    Aiden Nacht: *he is too lazy to see what it is...* Fish lady! door!

    Megan: <.< . . . *Spins the computer chair, then gets up and walks from the kitchen to the living room* Who is it?

    Aiden Nacht: *glares at his mommy >.> ever since he's been forced to this universe also he's been living in the same house with his adopted mother xD* i don't know, that's why i told you door

    Ashes Cross: *is just standing there waiting for someone to open the door*

    Megan: -.- I was asking the person OUTSIDE. Who's there?

    Ashes Cross: it's Ashes

    Megan: !! Oh, Ashes! *Unlocks the door and lets her in* How are you? Come on in.

    Ashes Cross: *she walks into the house >.> <.< and she looks around* so..uh...*doesn't know what to really say at all*

    Aiden Nacht: well, i'll be in the kitchen if you need me *he tells them as he leaves the living room, yeah..he's too lazy to get up to see who's at the door but he gets up to eat?! WTF?*

    Megan: Aiden, >.> care to make Ashes something to drink while you're in there. Some tea or coffee.

    Aiden Nacht: *he rolls his eyes* fine...-_-

    Megan: ^-^ Thanks, hun.

    Ashes Cross: *is lost about all of this stuff O.O* so...uh....*gosh why is she all of a sudden being shy >.< creator hates it when her characters are like this >.<*

    Aiden Nacht: *he is making tea :D cause for some odd reason he knows how to make that type of stuff xD*

    Megan: *Looks concerned* Why don't you sit down Ashes?

    Ashes Cross: *she noddes and she sits on one of the chairs*

    Aiden Nacht: >.>...............*he comes comes back with the tea o.o' hoping that only they would know about this, gtlsjgl MEGAN WHY YOU MAKE HIM NICE AROUND YOU >:U*

    Megan: 8D Thank you, Aiden!

    Aiden Nacht: you're welcome *he mummbles under his breath and he leaves :D at least for now xD until he is needed >.>*

    Ashes Cross: *she looks at Megan* um......how are you? *mentally facepalm, really? how awkward can she be? XDXD*

    Megan: I am doing well. . . but how are you? I haven't seen you since our. . . discussion. . . last week. What did the doctor say?

    Ashes Cross: O.O haven't been to the doctor....i have been good i guess o.o' my friend is letting m stay at his place *which is a motel room xD what? >.> <.< none of them have jobs yet xD*

    Megan: *Stern mother tone* You need to see a doctor.

    Ashes Cross: *laughs at the tone and she bites her lip* yeah, i guess -she shruggs O.o....this is too wierd for me, ignores creator hacking for a moment xD*

    Megan: I'm serious, Ashes.

    Ashes Cross: i know, i know *its just that.....AHH!! >.< mind is tooo confused its like lakgjj D:* i just can't o.o'

    Megan: Why not? *Crosses arms* :/

    Ashes Cross: um..if i do my parents will find out cause you know that hospitals has this way to tell the childs parents if they are younger then 18 and i ran away from them o.o' *at least that what's she thinks that happens >.> creator isn't sure either xD*

    Megan: >.> You know there are clinics you can go to, though. They won't call your parents or anything.

    Ashes Cross: there are? *was homeschooled so yeah....she's deprived a bit xD*

    Megan: ^^ Of course! If you need to, I can have Aiden drive us to the nearest clinic.

    Ashes Cross: *she looks at her confusingly* can't you drive? *is just wondering cause um....>.> <.< isn't he her adopted son O.o....* okay ^^

    Megan: :'D I'm 17 and don't have my liscence.

    Ashes Cross: *thinks: doesn't want to know how old Aiden is cause i has a feeling >.>' he's older then her right?* oh...okay...*thinks: mentally laughing a bit cause um..i'm 16 and i haven't got mine so i know how it feels xD*

    Megan: AIDEN! Honey!!

    Aiden Nacht: *he walks into the room; thinks: what now? -_-; he crosses his arms* what?

    Megan: ^-^ Will you drive Ashes and I somewhere?

    Aiden Nacht: O.O okay....*he puts on his jaket and gabs his keys cause he wants to get out the place badly anyways* where to?

    Megan: "Little Nursery Clinic" or whatever it's called.

    Aiden Nacht: the whaty what what? *thinks: O.O okay....this is really strange, i wonder why there?; he sighs* do you know where that is?

    Megan: Route 34.

    Aiden Nacht: alright, let's go *he goes to the car to start/warm it up xD*

    Ashes Cross: o.o'....*has been silent the whole time when they were talking >.>*

    Megan: ^^ *Takes Ashes' hand and stands up*

    Ashes Cross: *she gets up and follows Megan; thinks: am i sure that i should do this?*

    Megan: *As if she could hear Ashes thoughts* Knowing is better than not knowing until it's too late.

    Ashes Cross: *TOTAL CREATOR HACK FOR THIS: >:U you are a creator so you can have ANY powers xD* you're right ^^ *she noddes*

    Megan: ^-^ *Leads Ashes out the door*

    Ashes Cross: *aaaand they are in the car >.> let's just say that cause when one character is barely talking it's hard to make a scene going like that xD*

    Aiden Nacht: *looks at Megan >.> <.< well, is trying to* so why are we going there? *just wants to know*

    Megan: We'll talk about it when we get there.

    Aiden Nacht: O.o alright *AND TIMESKIP cause creator said so xD and they are at the clinic* there

    Megan: *Gets out and opens the door like a (*Crosses out "Gentleman"* x'D) nice person*

    Ashes Cross: *she gets out of the car* so, where? o.o'

    Megan: *Takes her inside*

    Doctor: Ahhh, hello there.

    Ashes Cross: hello *she says lightly >.> way...to shy for her own good right now, is she just afriad? O.o*

    Doctor: Which of you are here for a check up?

    Megan: *Puts arm around Ashes' shoulder* ^^ My friend Ashes

    Ashes Cross: *was totally going to point at Megan >.> cause now she's afriad D:* yeah...o.o'

    Megan: *Comforts Ashes* Shhh, calm down, sweetheart.

    Doctor: ^^' Well. . . come this way then, please, ladies

    Ashes Cross: *goes to where ever the doctor told them to xD* how can i be calm? *now, she is figiting xD*

    Megan: <.< Do you want to be a baby killer? If you ARE pregnant and don't know it, D: that's very dangerous! For both you and he child.

    Doctor: She's right, you know.

