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    So They Are Like Outcasts


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    So They Are Like Outcasts

    Post  Mick on 4/12/2011, 15:33

    Manic Execution: -Hes Walking Like A Supermodel As If Everyone Is Just Wanting To Look At Him xD He Passes This Girl-

    Ashes Cross: O.O.....................-_-

    Manic Execution: -Stops By Her- What?

    Ashes Cross: nothing....-just the way he is walking is really annoying >.<-

    Manic Execution: -Poses As He Leans On her Shoulder- You know You Like It -Winks At Her-

    Ashes Cross: no i don't >.> -she glares at him-

    Manic Execution: That Pretty Little Face Shouldnt Be Glaring At Something Twice As Hot As Itself -He Says To her Smiling-

    Ashes Cross: your not even hot -_-

    Manic Execution: -Scoffs & Rubs His Hand Through his hair & Stares Off Into the Distance And Puts His Hand On his Heart As If He Was Hurt- Oh My God...I cant Believe You said That To Me!...Let Me Go Die -__- -Falls Down Dramatically-

    Ashes Cross: -laughs- okay ^^ -she gets up and leaves him-

    Manic Execution: -Is In A Short Disbelief That She Left Him So He Gets Up & Starts Walking With her- Whats Your Problem Anywa?

    Ashes Cross: um....your attitude mainly -xD-

    Manic Execution: Attitude? -Looks At her Like He Has No idea On What Shes Talking About- Your The One With The Attittude Im Just Throwing Out Compliments! -lol-

    Ashes Cross: >.> the way you are acting okay?

    Manic Execution: -Makes A Weird Face Kind Of Smiling & Crosses His Arms- And How Am I Acting? -Flips His Hair xD-

    Ashes Cross: like a Narcisist -xD-

    Manic Execution: I Am Not A Narcisist! I Just Appreciate My Own Being! -Mumbles To Himself- Narcissest Pftt...I Am Not -He Tells her- I Hit On Almost Everyone I Know!..Other Than Guys

    Ashes Cross: O.O -scots away from him, does not want to get hit on xD-

    Manic Execution: -Looks At Her Weird & Sighs- I Move To A new Town & I Find This Pretty Looking Girl But She Has An Attitude Problem! -Waves His hands Around & Shakes His Head-

    Ashes Cross: -D: he just called her pretty and she laughs-

    Manic Execution: -He Looks At Her & realized He Was Walking Around Still Like A Model xD & Sighs-

    Ashes Cross: ->.> starts walking away from him-

    Manic Execution: -Calls Out To Her Trying To Embarass Her- What Are You Doing baby? Im Sorry! I Didn't Mean It! -Dropps To His Knees- Don't Leave!!!

    Ashes Cross: baby?! O.O -didn't liked being called that- i don't even know your name and you call me 'baby'? >.<

    Manic Execution: -Starts Laughing So Hard Hes Laying Down On the Floor Laughing-

    Ashes Cross: what the fuck?

    Manic Execution: -After Hes Done Laughing Which Was For A Few Minutes he Stands Up & Holds His hand Out To Her- My Name Is Manic,And You Are? -He Says With A Smile-

    Ashes Cross: Ashes -is still confused about the laughing-

    Manic Execution: -Pulls His Hand Back- Ashes..It Suits You -He Says With A Liught Smile Then Fixxes His Shirt-

    Ashes Cross: thanks O.o........... -she just says that -

    Manic Execution: -Stares At her Strangely- Why Are ou So Quiet? -Looks Around Wondering If There Are Any Mirrors Around-

    Ashes Cross: cause creator is too lazy to type alot xD

    Manic Execution: -Laughs- I See..

    Ashes Cross: yep o.o -stupid lazy creator >.<-

    Manic Execution: -creator is really tired but doesnt wanna head to bed- so...how old are you

    Ashes Cross: 16, you? -same with this creator xD-

    Manic Execution: Im A Pedophile...O.O -SO IS POISON WITH AIDEN THEN XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Only When She Was Drunk though lol CREATOR HACK XD-

    Ashes Cross: how is that? O.O

    Manic Execution: I Am A 23 Year Old Hitting On A 16 Year old O.O -Walks Away & Goes To this Store Thats Full of Mirrors & Is Checking Himself Out xD-

    Ashes Cross: -creator is counting the years xD- O.O........................................................................................................................................... -7 years xD-

