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    Post  DindellaTheDefender on 15/11/2011, 19:01

    Lets paint the picture of a perfect place,

    Name: Dindella Ausandy Amagu
    Alias(es): Defender
    Nicknames: Dindy, Dellz, Ella, El, Wingy
    Age: 25 (twice diluted dragon years = 17)
    Gender: Female
    Sexuality: Female
    Race: Homo-Draconian Third-Breed

    They got it better then what anyone's told you.

    Owners: NONE.
    Previous Owners: NONE.
    Owners Over Main RP: --
    Owners Over Mini RP: --

    Cause they'll be the King of Hearts

    Mother: Tennai Angelle Amagu
    Mother's Race: Human
    Father: Deejay Keiband Amagu
    Father's Race: Homo-Draconian Half-Breed (species,non-pure)
    Sibilings: Dyn (older brother), Amellah (older half-sister), and Jarles (else half-brother)
    Other Family: Sony (niece), Jakio (nephew), Raidoph (Uncle), Gabie (Grandfather), ect

    And you're the Queen of Spades,


    And we will fight for you like we were your soldiers.

    Likes: Fruit juice, fruits, mushrooms, certain plants including certain tree leaves, sunrises, sunsets, cool breezes, heat, the rain, snow, smiles, calmity
    Fears: Purebreeds (specifically dragons and humans)
    Occupation: Has the self-occupation of rescuing other Third-Breeds
    Previous Occupations:
    Occupations During RP Course:

    I know we got it good, but they got it made,

    Natural Form Appereance:
    Other Forms:
    Pictures?: must be a drawing >.>
    Aura Ability(ies): An ability known as the "Sapphire Jewel," which is the combination of life, love, and happiness. However, her aura ability is very weak, so technically she has a, normally very mild, healing ability that she cannot use on herself.
    Powers: Shapeshifting (obviously),
    Strengths: Very fast and stealthy, high stamina, great endurance, natural survival skills, can eat anything (doesn't mean everything is good for her, though. . .), extremely faithful, open-minded
    Weaknesses: Emotionally unstable, socially awkward, fear of crowds (especially filled with strangers), cannot handle emotional strain even though she's "use" to it, afraid of loving and friendship (though wants it), never relaxed, nervous wreck, anxious, is something bad happens she's blame herself, will normally run instead of fight

    And the grass is getting greener each day.

    Accepted by Dindella? O.o
    Yes. I do, in fact, approve myself. XD

    I know things are looking up, but soon they'll take us down before anybody's knowing our name!

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