    Ashes Cross: O.O *all she was doing is figiting D:* sorry o.o' *oh...wait, she got it xD; thinks: it's just i am afriad that i am o.o'*


    Ashes Cross: O.O *sits down*

    Doctor: o.o'''''

    Megan: ^-^ <3 Good girl.

    Ashes Cross: *creator is laughing her ass off* O.o......*think: okay, Megan is scary*

    Doctor: *Looks Ashes over then hands her a tiny cup*

    Ashes Cross: *looks at the cup o.o'* okay....? *not sure on what she should do with it xD*

    Doctor: There's a bathroom over there. ^-^ Please pee in the cup and try not to drip.

    Ashes Cross: *think: this is just strange o.o'; she goes to the bathroom and timeskip cause creator is like eww; she gives him the cup xD*

    Doctor: We'll have results for you in a little while. *Leaves*

    Megan: *Gives Ashes a hug*

    Ashes Cross: *hugs back* O.o how is peeing in the cup revelent?

    Megan: >.> That's how they check if you're pregnant.

    Ashes Cross: *wtf? thinks: i don't want to know on how that works xD* O.O oh.... *thinks: i am never drinking ever agian >.>'*

    Megan: *Sings failishly while waiting*

    Ashes Cross: *joins in with the failness xD*


    Doctor: *Walks in*

    Ashes Cross: *now, she is nervous beyond all levels D:*

    Doctor: ^-^ Congratulations.

    Ashes Cross: *thinks: FUCK; she falls off of the chair >.> that's how shocked she is*

    Doctor: O.O

    Megan: -.-

    Ashes Cross: *she gets up* O.O um...sorry about that *think: i've done that before >.> so yeah, i didn't that it was strange D:*

    Megan: >.> *At Ashes* 8'D Well! If you like, I have enough room in my house for you and your friend. <3

    Ashes Cross: o.o' it's fine *she breaths cause OMG this is huge for her*

    Megan: *Hugs Ashes* <3

    Ashes Cross: *hugs back* c-can we leave now?

    Megan: If you want, sweetheart.

    Ashes Cross: i do o.o' *she noddes and leaves the clinic and they are in the car*

    Aiden Nacht: *sees them and unlocks the door* so...?

    Megan: Ashes is pregnant.

    Aiden Nacht: O.O uh...what? *doesn't even know the girl and knows this much about her xD* nevermind i herd you, so where to now?

    Megan: Up to Ashes.

    Ashes Cross: i think i should go home right now o.o'

    Megan: Alright.

    Aiden Nacht: O.o *looks at Megan like he's say 'uh....and that is?'*

    Ashes Cross: thanks, you guys, i mean it *she tells them quickly and she gets out of the car* i'll get a cab okay ^^

    Megan: . . . Ashes. . .

    Ashes Cross: what? o.o

    Megan: We are taking you home.

    Ashes Cross: o.o' okay....*she gets back into the car*

    Aiden Nacht: where? *not sure if this is a good time to ask that but okay...xD*

    Megan: *Gives Aiden Ashes adress*

    Aiden Nacht: *and he drive to that adress* well, here we are o.o' *he laughs a bit* Motel? i completely understand on that part

    Ashes Cross: thanks you guys *smiles slightly*

    Megan: *Hugs Ashes* Anytime. Call me later, alright? Aiden and I will make room for you and your roommate.

    Ashes Cross: um...okay? *somehow got her phonenumber also xD* well, see you guys later *and she walks away andshe opens the door to the motel room and she looks at Manic* where's the scissors?

    Manic Execution: -Was Getting Dressed & Was Putting His Pants On- WHOA! -Tries To Close The Door- Im Getting Dressed Here! D:

    Ashes Cross: *she laughs a bit* sorry! i didn't see a sign that says 'Do Not Disturbed' on here

    Manic Execution: -Glares At Her- Ha-Ha-Ha -He Finishes Putting His Pants On- So What Do You Want?

    Ashes Cross: *she walks into the room, NOW!* i want a pair of scissors ^^ *she tells him nicely*

    Manic Execution: Uhm...-Backs Away- Why Do You Need Scissors?

    Ashes Cross: you give them to me -_- *she says annoyingly >.>*

    Manic Execution: -Flips His Hair- Whoa...Agressive xD Answer My Question First Please,Why Do You need Them?

    Ashes Cross: you'll find out soon >.> just give them to me.....*is now starting to look for them herself*

    Manic Execution: What Are You Gonna Do With Them? Your Not Gonna Like Cut off My hair Are You? -Laughs Nervously- Are You? O.O

    Ashes Cross: >.> yes.....*she just tells him that she is going to cause right now her mind is too scarmbled up to even think of a lie*

    Manic Execution: O.O -Schocked- Why?!?!?!?!

    Ashes Cross: cause you told me that you wouldn't let me do anything stupid at that party last week *>.> is pissed now* and i told you you'll regret it if i ever did >.>

    Manic Execution: Well...-Looks Nervous- What Could've Happened For You To be This Pissed?

    Ashes Cross: fuck...-_- are you that stupid to even think? i went over to a creators home >.> and well....AHH!! *is not being able to say anything about it >.<* o.o' doctors *that's all she can come out her mind xD*

    Manic Execution: Im Not Stupid D: Im Sure I Didn't Let You Go With Anyone But Me! You Wouldnt Keep A 3 Second Conversation With Anyone Either >.> -He Still Doesn't Get It-

    Ashes Cross: *facepalm* you must be that stupid cause you were the one that got me paranoid about it >.< *now, WTF? >.> <.< she's still a bit like shock/scared/pissed/WTF am i going do?! mood*

    Manic Execution: Paranoid About What?!?!?!?!! -Really Lost-

    Ashes Cross: fuck, do i really need to say it D: oh! yeah...remind me to never get drunk again -_- *hopes that's a good enough give away D:*

    Manic Execution: Say What? -Is Really About To Start Crying Cause Hes So Lost- You Only Drank One Cup...>.> Your A Bad Drinker,I Had 3.

    Ashes Cross: *she puts her hand on her forhead to relax* i never drunk before so give some slack >.> *she finally finds the scissors and she starts cutting his hair* i blaming you for getting me preggo >.< *even though it was by some other guy >.>'*

    Manic Execution: -Screams- Ahhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! -Tris To Push her Away- What Are You Doing To me Hair????? -Realises The Problem & Laughs- Omg Your Pregnant? -Stops Laughing- YOUR PREGNNANT?!?!?!?!?!?! BY WHO?