    Manic Execution: -So He Was Going Around The Store Looking At Himself Until The Manager Of The Store Had Kicked Him Out xD- Your Just Jealous Cause Im hot And Your Not! -He Yells At the Owner As security Throws Him Out xD -And He Goes To Sit on the Sidewalk o.o-

    Ashes Cross: -laughs xD-

    Manic Execution: -Looks At her & fake Laughs- Ha-Ha-Ha -Makes A Kiddish face Like hes Mocking Her-

    Ashes Cross: >.> idiot, look what you did to yourself xD

    Manic Execution: Im Not And Idiot,Idiot -Crosses His Arms- & Ive Done Nothing To Myself! That owner Just Wishes he Looked As Good As me Instead Of Looking Like A Mix Of Santa & A Gremlin -___-

    Ashes Cross: O.O and that's why you were kick out

    Manic Execution: Why? -He Asks Her & He Honestly Doesnt Know Why xD-

    Ashes Cross: you're attitude towards others looks

    Manic Execution: -Looks Up At her From Where Hes Sitting- But I Didnt Mention Anything About His Looks Until He Kicked Me Out D: Which Shows That he was Jealous

    Ashes Cross: -_- -sighs- you're hopeless

    Manic Execution: -Stands Up- I Dont Understand You..

    Ashes Cross: how can you not understand me, i am just saying that you are hopeless cause you are so much into yourself it's not even funny

    Manic Execution: -Makes A Really Shocked Face At Her- ME? Too Into Myself?

    Ashes Cross: -_- -she is really getting aggricated by this- yes, you are, i bet you can't even look at the mirror for a whole day

    Manic Execution: >.> What If I Have Mud All Over My face? Everyone Looks Into The Mirror Everyday! -Grrrr This Chick Is Jealous,I bet Every Guy She Dated Wasnt As Hot As I Am-

    Ashes Cross: -never dated a guy so yeah...xD- true, but you look at it every once in five minutes!!

    Manic Execution: -Walks Over To her Leans On Her Shoulder Looks At Her Flips His Hair And Asks- So You Wanna Go Out With Me? -Smiles At Her While Creator Is Like LOL-

    Ashes Cross: no. >.> -she just gives him that answer and the she has many reasons on why that answer is no, she could have fooled him a bit but she isn't in the mood-

    Manic Execution: -Looks Her In The Eyes- You KNow You Want All This -Motions Around His Face Down To His Body Then Rubs His Hand Through His Hair-

    Ashes Cross: not really -even thought creator is looking up Ashes facecalm and XDXDXD the many pics of her facecalm with guys XD-

    Manic Execution: -Creator Thinking How Manic Would Reply To "the many pics of her facecalm with guys" Hed Probably Be Like "Probably Not As Hot As me" Or Something Like That lol- Playing Hard To get I See? No Worries I Was Just Testing You -Kisses Her Cheek & Starts Walking Away-

    Ashes Cross: no i am not playing hard to get -she tells him and then he kissed her cheek xD- why in the world did you just decided to just kiss my cheek? >.<

    Manic Execution: -Creator Died Of Laughter xDDD- Sure Sure -Smiles & Stops Walking & Turns Around Back To Her- Cant A Hot Guy Kiss A Pretty Girl? -Hes Hitting On Her To See What Her Reaction Will be xD-

    Ashes Cross: -_-.................see? you're being a narcisist -she points that out to him >.> ignoring the comment about her being pretty-

    Manic Execution: I Am Not! Cant You Get Your Mind Off My Good Looks?? -Walks Up really Close To Her xD-

    Ashes Cross: how can i be when you talk about it alot -is now going to mess with him and she smirks XD-

    Manic Execution: -He Was Stuck For A Minute But Continues xD- You Can ignore It You Know. I Have Enough People Checking Me Out! I Don't Need Another One -__-

    Ashes Cross: -slaps him cause creator thinks that he's that close- don't flatter yourself -and she gets up and walks away-

    Manic Execution: -Was Just Slapped O.O & he Starts Laughing Trying To Piss Her Off & he Takes Out The Compact That His friend gave Him & Looks At Himself In The Mirror Then Puts It Back In the Mirror-Too Late -He Says Watching Her Walk Away-

    Ashes Cross: -too late? O.o what does he mean by that and she is happy that he didn't do anything back to her for slapping him ^^-

    Manic Execution: -He Has This Cute Grin On His face...What Was I Supposed To Do? Slap her Back? I cant Hit A Girl -__- - Hmmm...-Thinks For A While Then Catches Up To Her & Puts His Arm Around Her Shoulders & Walks With her As If Nothing Happened xD-

