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    The Laws of the World


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    The Laws of the World Empty The Laws of the World

    Post  DindellaTheDefender on 9/11/2011, 23:54

    1. Sambera, in Earth terms, is a mixture between ancient, modern, and futuristic. Most people wear armor and guns do not exist, yet there is electricity and running water, and computers more advanced than ever seen on Earth.

    2. Bestiality is not seen as wrong. All creatures on Sambera accept this as okay and this belief has never been challenged.

    3. Dragon and Phoenix Third-breeds are rare, especially if mixed.

    4. Werewolves and vampires do not exist in the Sambera Empire.

    5. Every creature has an "Aura Ability." An Aura Ability is normally a unique or unique-ish power that may be genetically passed down to you that radiates off of your soul, like a fingerprint. An aura ability is never exactly like somebody else's, normally meaning if someone has the same aura ability it's never the same strength-level of someone else's. And even Aura Abilities have limitations. Characters who do not believe in souls typically simply call these "Unique Abilities" instead.

    6. Magic is not necessarily evil. There's good magic, bad magic, and neutral magic.

    7. The ability to use magic is genetic. You either get it or you don't.

    8. While Third-Breeds are considered these "powerful, dangerous creatures," their power is so diluted naturally that it'd take special training and forced fighting to un-dilute it.

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