    Ashes Cross: i don't know who? O.O when i was over at a creators home she forced me to go to the doctors and well, found out that way...*really wishes that she knows who it was >.>'*

    Manic Execution: But...Your A Vampire O.O

    Ashes Cross: thanks for pointing out the obvious -_- i was BORN as a vampire *>.> and well, her parents were able to give birth to her*

    Manic Execution: Oh....Uh.....O.O Im Sorry D: I Honestly Don't Think You Went With Some Random Guy! Even If Your Drunk You Should Have Common Sence!-grrr-

    Ashes Cross: yeah...o.o' the sucky thing is, i don't even remember it at all D: *some people DOESN'T have common sence when they are drunk >.>'*

    Manic Execution: Would You Of Rather Remember It? What If It Was Some Ugly Guy? -He Asks Her While Creator Just Died lol-

    Ashes Cross: -_- i rather would remember it so i can give the guy a piece of my mind about all of this shit >.>'

    Manic Execution: Maybe He Was A Drunk idiot Just Like You..>.>

    Ashes Cross: *she laughs* that could be but still >.>'........can i still cut your hair? *creators dies laughing*

    Manic Execution: But It Wasn't Entirely My Fault D: You gave Into Peer Pressure D:

    Ashes Cross: *she crosses her arm* i trusted you >.> which i will never do ever again

    Manic Execution: -Puts His Head Down- I Honestly Didnt Think This Would Happen ._. Im Sorry........You Can Cut My Hair...-Is About To Cry-

    Ashes Cross: *now feels guilty for even trying to cut his hair O.O* it's alright, i guess o.o' i'll find some other way to make you regret it >.> *she goes and sits on the bed*

    Manic Execution: No It Isn't D: Now I feel Bad -Gets On His Knees & Pretends To Cry By Her- Im So Sorry...It Wasn't My fault..Its Just That...Im So Sorry Ashes Im So Sorry D: -xD-

    Ashes Cross: um...okay? *is actually suprized by his reaction O.O.........she pats his head awkwardly xD*

    Manic Execution: -He Gets Up & Sits By Her On The Bed- No...Seriously Im Sorry...-Looks At Her- We'll...Like..Uh...Find A Way To Deal With This..O.O

    Ashes Cross: *she shruggs* uh...that same creator told me that i should talk to her later o.o' she says we can live in the same house with her *wonders on how she can do that xD*

    Manic Execution: Uhm...Im Kinda Scared Of That Creator o.o....

    Ashes Cross: *she laughs a bit* i am also >.> you should have been there when i was trying to leave the clinic xD

    Manic Execution: -He Starts Laughing- Well...I Think We're Better Off Living Here.

    Ashes Cross: yeah...i guess, so what you like to do now? *is not just going to sit down right now xD*

    Manic Execution: Uh...Buy Extensions Since You Cut Off Some Of My Hair o.O

    Ashes Cross: alright ^^ *she gets up and starts walking out of the motel room >.> she never did take off her jaket xD*

    Manic Execution: -Puts His Hood On- I Still Cant Believe You Were Cutting My Hair..>.> -Goes Into Some Weird Hair Shop-

    Ashes Cross: *she waits at the door of the shop cause well, she doesn't want to stand there and be annoying to the others xD*

    Manic Execution: -Finds Some Blue & Green Extensions & Takes Them To Ashes- Which Ones Should I get?

    Ashes Cross: *she points at the blue ones >.> <.<* that one ^^ *why is he asking her? O.o*

    Manic Execution: Oh Okay -Takes Them To the Counter- Can I get These? I Need Them Cause My Friend Started Cutting Off My Hair For No Apparent Reason -___- -Said That On Purpous-

    Ashes Cross: hey! *slaps him on the back of the head >.>*

    Manic Execution: Oww!!!! -Glares At Her Then Gives The Register Dude The Money & Points To Ashes- This Is My friend Who Was Cutting Off My Hair -__- And To Think I've Only KNown Her For less Than A Month!

    Ashes Cross: just shut up and get your hair extentions -_- *she tells him as she leaves the store xD*

    Manic Execution: -Sighs & Gets His Change & the Hair Extensions & Follows Her Out-

    Ashes Cross: happy now ^^ *is a bit pissed that he said that to the cashier D: well, now the cashier will think that he's going to back in there again x3*

    Manic Execution: Yes! Help me Put Them On -Opens Them & Hands Them To her- Put Them On the Side That Looks Ugly -Cough Cough- Because Of Someone >.> -Cough-

    Ashes Cross: -_- *isn't going to comment about that right now and she tries to put them on right, she had never put these things on in her whole life O.O* there

    Manic Execution: -Takes Out The Compact- They Look Retarded! -Fixxes Them- Ahh There You Go! -Smiles Looking At Himself Then Turns To Ashes & Puts The Compact Away- So How Do I Look?

    Ashes Cross: -_- if you are looking for the word 'hot' you are not getting it, but it seems like nothing really happened, well, outside of hair dye *mentally laughs at that >.> don't know why really xD*

    Manic Execution: -Starts Laughing- I bet Your Mentally Thinking Im Hot But its Okay if You Don't Wanna Say It -Smiles At Her- So Today What Else Are We Gonna Do? Please No More Hair Cuts D:

    Ashes Cross: *she laughs* in your dreams >.> *she shruggs* i don't what to do really o.o'

    Manic Execution: My Dreams? Then That Shall be It ;) -Winks At Her Then looks Around-Hmmm....Wanna Explore The Town? Cause You Know...Its Gonna Be Weird Doing That When Your Like..Showing -Motions To her Stomach- xD

    Ashes Cross: *-_- creator did some research last night >.>' and....it doesn't show untik she's like 5-6 month xD* hahaha very funny *she looks around* i guess so...*wonders if they could also get jobs xD*

    Manic Execution: -Starts Laughing At Her- So You Run Away At 16 & You get Knocked Up xD -Starts Laughing So Hard-

    Ashes Cross: >.> thanks for making me feel even worse *even though she already thought that a long while ago xD*

    Manic Execution: -Hugs Her Still Laughing- Im Sorry! Its Kind Of My Fault But Think About It -Laughs-

    Ashes Cross: i have to tell you the truth i have thought about it o.o' *she hugs back cause OMG O.O she needs one right now D:*

    Manic Execution: -He Hugs Back Tighter- It's Okay -Rubs His Hand Through Her Hair For Comfort-

    Ashes Cross: *she lets go of the hug* so aren't we going to look around the town ^^

    Manic Execution: Yeah! Let's Go See A Movie -seen a movie theater-

    Ashes Cross: okay...O.o *and they watched the movie :D*

    Manic Execution: -Walks Out After The Movie- That Was Scary D: -Watched A Horror Film xD- Uh...So What Now?