    Ashes Cross: -_-...............what do you think that you are doing? -what is this guy's problem >.> is he some womenizer? xD creator couldn't resist xD-

    Manic Execution: Walking With Someone -He Says Looking Toward To Where They AreWalking- And What Are You Doing? -Looks At Her While Creator Is Like ROTFLMFAO XD-

    Ashes Cross: walking away from somone -she tells him nicely, looking like she's some innocent little girl >.> which she is NOT- well, i was trying to...o.o

    Manic Execution: Why is It That You Ran Away From That Someone? Was He Too Hot To Handle? -And He Did It Again lol-

    Ashes Cross: no, he's too annoying to handle >.>

    Manic Execution: I Bet You Find Him Secretly Attractive -Winks At Her XDDD-

    Ashes Cross: i don't -she tells him xD wondering why they are talking about him likes he's not there >.> <.<-

    Manic Execution: Wait And See...Wait And See -Hes Wondering On Why She Hasnt Pushed Him Off Of Her Yet o.o-

    Ashes Cross: -she totally forgot that he was on her xD and she pushes him off- >.> it won't happen, trust me -denies creator thinking this "i really mean i'm okay, trust me, i'm not okay!!" xDXDXDXD-

    Manic Execution: -Was Pushed Off & he Laughs Lightly- You Know Deep Back In Your Mind -Walks In Front Of Her- Your Thinking "Ah..Yeah..Mhmm...I Just Dont Wanna Take The Chance Of Losing You Cause I Know So Many Other Girls Are All Over You" -He Has A Huge Smile On His Face- -Creator Like LMFAO XD-

    Ashes Cross: >.> yeah...-she rolls her eyes as she is being sarcastic -_-- like that will ever happen

    Manic Execution: -He Rubs His Right Hand Through Her Hair & Moves It Out Of Her Face So he Can See Her Eyes Better & Looks Into Them xD-....Oh Don't Worry,Im Just Checking My Reflection Through Your Eyes xD -Smiles At Her-

    Ashes Cross: >.>.....get away from me....

    Manic Execution: -Laughs- You Know Im Just Messing With You -Smiles As He Removes His hand Away From Her & Stands By Her- Stop Being So Uptight,You And I Could Get Along Pretty Well If We Werent Always Bagging On Each Other xD

    Ashes Cross: >.> bragging on each other? -she scoffs- i never said a single thing about myself

    Manic Execution: Bagging Not Bragging -Smiles- We Keep Messing With Each Other That We're Barely Talking About Normal Things -Flips His Hair xD-

    Ashes Cross: okay...you start then -creator laughs at what i misread xDXD-

    Manic Execution: Well,My Name Is Manic Execution,Im 23 And Just Moved Into This Town -He Tells Her-

    Ashes Cross: Ashes, 16 -even though he already knew that- and i ran away from home -she tells him-

    Manic Execution: -Looks At Her Like Shes Crazy- And Why Would You Do Something Like That? -lol-

    Ashes Cross: O.O it's a long story -actaully its not but she doesn't want to tell some stranger about it xD-

    Manic Execution: Right....-Looks Around- Well,-Sighs- What Do You Wanna Know About Me? You Already Know Im Hot...And My Name Is Manic..But Hmm...What Else?

    Ashes Cross: nothing really, may i go now?

    Manic Execution: Im Sorry,Is Being In My Pressence A Little Too Much For You? -He Asks Her Being Sarcasticly Sympathetic- I Can Carry You If You Want xD

    Ashes Cross: >.> no you cannot carry me and i am fine by myself with walking....

    Manic Execution: You Sure About That? -Winks At Her xD-

    Ashes Cross: yes i am sure -_- -is very annoyed >.<-

    Manic Execution: -Starts Laughing- Im Sorry.

    Ashes Cross: why are you sorry? O.O -the dude is such a ego maniac that he shouldn't even aknowledge to say sorry xD-

    Manic Execution: Well...You Look Annoyyed xD -He Sighs- And As Much Fun As This Is I'll Stop Messing With You if You Want -xD-

    Ashes Cross: i am annoyed, you keep talking about you looks and all this crap about yourself, i am happy that you have a high self asteam but there are times when its too much

    Manic Execution: -He Is Trying So Hard Not To Laugh At This xD- Better Than Being Depressive Isnt It? -He Asks xD-

    Ashes Cross: true...

    Manic Execution: -Smiles- Yay! For Once We're Being Nice To each other xD

    Ashes Cross: -laughs creator lost her mood to RP now xD-

    Manic Execution: -Creator Is Just Like UIOFTYEXCVKIBVXTCY-

    Ashes Cross: -creator is going by the response before writing that she wasn't in the mood anymore and Ashes laughs- just for this time xD

    Manic Execution: We'll See About That -He Laughs- We Should Go Do Something..Im Bored.

    Ashes Cross: since you are bored you can preoccupy with yourself with a mirror while i go leave okay -she tells him with a fake smile XD-

    Manic Execution: -Makes A Fake Laugh- Ha-Ha-Ha >.> I Think You Have Some Serious Problems -He Tells Her-

    Ashes Cross: O.O i don't have any serious issues, okay? -she tells him with a slight anger in it- why would you even considered that -okay, the anger was just a joke to fool him xD-

    Manic Execution: Whoa -He Puts His Hands Up- Don't get Too Hot There You Might Catch On Fire xD -Smiles At Her- I Think You have Social Problems,Thats What.

    Ashes Cross: >.> you would have social problems if you were me. -she tells him O.O-

    Manic Execution: Thats Cause Your Too Much of An Outsider,Your Judging People Before You Really Know Them -He tells Her While Hes Fixxxing The Sleeves On His Shirt-

    Ashes Cross: i have been homeschooled most of my life, does that explain anything? >.> and i really don't judge people, i know that you are narcissistic -mentally laughing-

    Manic Execution: Yes You Do Judge People! I. Am. Not. Narcissistic. You Barely Even know Me,How Do You Not Know I was Gonna Model For Something & Thats Why I've Been Making Sure I Look Good?!?!?!?!?! -Ha! I Got You Theere-

    Ashes Cross: -_- cause you look in thje mirror almost all the time and you always compliment yourself >.>' -Ha, got him there!! xD-

    Manic Execution: -Sighs- We Both Evenly Have Issues Okay?

    Ashes Cross: >.> yeah okay, let's keep it to that -shye starts walking again xD- so why are you even following me?

    Manic Execution: -Was Gonna Leave Her Alone This Time But Sinced She Mentioned It he Walks With Her xD- I Was Gnna Leave You Now,But now That You Mention It...Well,Honestly,Its Cause I Don't Know What Else To Do,Im New Here o.o -Looks Around & Sees A Clothing Store- Can We Go In There? -He Asks Her Seeing A Jacket He Likes-

    Ashes Cross: -she shruggs- yeah we can i guess -gotta find some clothes for herself anyways if she is going to stay in this town for any longer >.>-

    Manic Execution: Yes! -Grabs Her By the Wrist & Takes Her Into the Store Lets Go Of Her & gets The Jacket & tries It On & Walks To Her- How Do I Look? -Poses In the Jacket In Front Of Her xD- Hot Right?

    Ashes Cross: okay...-she guesses >.> damn you Manic saying hot >.<, why does he flirt with her anyways xD- not hot, cause well, i don't think that your hot

    Manic Execution: You Just Don't Wanna Say It -He Tells Her & Turns To A Mirror- Damn -Looks At Himself- I Don't Blame You For Not Wanting To Say The Trueh,I Do Look Good In This -Takes It Off- Im Gonna Buy It..-Looks Around Finds This Shirt & Gets It & Gives It to Ashes- You Would Look Hot In This! Try It on -Gives It to her & Pushes Her Into A Dressing Room & Waits Outside While Creator Is Laughing xD-

    Ashes Cross: okay...? O.O -how did she even get involved in this situation xD and she puts on the shirt >.> and comes back out with it on-

    Manic Execution: -ROTFLFMAO!!!!!! Creator Hack xD- Hmm..-Walks Around Her Checking Her Out- Not Bad -Nodds His Head & Smiles At Her- But It Would Look Better With These Pants! -Hands Her These Black Pants To Go With The Red Shirt xDDD-

    Ashes Cross: ->.> is going to hurt him if he checks her out agian o.o' and she goes back into the dresing room and puts on the pants, denying creator thinking about creepers xD and she walks back out O.O-

    Manic Execution: -He Does The Same Again Looking At Her- Yes! Thats A Perfect Outfit! See,Im Giving You Some Style Tips -Laughs A Little-