    Ashes Cross: *she laughs at his reaction from the movie* i didn't think that it was scary O.o *says a character who's creator thinks that some horror movies are actually action movies xDXD like Resident Evil >.> <.<*

    Manic Execution: Did You Hear That Scream?...That Was Me Not The Girl Almost Being Murdered -Creator Mentally Laughing At Manic-

    Ashes Cross: i knew that it was you -_- i was right next to you *thinks that her hearing is a bit messed up cause of it D:*

    Manic Execution: Ohh...-Laughs Nervously- Right..Haha...Look! -Points At A Grocery Store- Lets Go In There.

    Ashes Cross: *she looks at the grocery shop and she starts walking over there* um...why are we going over here? O.o

    Manic Execution: Uhm...-They Get To The Store And Theres A Sign & Manic Reads It Allowed- 'Help Wanted' Ew I Don't Wanna Work.

    Ashes Cross: *she laughs at his reaction cause no one would have done that xD* you're going to have to if you want to keep money *and spend it wastefully -_-*

    Manic Execution: People Pay Just To Look At Me -Crosses His Arms & Looks At Her- Do I Really Need A Job?

    Ashes Cross: -_- if you want to buy anymore clothes you have to! *wonders if this guy even ever got a job >.> she has an excuse not to xD*

    Manic Execution: Fine! -Waves His Hands Around & Walks In-

    Ashes Cross: *she walks behind him >.> <.<*

    Manic Execution: -Pushes Her In Front Of Him-

    Ashes Cross: *>.> glares at him as she is pushed into one of the workers D:*

    Alexander Shaddix: *gets pushed by someone and he looks up* watch it, could you? *and he sweeps again :D -_- stupid character >:U*

    Manic Execution: -Laughs At Ashes- haha! xD

    Ashes Cross: *she looks at Manic* you're the one that has to get a job *she's not sure if they hire 16 year olds D:*

    Manic Execution: -Shocked Face- Why Me? Why Not You Too?

    Ashes Cross: O.O cause i don't know if they hire 16 year olds or not *she looks around* so who do we go to?

    Manic Execution: Hey Guy!...-Runs Up To The Dude That Ashes Bumped Into- Do They Hire 16 Year Olds Here?

    Alexander Shaddix: *he stops sweeping* i do have a name -_- and yes they do, why'd you ask? *>.> was totally going to point at his name tag but...he didn't xD*

    Manic Execution: Well If I Had Been Told Your Name I Wouldve Called You By It But I Don't So >.> -Pauses For A Minute Looking At Him- Okay Uh..Cause Her & I Wanna Get Jobs Here But Shes Only 16 -He Tells Him As He Points At Ashes-

    Alexander Shaddix: *he noddes* we need some information about you two before we can hire *he gets some papers and gives it to them* you need to fill these out

    Ashes Cross: *she takes the form and looks at it o.o' not sure on what half of this stuff means* uh....*she goes to sit down to figure it out xD*

    Manic Execution: -He Takes It Follows Ashes & Hands Her His Paper-

    Ashes Cross: *she looks up* why are you giving me yours? O.o i don't understand this crap *besides she has to lie on it O.O*

    Manic Execution: Cause Im Too Lazy To Fill It Out! Ask Me The Questions I'll Answer And You Write It Down xD

    Alexander Shaddix: *he walks up to them cause it's his lunch break xD* need any help? *knows that they aren't human >.> but since they seem like they just want to live like humans might as well let them*

    Ashes Cross: *she groans -_-* name? *and then she hears what ever the sweeping dude said O.o* um......not right now? *not going to seem like an idiot to a complete stranger xD*

    Manic Execution: Manic Execution Duhhh -He Tells Her Then hears The Guy- Yeah Shes An Idiot With this Kinda Stuff She Might Need A Lot Of Help/

    Alexander Shaddix: *he understands xD* okay...some of the stuff seems a bit obvious on here and some of this other stuff is personal like social security number and all sorts of stuff like that

    Manic Execution: I Just Moved To this Town & All I've Ever Done Was Model -He Says-

    Ashes Cross: O.O *oh...shit D: doesn't have a fake social security number, oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, wait O.o.....* do i know you from anywhere? *LOL xD creator is going to make it that he used to live in the same neighborhood as her but that's about it >.>*

    Alexander Shaddix: *he looks at Manic* you will still have a social security number *and he looks at Ashes* O.o...maybe... i am going to be here for a little while...why'd you...Ashley? *dun dun dun~ xD creator input xDXDXDXD*

    Manic Execution: -Doesnt Know What That Is- Can't It Just Be An Under The Table Job? I Can Just Stack Stuff D:....ASHLEY? -Starts Laughing-

    Ashes Cross: O.O so it is you...? shit -_- Manic this is a hunter who lived in the same nieghborhood as me, don't worry he only kills the creatures when they done harm to good *and slaps Manic for laughing about her real name*

    Alexander Shaddix: um...yeah, that's what i was going to actually help you guys with, the person who owns this place is a good friend with my family so they'll understand *he tells Manic as he answers his question*

    Manic Execution: -Laughs A Little More Till He Gets Slapped- Ah! We're Not Even Married & Im Already Sufferring Abuse! -D:-

    Ashes Cross: *>.<* you're doing that again *talking about flirting in public xD*

    Alexander Shaddix: umm...O.O do i need to leave? or what? *not sure on what he should do* why are you even here? *he asks Ashes xD*

    Manic Execution: -Laughs Again- Sorry! It's Just Hard To Like...Keep My Mouth Shut...Especially When Its A Hot Girll Like You -Winks At Her Smirking-

    Ashes Cross: *slaps him again >.< but on the bakc of the head* seriously? >.< just get your stupid paper filled out

    Alexander Shaddix: O.O *they just totally ignored what he has asked* um...okay? *doesn't want to know at all xD*

    Manic Execution: -Starts Laughing Harder- Okay Okay! -Throws His Hands Up- I Did That One On Purpous xD -Fills His Paper Out & Gives It To the Dude- So Whats Your Name?