    Ashes Cross: -like she doesn't have style? >.>- i have a good taste in style. okay, sir? -she tells him cause what she was originally wearing was a blue long sleave shirt and a black pair of pants xD-

    Manic Execution: I Didn't Say You Didnt Have Any! Just That Im Making It Better! Okay You Need To Buy That Outfit! or I'll Buy it For You or Whatever But you need To get that Outfit Somehow! -He Goes & Finds A Black Coller Short Sleeve Shirt & Grey Faded Pants- Okay I Found What I Wanna Buy! -He Has A Ful Outfit Now xD-

    Ashes Cross: O.O -she doesn't have that much money to buy it >.>- how much money do you think you have? -she just seen the prices to the clothes and well, creator forgot to mention that she is back to wearing her own clothes xD-

    Manic Execution: I Have Over 200 -He Looks Confident xD-

    Ashes Cross: O.O you can't buy this then -she is thinking that he has 2 hundred xD and that's not enough money to waste, he'll need it for stuff like the light bill O.O-

    Manic Execution: Yes I can! -Takes The Clothes From her & Goes To Buy His & Hers & Walks Outside Holding The Bags- I Can Do Fine With finding A Way To Live Around Here.

    Ashes Cross: then tell me, where are you going? -was going to ask him if he lives in a motel room cause that's propably all that he can live in with the way that he shops xD-

    Manic Execution: A Motel Duhh -He Tells Her- That Way I Don't Have To Waste My Time Cleaning & Stuff! You see? -He Tells Her He Sounds Happy For Some Reason-

    Ashes Cross: -she laughs- i knew it! -xDXDXDXD- well, that's kind of smart i guess xD

    Manic Execution: Knew What? -Looks At her- It Is...Do You Live Here With family?

    Ashes Cross: i knew that you live in a motel xD -she looks at him funny- i told you, i ran away from my family O.o -man, this guy has a short term memory xD-

    Manic Execution: Stalker O.O.... -Hears The rest- Oh...Why'd You Run Away? Were They Not Able To Stand You?

    Ashes Cross: no, i guessed that you live in one cause the way you waste money xD -O.O- i told you its a long story, something happened to me and i paniced and i ran away

    Manic Execution: It is Not A Waste! These Were Perfectly Awesome Outfits Okay? -He Flips His Hair- Oh..I See xD So..Uh....Your Like...Human..Right?..Or? No? -Trying To Ask What She Is But Just In case She is Human He Doesnt Wanna Give Away Mystical Creatures o.o-

    Ashes Cross: ->.> got a bit stiff after he asks if she was human or not and she realizes that something is off of him O.o he isn't human- no. -and then she just tries something to change it xD- they aren't

    Manic Execution: What? -Confused About the Last Part- Uhm...Im Not Human Either...What Are You? -Kind Of Scared For The Moment-

    Ashes Cross: i kind of noticed, i am a vampire -not going to say anything about her being a natural vampire that grew up barely having any of the symtoms of being a vampire well, until she was bitten D:- what are you?

    Manic Execution: How? -He Stops Walking When Their By A Park & Sits By A Tree- Oh Im A Dark Elf o.o -He Answers-

    Ashes Cross: you different somehow, i don't know what it is but i can tell, O.O -hears him saying waht he is- a dark elf? never herd of them...->.> and she knows alot of creatures names xD-

    Manic Execution: I Am Really Different Then My Kind Though,Drow(Another Name For Dark Elves) Are Usually Evil! And Dress In All Black, And Have Dark Skin And Travel Underground o.o -He Says- Its Weird Considering I Love Dressing In Color,My Skins Pretty Light And Well,All Dark Elves Have White Hair But i Dye Mine Other Colors xD

    Ashes Cross: you must be mixed with something else then, cause it is strange that you are different from your own kind, so i guess we're both the same way with our kinds o.o'.......-why did she just got all sad now xD-

    Manic Execution: Probably o.o I Don't Know My Mom & My dad Is An Evil Jerk >.> -He Tells Her- The One Thing I have Like My Kind Is A Nice Body-So Doesnt Mean To be Conceided But Drows Are Thin- And Have A Good Face -He Informs Her- Why,Your Different From other Vampires? Why? -Is Wondering Why She Is Still Standing While Hes Sitting By A Tree O.O-

    Ashes Cross: i....i was born as a vampire and no i am not a dhampir >.> -creator isn't sure if she spelt that right- i never actually had any of the vampire stuff outside of me not tanning at all -she laughs- but some vampire bite me and i somehow started getting thirsty.......

    Manic Execution: Oh..I see -Nodds & Creator: I Think u Spelled It Right(:- Tanning? -He Laughs At Her xD- Ohh I see Thats Weird o.o HAH! We're Kind Of Like Outcasts xD

    Ashes Cross: yes -she laughs- i guess we are -denies creator start singing to song songs by a band cause of stuff about outcasts xD-

    Manic Execution: -He Smiles At Her Cause Their Getting Along While Creator Laughs Cause When She First ut In His Personality 'He Can be Your Best friend If You Want him To be xD' -

    Ashes Cross: -O.O didn't read his profile yet >.>- so, now what? O.O

    Manic Execution: Uh.....You Should Come To My Motel So We Can Hang Out Some More -Hes Only 23 Not Much Older Than A Teen xD-

    Ashes Cross: ->.> and she is 16 and she shruggs- alright

    Manic Execution: Okay -He Smile Gets Up & They Go To His Motel He Puts The Bags On the Table & He Thinks- Heres Were Ive Been Living For The Past,Uh..Two days Only xD

    Ashes Cross: it seems nice -laughs cause...xD he's only been there for two days- so we both been to this town with the same amount of days O.o -strange-

    Manic Execution: Whoa...-This Is Strange He Laughs- Its Like Almost We're Meant To Know Each other

    Ashes Cross: i don't believe in that type of stuff -she tells him as she laughs xD-

    Manic Execution: -Smiles- How Do You Not? There Has To be Some Things Where You Just Know It Has To be True -He Tells Her-

    Ashes Cross: i mean, i don't believe in stuff like "fate" -she airquotes fate >.> cause it just sounds stupid to her-

    Manic Execution: -Nodds His Head trying To Understand- I See...I belive In It...But I Think theres A Way To trick Around It,I mean What if It Wasnt Fate That I Met You? But Now That I Started Messing With You its Different.

    Ashes Cross: i still believe in that stuff cause it makes you feel like your whole life is being in control and your really not doing anything by your own self -creator is writing down what most of the kids in her class had said xD-

    Manic Execution: -Nodds- Yeah...Hey We Should Have A Party!

    Ashes Cross: okay...O.O....-doesn't really know how to do a party so yeah....xD-

    Manic Execution: Okay We Should Invite People Under 25 -He Laughs-

    Ashes Cross: um....i don't know anyone around here, so this is going to be some odd party -she tells him >.>-

    Manic Execution: Thats The Point! To get To Know People! We Can Wear Our New Outfits! -Goes In the Bathroom & Changes Into His Then Passes Her Her Clothes & Pushes her Into the Bathroom & tells Her To get Dressed xD-

    Ashes Cross: -she puts on those clothes >.>- but what if i don't want to meet new people -was really going to go back home now that she thinks of it xD-

    Manic Execution: There! -Pulls Her To A Mirror & they look At Themselves- Now We Both Look Hot! -Winks At Himself xD- You Can't Be Antisocial Forever Ashes!

    Ashes Cross: i can be and i will be! ->.> she tells him as she sits on one of seats in there- i never had any problems before with being anti-social...

    Manic Execution: -Holds Her Hands trying To mess Around- Then Talk! Have Fun! -He Runs Out In the hallway & Called Some People Hes Seen Go On The Motel & calls Them In & He Turns Up The Music Really Loud & Grabs Ashes Hands & Starts Dancing All Weird With her xD-

    Ashes Cross: -wtf? O.o that was a bit too quick xD and she dances with him cause well, she only knows him >.>....and she is shy around people especially in this situation xD-

    Manic Execution: -Hes Playing A Bunch of Weird Random Music From Pop-Rock To Screamo xD & he Laughs- Come On! -Takes Her Around The Room To Talk To People And Everythings Going Awesomely xD-

    Ashes Cross: -is not going to talk to anyone O.O and definantly not going to drink any of the drinks, since when does motels let parties to happen?-

    Manic Execution: -Hes Talking To People & Introducing Her To People & hands Her A drink- Come On Ashes! Its One Night Where You Dont Have To be Stuck Up xD -He Jokes With her-

    Ashes Cross: yes, but i don't want to do anything that i will regret in the future -she tells him-

    Manic Execution: Its Not like Im Gonna Make You Do Anything Your Gonna Regret! Just Drink It Dance & Have Fun! -He Finishes His Drink & Starts Dancing Again-