    Alexander Shaddix: Alexander Shaddix *he tells Manic* and no. I am not related to the guy who sings Papa Roach *creator just dies laughing xD Nah he's related to a different person :D, denies creator input xD*

    Ashes Cross: *she was done with hers a while ago xD and she gives hers to Alex xD* >.>.......*just sitting there quietly xD*

    Manic Execution: -Laughs- Alex..Hmmm...Im Manic.

    Alexander Shaddix: yeah, let me give these papers to the boss and you'll propably get hired for tomorrows shifts *and he leaves :D*

    Ashes Cross: *laughs that he just denies Manic's introduction xD* so, what now? O.O

    Manic Execution: -Looked At Him Weird As He Walked Away Then Looks At Ashes- Uh......................​.........I Really Don't Want This Job D:

    Ashes Cross: >.> you're the one who decided to go into this place and you're the one who asked about the jobs xD i know what i am going to get o.o' *creator's knows about jobs a little bit teenagers for stores always are the cashiers xD*

    Manic Execution: Your The One That Told Me To GET This Job! I was Just Gonna Come Get Some Candy From Here >.> -Wonders On What Job He's Getting-

    Ashes Cross: *laughs* really?! candy? xD you're the one who read from the sign

    Manic Execution: Yes Candy! -Shakes His Head At Her- I Just Read it,& I Quote After I Read It I Said "Ew I Don't Wanna Work" -__-

    Ashes Cross: *laughs* and? O.o why would you even read it anyways *and lets just say they got thier jobs cause creator is like "no RPing boring parts >:U" xD*

    Manic Execution: Cause It Was Right In Front Of My face -Takes Out His Compact & Looks At Himself With It- And Speaking About My Face...I Still Look Hot.

    Ashes Cross: oh...gez -_- *facepalm* so what's your job? O.o *she didn't hear what Alex told him xD*

    Manic Execution: -Looks At Her- Uhm...It's Uh...Like...Organizing..​Putting Things On Shelves O.O And You?

    Ashes Cross: cashier >.>' *creator laughs xD Kathy, you mean the stock people? O.o >.> <.< creator has a parent who works at Wal-Mart xD*

    Manic Execution: Oh Im A Stocker! -He Feels Like A Genious Knowing His Job name & Laughs At Ashes Job- xD Hahahaha -Yes Mic Thx lol-

    Ashes Cross: *she actually thinks that her job is alot better then his, she doesn't have to do much since the store is a little unknown store ^^ so HA!*

    Manic Execution: >.> Have Fun Talking To Absolute Weirdos -Starts Doing His Job Putting Stuff On Shelves & 5 Minutes Pass & he Runs Back To Ashes- Ash!!! I Dropped A Full Shelf Worth Of Cans D:

    Ashes Cross: *O.O she has just been sitting on the chair the whole five minutes* and why did you do that? *creator is going to say that Alex had already left xD*

    Manic Execution: Well Uh A Customer Asked Me A Question But I Told Them That I Was Busy Cause I was Using my Mirror & The Guy Took It And Threw It On A Shelf So I Tried To Climb Up And Get It But...Yeah O.O -:(-

    Ashes Cross: *facepalms* you can be a total idiot sometimes, no wonder you don't want a job -_- *well, CAN'T get a job xD*

    Manic Execution: Just...Can You Help Me? -Ahhhh!-

    Ashes Cross: *she gets up from the chair* -_- this has to be quick but i can help you *mentally laughs at him xD*

    Manic Execution: Thank You! -Runs Back & Starts Picking Up The Cans-

    Ashes Cross: *walks with him >.> wondering on why he even brought out his mirror xD and she helps ^^*

    Gabriel Amsel: *laughs cause apparantly creator takes it that they are the people who threw the mirror at the top of the self xD*

    Ivory Haven: -Laughs With gabe Watching At The End Of The Isle-

    Manic Execution: -Sees The Two Standing There- Look Those Are The Jerks That Threw My Mirror! -He Says Outloud-

    Ashes Cross: *she looks at them O.O* uh.....o.o'....Manic, just shut up *knows who they are and uh...oh....don'tgetthemp​issed*

    Gabriel Amsel: well, it's cause you wouldn't give us a minute of your attention *he tells the guy as he leans against a self xD*

    Manic Execution: I Just Started Working Here! -Stands Up Moving His Hands Around- Cut me Some Slack! I try To Look Good For Our Customers!

    Ivory Haven: Whoa! The Pretty Boy has Attitude! -She Jokes With gabe About Manic-

    Ashes Cross: *she gets up* could you guys just don't o.o' i know who and what you guys are so....um....if Manic stops being pissy right now, you guys can leave right? *trying to not get anyone killed*

    Manic Execution: Im Not Pissy! -He Tells Ashes- That Guy -Motions To gabe- Is Just Jealous Cause Im Hotter Than Him!

    Gabriel Amsel: *laughs that the guy doesn't get it* how do you even know who we are? *he asks Ashes xD*

    Ivory Haven: -Is Quietly Observing Whats Going On From Behind Gabe-

    Ashes Cross: cause i just do *parents are old really xD so yeah...xD* besides aren't there like four of you guys *knew that there was a group O.o*

    Gabriel Amsel: so....someone knows thier stuff *he looks at Ivory for some help cause umm....he's still sympathetic towards others but they don't know that xD*

    Ivory Haven: Welll....If You Know The Legends Than.....Arriane Is Long Gone -She Says- & Mystic..Welll...Im Not So Sure About.