    Ashes Cross: >.> fine...but you'll regret it if i do something stupid -she takes the drink and drinks it xD-

    Manic Execution: -He Laughs At Her & takes her Hands & makes Her Jump Their Alll Around The Motel Room Drinking & Dancing & Talking-

    Ashes Cross: -and its been over an hour xDXD and she is still dancing, tired? yes o.o'-

    Manic Execution: -They Keep Drinking & Going Everywhere More & more Ppl Came & their All Dancing Jumping & Talking & Screaming xD Till....................​................They Knock Out & Its Morning He Wakes Up On The Floor & Looks At the Trashed Motel Room- Uh...Ashes? -Rubs His Head-

    Ashes Cross: -she is on the bed >.> <.< luckly no one is on it naked xD- yes? -she says sleepy/cranky-

    Manic Execution: -He Starts Laughing- Oh good Your Still Here xD -Creator Laughing So Hard xD-

    Ashes Cross: yeah, so? -she had no other place to go to tell the truth >.>'-

    Manic Execution: -He Laughs Harder & Stands Up & Looks In the Mirror Then Sits On The Edge Of The Bed- You Have Fun Last Night?

    Ashes Cross: i don't know really o.o' -forgot most of it-

    Manic Execution: -Starts Laughing So Hard He Falls Back On the Bed Sideways- Same Here xD But I Remember The Begginging You & I Dancing Then You & I Drinking Then Jumping Then Bammmmm Nothing O.O

    Ashes Cross: same here....>.> i hope i didn't do anything stupid...-she says mostly to herself-

    Manic Execution: O.O -Puts His Hand On her Stomach- Your Not Pregnant Are You?

    Ashes Cross: no...>.> -WHOA WTF? XD why would he even ask that besides doesn't it take like weeks to even know xDXDXD-

    Manic Execution: Ohkay Good -Breathes Out- Because You Wouldnt Know Whos Dad o.o

    Ashes Cross: -laughs- why would you even think of that? -and why would she even know xD-

    Manic Execution: Your In Bed & We Cant Remember Anything,So...xD -He Smiles At Her-

    Ashes Cross: you just thought of the worst case senario, you know that right? ->.> <.< she hopes shes not D:-

    Manic Execution: Yes I Know xD But Im Weird So yeah xD I Hope Your Not...& If You Are...Whoa...I Wonder Who By O.O -Omg Manic lol-

    Ashes Cross: i hope i'm not either cause outside the fact that none of us knows whos it is, i am only 16 >.>' -doesn't want to be a young teenage runaway and then being preggo D:-

    Manic Execution: -Starts Laughing So Hard- Well Im Sure If You Are,Im Not The Father! Cause...I'd Be Sent To Jail!..-Thinks About It- But Our Kid Would Be Pretty Good Looking Cause You Know,We're Both Hot & All xD

    Ashes Cross: yeah...>.> really? you had to go compliment yourself again -_- -is annoyed now-

    Manic Execution: -Hugs Her- Im Sorry D: But Hey I Complimented You! xD

    Ashes Cross: yeah, yeah, yeah -is still annoyed and she hugs him back- next time don't think of the worst case senerio cause now i am freaking paranoid >.<

    Manic Execution: Your Not Pregnant Okay! -He Tells Her- & I Told You I Wouldnt Let You Do Anything You Regret! So Im Sure Even When Im Drunk I Keep My Promises Okay? We'll be Fine From Now On! -Thinks About It- It Was Probably A Fun Night Though,I Had Fun Dancing With You xD

    Ashes Cross: >.> -still not sure if she is or not D:- do you even remember most of the things you do when you are drunk? -she smiles slightly- yeah, i guess so xD

    Manic Execution: Your Not ! Im Sure I Made Sure Of That! -Hopes Because He Is A Truthful Person- No...But I Wouldnt Let Anything Bad Go On...-He Says & Sits Up- Yeah Haha Now We Don't Even have To Clean the Mess! The Maid Does xD

    Ashes Cross: -she laughs xD- O.O wow, i guess living in a motel is a luxary outside of people easily can go into the rooms ->.> <.<-

    Manic Execution: -Starts Laughing Hard- Right...xD So Where Do You Stay Anyway? -He Asks-

    Ashes Cross: O.O um...nowhere really, i have been just trying my best to not pass out while i was looknig around for a place to stay -she tells him-

    Manic Execution: -He Smiles Lightly- You Should Stay Here!