    Ashes Cross: oh...O.O i didn't know that *ran away before she was told that xD*

    Gabriel Amsel: so...how do you even know this much stuff about us? *can't tell who's human or not >.> <.< so yeah...xD*

    Manic Execution: Whoa! No Way?!?! -Sarcasm- Are These Legends? WOOPY FREAKING DO! -_____- Can We Go Now? -Asks Ashes-

    Ashes Cross: Manic, they are legends for good reasons O.O they kill whomever they want to and with your attitude i am suprized you haven't been killed yet o.o' *and not going into that they from a rare race also xD*

    Ivory Haven: -Glares At Manic-

    Gabriel Amsel: *how is it that the younger Female >.> knows more then the older one xD* so what should we do? O.O and how do they even know about us? *he asks Ivory feeling a bit vunerable xD*

    Manic Execution: Murderrers >.> -Crosses His Arms Annoyyed- I Don't Have Attitude D:

    Ivory Haven: Well The Girl is Some Sort of Vampire And The Boy Is A Dark Elf. They've Mustve Been Told About Us..Hmmm What Should We do With Them? -Sighs- If Only The Others were Here

    Ashes Cross: yes, you do >.> it's cause of you being such a narcissist that it's not obvious to you...*creator laughs xD and she looks at Ivory*

    Gabriel Amsel: i have no clue on what to do with them really? *he says truthfully xD*

    Manic Execution: Im Not A Narcissist! This Would've Happened If They Didnt Throw my Mirror Anywhere >.> -He Mummbles To Himself-

    Ivory Haven: Well...We're In the Store...So It Might Be Too Much Trouble To Torture Them In Here -She Tells gabe & Notices The Girl Looking At Her-

    Ashes Cross: *ignores what Manic says completely and she really wants to know what they are going to do to them o.o'*

    Gabriel Amsel: well, we can take them out of here *besides there's no one else in this store -_-*

    Ivory Haven: Okay Lets Lead Them Out -She Looks At The Two of Them- This Is Suh A Public Place To be Talking About Personal Stuff...Would You Like To Come Outside? -She Says It Really Convincing-

    Manic Execution: -Before Ash Could Answer He Replies- Why Would We Wanna Go Anywhere With You Guys? -___-

    Ashes Cross: *knows that she shouldn't listen to them about going outside and she gets up* i'm going back to my job okay ^^ *just wants to leave xD*

    Gabriel Amsel: cause if you don't the consequences is going to be more harsh then what we are thinking right now *not sure on what they are going to do but okay..xD*

    Ivory Haven: -Glares At Them As If Screaming Right by Their Faces 'FOLLOW US NOW'-

    Manic Execution: -Scared- SECRURITY!!!!!! -He Screams It-

    Ashes Cross: O.O' *no security came D:* Manic, just stop >.> or you'll get us into deep trouble >.>

    Gabriel Amsel: *is very annoyed that the dark elf is being very unhelping* the security isn't going to show, they are gone *took that advantage when they came inside xD*

    Manic Execution: Jerks D: -Sits Down-

    Ivory Haven: -Laughs- Ah...Might As Well Use The Full Store To Our Advantage -Starts Circling Them xD-

    Ashes Cross: *isn't going to like this AT ALL o.o'* so what are you gonig to do?

    Gabriel Amsel: *he shruggs* i don't know all i mainly do is put stuff in fire *he tells her cause um...O.o not sure on what's going on either xD*

    Ivory Haven: -Shakes Her Head At Gabe- Gabe Hasnt Done This For A Good While,We Barely Met Up Again & We've Been Doing Things Ever Since & I'll Probably Scare You To Death...You Know...Or Just Scar You For Life -Smiles Wickedly-

    Ashes Cross: *O.O oh...god and she slaps Manic, if only he didn't get them pissed -_-*

    Manic Execution: -He Was Just Randomly Slapped O.O He Stands Up- OWWW!!! Why Do You Keep Slapping Me? What Did I Ever Do To you? Other Than You Know...Kind Of Got You Pregnant?

    Ivory Haven: -Is Watching Them- This Is Strangely Amusing -Tells Gabe-

    Ashes Cross: *facepalm* -_- Manic, watch on how you say things....

    Gabriel Amsel: O.O it is actually....

    Manic Execution: -Sighs- I Thought You Were Supposed To Be The One Getting Emotional >.> Now I seem All Moody Ugh

    Ashes Cross: *laughs xD* O.o......*>.> shesh creators knows about this also >:U moods come at the second or ending of first months, creator really needs to talk to Manic xD*

    Manic Execution: So..Uhm...Ash...Im Not Sure If You Noticed But..We're Kind Of..About To Died O.O -Screams & Puts His Hands On Ashes Shoulders & Shakes Her- WERE GONNA DIE!! AHHHH!!!!!!

    Ashes Cross: *is on the floor laughing cause it took him that long to even noticed and creator mistake >.> the mood swings come at third month xD*

    Gabriel Amsel: O.O wow....*he looks at Ivory* what are we going to do?

    Manic Execution: OKAY! Okay Okay! -Is Walking I Circles Rubbing His Hands Through His Hair- Okay Breathe Manic BREATHE MANIC BREATHE! Okay -Runs Over To Ashes- Okay Now That Im About To Die I Can Confess My True Feelings For You! I..........-Pauses For A Good Amount Of Time- Always Thought Even If Your A Girl & Im A Guy That I Was Hotter Than You!

    Ivory Haven: -Talking To gabe Without Looking Away- Uh....This Is Kind Of...To Entertaining To Destroy O.O

    Ashes Cross: *CREATOR DIES LAUGHING XDXDXDXDXDXD* O.O okay........?......*is a bit lost but okay...?*

    Gabriel Amsel: so what are we going to do? kidnapp them? *that's the only thing that came up in creators mind when she was typing xD*

    Manic Execution: Okay -Sighs- Now That I Got Everything Out Im Okay For Die-ing -Breathing In And Out- Breathe Ash Breathe! In & Out! Come OMG DON'T DIE ON ME ASH DONT DIE! D:

    Ivory Haven: -lol Creators Mind Is Awesome Wen It Comes To Manic & Ivory is Just Like Wow At Them lol- Uhm....We'll See About That.

    Ashes Cross: *is feeling like O.O...nevermind not going to say it* um....are you okay? i haven't got any harm at all O.o and you're just freaking out

    Gabriel Amsel: yeah...

    Manic Execution: -Screams In A Long Scream Till It Fades & Realises Hes The Only One Freaking Out & Looks Around Then Looks At Ash- No,Ash,No Im Not Okay! Dont You See Whats Going On? -Pulls His Hands To His Face- All the Pressure Is On Me! & I Just cant Take It -Falls To His Knees Crying-

    Ashes Cross: um...Manic, i think that you have a slight mental issue, you take things too quickly *she laughs a bit cause of it and she looks at the people who are just watching XD*

    Ivory Haven: O.O

    Manic Execution: Omg! Im Going Through Enough trouble & You Tell me Im Mental?? You Just Dont Get It huh?? -Curled Up In A Ball On The Floor Crying-

    Ashes Cross: um...Manic, it seems like they are enjoying your little um....o.o'....mental breakdown *wonders on how this guy can be like this O.O*

    Manic Execution: Just Leave Me Alone! -Still Crying- WHY ARE YOU LEAVING ME ALONE IN THIS? I NEED YOU NOW ASH! -Crawls Up To Her Feet- Ash I Need You -D: Creator Needs To get Manic Some Counseling-

    Ashes Cross: i'm not *she laughs a bit* Manic look around you, there's nothing going on..o.o'

    Manic Execution: HOW DO YOU DARE SAY NOTHINGS GOING ON? LOOK AT ME! -Slowly Stops Crying & Looks Around- O.O..