    Ashes Cross: you know how that is so wrong in so many ways -she tells him cause wasn't he the one who kept talking about being a pedophile yesterday?-

    Manic Execution: But We're Just Friends >.> I Could Be Your Older Brother For All they Know -He Jokes With Her-

    Ashes Cross: alright, let's try to convince them that -denies creator thinking about an episode of Supernatural when the brothers went into a hotel and the people asked them if they were "antiqing" xD-

    Manic Execution: I'll Try Not To Hit On You in Public -Winks At her- xD

    Ashes Cross: alright....O.o -even though its just strange that he is even flirting with her at all xD-

    Manic Execution: -Laughs- I Like Messing With You Its Fun xD

    Ashes Cross: i can tell, is it cause of my reactions or is cause you don't like it when someone denies you -she laughs0

    Manic Execution: -Laughs More- Ahhh Its Your Reactions Cause I Am Not Masochistic o.o

    Ashes Cross: a what? -herd of that just never really known what it ment xD-

    Manic Execution: A Masochist is Someone Who gets Pleasure From Pain,& One This Isnt That Painful & 2 I Just Like Your Reactions xD

    Ashes Cross: oh....but isn't that the physical pain not the mental pain -HA! he just got burned xD- thanks ^^

    Manic Execution: Depends On The person,Uh...Yeah....I Wouldnt Use It that Way Cause You Know...Your 16 -___-

    Ashes Cross: ->.> and if it was like that creator just thought of the most perverted thing ever >.<- yeah, i know, O.o what do you mean by would use it that way? O.O

    Manic Execution: Cause Thatd Be Weird Cause Your 16 & I barely Met You O.O

    Ashes Cross: O.o what? -is not getting it all even though creator thought it, even worse >.>-

    Manic Execution: Nothing Just Shhh -Facepalm-

    Ashes Cross: okay....i feel like i am somehow an idiot right now -she laughs a bit cause he facepalmed xD-

    Manic Execution: -Smiles At Her- Its Okay...Its Just Weiird To Explain xD

    Ashes Cross: oh...okay? -she gets up- so what would you like to do today ^^

    Manic Execution: -Suprised Shes Actually Kind Of Inviting Him To hang With her xD- Hmmmm uhhh...I Don't Know? A Fair Maybe?

    Ashes Cross: um..not in the mood for stuff involving rides and stuff like that o.o' -really just wants to leave the room xD-

    Manic Execution: Hmm..Okay -Walks Out Of The Motel-

    Ashes Cross: -walks out also- so where to now? -oh, yeah, she has slight headache xD-

    Manic Execution: -Stretches- Uh..-Yawns- Uhm...Breakfast?

    Ashes Cross: okay....>.> <.< do you know what place has what? -was kept in the house most of the time xD so she doesn't know xD-

    Manic Execution: Uhm..Maybe -He Laughs & They Go Into...Some Shop & Sits Down- I Want Pancakes And Eggs ^^

    Ashes Cross: i'll have some...-looks at the menue- um.....-she squints-....orange juice and bacon -^^ cause nobody can hate the becon-

    Manic Execution: -The Waitor Brought Them their Food & Manic Forgot A Dsrink So he Went Up For Juice & came Back & hes eating Then Turns To look At His reflection In the Reflected Windows xD-

    Ashes Cross: -she drinks some of her drink and wonders if they cooked the bacon right o.o'- could you please stop doing that -_-

    Manic Execution: -Turns Back To Ashes- Stop Doing What? -Takes A Bite Of His Pancakes xD-

    Ashes Cross: looking at yourself -she laughs- i think its kind of funny that you didn't even realize that you were doing that xD

    Manic Execution: Oh...-Kind Of Embarrased- Sorry its Just A Habit -Drinks Some Juice-

    Ashes Cross: O.o what a strange habit, you know that right? -she takes a bite from the becon xD-

    Manic Execution: -Glares At her Funny-ly xD- Yes,But I Like Making Sure I Look good,But You Knocked out & Just Woke Up & Didnt Fix Anything And You Still Look hot -Winks At her- oh O.O -Remembers he Has To not Hit On her In Public xD- I Forgot I need To Not Hit on You xD Sorry

    Ashes Cross: -she laughs cause well, that's just funny- yeah, i forgot also >.> <.< luckly not many people in here xD

    Manic Execution: -Starts Laughing Hard xD-

    >.> i had no idea on what to name this xD

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