    Ashes Cross: -_- now you see....*FINALLY Dx*

    Manic Execution: -Just Sits There Like An Idiot After A Few Minutes He Looks Up At Ashes- Why Didn't You Tell me This Any Earlier?

    Ashes Cross: i tried but you kept crying and telling me all of this shit >.> and you STILL complimented yourself O.O

    Manic Execution: You Said Nothing! You Were Just There Not Helping At All >.> -Hears The Last Part- Since When???

    Ashes Cross: *facepalm* oh my fucking god, just shut up -_- i was trying but your mind was so much eluded its not even funny >.>

    Gabriel Amsel: now what are we going to do to them since they have calmed down?

    Manic Execution: See?!?!?! And Your Still Calling Me A Jerk! What Did I Ever Do to you??? -Is About To Cry Again Cause Shes Being Mean-

    Ivory Haven: -Is Really Shocked On How Manic Acted- Uhm...Uh....You Know...I Honestly Feel bad For The Girl Cause She Has To Deal With The Pretty boy O.O

    Ashes Cross: O.e *is a bit creeped out that he's so emotional >.> <.< this is really wierd, not going to say anything about the stuff xD* when have i became a jerk? O.o i have only been saying the truth *creator laughs*

    Gabriel Amsel: >.> i don't care, it just seems funny, so got any ideas on what we should do?

    Manic Execution: Cause Youve Been A Jerk Since I Met you -He tells Her Still Sitting- You Cant Even Admit That Im Hot >.>

    Ivory Haven: Uhm..-Looks At Gabe- How About You make A Circle Of Fire Around Them While & Torture Them With Their Fears?

    Ashes Cross: cause you aren't -_- *um....hello? she does has a type xD*

    Gabriel Amsel: you sure you want to do that? O.o *he still want to watch xD*

    Manic Execution: -Pulls Her Down Next To Him- Im Sexy And You Know It...Unless Your Into Like...Bald Chubby Dudes...If So Then..Im Out -O.O Hopes She Isnt-

    Ashes Cross: *she doesn't xD* >.> no, your, not >.< cute maybe *hopes this won't bust his self esteem xD* but that's it.

    Ivory Haven: Lets Wait Till The Scene Finishes Then -She Tells Him Motions To Manic & Ashes-

    Manic Execution: ------------------------------CREATOR JUST DIED AT WHAT ASHES SAID XD-------------------------------------------------------------------

    Gabriel Amsel: alright *creator still likes the kidnapping idea :D LOL and creator dies laughing xD*

    Manic Execution: -Smiles Big At Ashes- Cute,Hot,Sexy You Just Know Im Super Attractive,Just Like You -Winks At her While Creator Thinks Manic Is Bi-Polar xD-

    Ashes Cross: -_- your just not my type okay? >.> *she tells him* O.O no. *isn't going to take the compliment at all!! xD*

    Manic Execution: -Laughs- Who Said I Need To be Your Type? You Just Need To Know The Truth xD Hey Take My Compliment Cause You Know Thats True Too -Smirks-

    Ashes Cross: >.> yeah...okay...*creator lost what this scene was originally about XD*

    Manic Execution: So Uhm...-Looks Around & Sees The two 'Legends' xD Looking At them Like They Are Psycho- Uhm...So....What Are Your Guy's Names? -xD-

    Ashes Cross: *she facepalms cause um...hasn't anyone told his ANYTHING about the history of supernatural beings xD*

    Gabriel Amsel: >.> *he looks at Ivory and then he answers* Gabe *not going to say his whole name even though he perfer Gabriel anyways >.>'*

    Ivory Haven: Ivory..-Walks Around Thinking About Manics Sanity xD- And You Guys?

    Manic Execution: -Looks At Ashes Cause She Facepalmed- What?

    Ashes Cross: *she laughs a bit* it's nothing *she looks at the other two O.O* Ashes...

    Manic Execution: Her Names Actually ASHLEY ! :P -He Laughs-

    Ashes Cross: *she slaps him against the head* like they need to know that >.>' you stupid moron!

    Manic Execution: OWW!!!!! -Ughhhhhh- You Just Have To Find Some Way To Touch Me Huh? I Know You Think Im hot But Im Not Massochistic! Dont Hurt Me! Id Push You If You Werent Pregnant >.>

    Ashes Cross: *she laughs at him* xD you deserve it, >.> *it wouldn't bother her right now O.o creator thinks that Manic might be a LITTLE paranoid xD*

    Gabriel Amsel: O.O *and the show begins.....again*

    Manic Execution: Why Do I Deserve It??? Jerk! -D:-

    Ivory Haven: -She Sits On A Chair- This Might Take A While -She Whispers To Gabe-

    Ashes Cross: you keeps saying all of this stuff that's just plain stupid >.< *she sits down xD*

    Gabriel Amsel: i agree O.O still going to do harm to them? *not sure if she is or not since they are distracted they could hurt them more easily XD*

    Ivory Haven: Lets Not Ruin Our Entertainment..We Don't Get Many Like This -O.O-

    Manic Execution: Stupid? If Its So Stupid Why Do You Get Annoyyed?? -Haha He Has A Point lol-

    Ashes Cross: >.> i get annoyed cause it's stupid -_- *she has a better point xD*

    Gabriel Amsel: okay...

    Manic Execution: If Its Plain Stupid Whats So Annoyying? If Its Stupid You Can Ignore It ASHLEY >.> -Crosses His Arms-

    Ashes Cross: *she facepalms cause what's the use -_-* just forget it -_-....there's no real point in this at all >.> *almost hit him agian xD*

    Manic Execution: Point To What? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH​HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH -Lays Flat On The Floor- You Confuse Me Ash D:

    Ashes Cross: *she laughs at him* you overreact on things you know that right? O.O *she looks at the other two and she sighs* are you guys just going to stand over there or are you guys going to do anything? -_-

    Manic Execution: Overreact On What? Life Is So Fustrating! All I Really Wanted Was A Job! PFFTT! YEAH RIGHT! I Didn't Even Want This Job But SOMEONE Thought Itd Be A Good Idea >.> -Grr-

    Ashes Cross: -_- *she sighs*

    Ivory Haven: Oh..Uhm...-Clears Her Throat- That One Is Just...Interesting -Points To Manic-

    Manic Execution: Don't Sigh At Me! -Sits Up- Why Are You Making This So Complicated???? If This Is So Complicated Being Friends Imagine A Relationship! UGh

    Ashes Cross: >.> in your dreams *talking about the relationship thing xD*

    Manic Execution: In Your Dreams -Gets REALLY Close To her Face- I Know You Dream Of All This -xD-

    Ashes Cross: >.> shut up, please o.o'

    Manic Execution: -Kisses Her Cheek Just To Annoy Her Then Sits Back Down Where He Was Sitting Before He Got Close To Her- Since You Said Please..xD

    Ashes Cross: >.>......*just glares at him, stupid fucking asshole should die for all she cares xD*

    Manic Execution: -Creator Just Died x.x xDDDD He Winks At Her-

    Gabriel Amsel: okay, so i think that the entertainment is over >.>

    Ivory Haven: -Stands Up- Ready? -She Asks Gabe-

    Gabriel Amsel: *he shruggs* i guess, but i really can't do anything really O.o *thinking if he should go burn the place down >:D*

    Ivory Haven: Hmmm.....How Bout You Create A Fire Around Them So They Cant Escape? -She Asks-

    Gabriel Amsel: *he noddes and just did that >.>'*

    Ivory Haven: -Creator Is Trying To Get Ivory Back Into Her Character xD So She Consentrates On Ashes First Sends Out The Nightmare Watching Her Be Terrorized-

    Ashes Cross: *O.O her worst fear are knives xD great...>.> let's just go with that xD*

    Ivory Haven: -Shes Still Casting It Out On her But Also Puts It Onto Manic-

    Manic Execution: -Was Gonna Go Up To Ashes But Then His Worse Fear Appeared In His Mind HES ALL UGLY & WRINKLY & GROSSS & BALD XDDDDD & His Worse Fears Are Also Looking Like The rest of The Dark Elves Evil & All That Ew-

    Ashes Cross: *>.> IF only they can see it xD knives are stabbing Ashes ^^*

    Ivory Haven: -This Was All Entertaining And All She Was Lauhging Evily & Enjoying It Till She Heard Fire Trucks & Police Cars OIn the Way To The Place She Looks At gabe-

    Gabriel Amsel: we gotta go O.O *he stops controlling the fire >.>'*

    Ivory Haven: Yeah -Glares At Ashes & Manic- This Was Fun,But Untill Next Time..Sweet Nightmares -Muahaha xD Her & Gabriel Are On the Run Again xD-

    Gabriel Amsel: *and he's gone also :D*

    Manic Execution: -And He Was On The Floor Covering His Eyes trying Not To See & It Stopped So he Removes His hands From His Eyes & Looks For Ashes- Ash?

    Ashes Cross: *she gets up from that O.O and she looks for Manic and the fire is getting worse D:* Manic!

    Manic Execution: -He Stands Up & Runs To her- Are You Okay? -Rubs His Hands Through His Hair In Releife He Still Has Hair xD-

    Ashes Cross: O.O yes, but i think we need to get out of here *she coughed a bit while she is looking for an area on where they can leave without getting burnt D:*

    Manic Execution: Uhm...I Have An Idea! -Everywhere Is Burning The Fire Is High- We Have To Climb The Shelves Ashes. -He Points To Where He Dropped All The Cans xD Luckily There Is Room Where The Cans Fell So They Can Climb-

    Ashes Cross: *she starts climbing the shelves and after she was done, the fire haven't gotten to the back door and she ran xD*

    Manic Execution: -He Followed Up After Her & Climbed Off The Other Side He Starts Runnning Out But Saw His Mirror- My Mirror! x) -he Runs Back gets It then Runs After Ashes- So Your Okay? -Looks At Her Making Sure Shes Not Burnt Or Anything xD-

    Ashes Cross: yeah...O.O i guess *she is a bit shocked that he went back in there for his mirror >.> <.< yep, he has mental issues xD*

    Manic Execution: -ROTLFMFAO HIS MIRROR xD Creator Hack- Good...-Picks Up the Mirror To look At Himself- Ha I Still Look Hot Even Before Death xD -He Looks Around To See The Police And All That- What Are We Gonna Say?

    Ashes Cross: >.>' we're just going to leave and make it look like someone had broke in and did all of that..*she starts walking away from the store xD*

    Manic Execution: Okay. -Starts Walking With Her- So Back To The Motel? & Hey When Are You Gonna Give Birth TO That Kid? -He Asks her...LMAO His Way With Words xD Creator Hack The Last Sentence-

    Ashes Cross: O.O um...Manic, i don't know *not sure if it's going to go like the humans or whatnot xD* and seriosly? O.o *only been preggo for a week xDXDXDXD*

    Manic Execution: What Do You Mean? -Thinks About It & Laughs A Little- Yes Seriously This Is An Interesting Subject D:

    Ashes Cross: -_- i have only been preggo for a week Manic, do you know anything..wait, O.O i totally forgot that you lived without humans being around you xD

    Manic Execution: Really? O.O Has It Only Been A Week? -Looks Around Its Dark Outside- Ha Thats My Excuse,I've Only Lived With Elves o.o

    Ashes Cross: *creator must have forgot xD cause since Dead Blue Eclipse doesn't really have a time thingy it can be anything xD* yep ^^ >.> <.< i think we should go O.O

    Manic Execution: Go Where? -Lost O.O-

    Ashes Cross: *facepalm* the motel room -_- *omg is the dude THAT stupid >.>*

    Manic Execution: Oh...I Thought That Was Where We Were Going O.O Okay -Grabs Her Hand & Walks Faster To the Motel-

    Ashes Cross: *and they are at the motel room and she passes out >.>'*

    Manic Execution: -Watched Her Pass Out Wondering If She Died- Uh....-Lays On The Side Of The Bed & Falls Asleep-

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