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    Sambera Empire INFO


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    Sambera Empire INFO Empty Sambera Empire INFO

    Post  DindellaTheDefender on 31/10/2011, 23:36

    Sambera is a planet orbiting around the North Star (well, that's what Earth calls it) they call the sun. Sambera means "Middle Plain" in Samberian and gets it's name appropriately from it's location not only in it's orbit around it's sun, but also it's position in the galaxy it's in (Polaris).

    Sambera is surrounded by 11 other orbiting planets that all have different over-all environments and unique cultures that will develop through-out the RP, I hope. In order. . .

    Kabits - although seemingly inhabitable, Kabits has a slight atmosphere and creatures there are built to handle the extreme temperature changes and get everything they need from sulfur and the sun. (Moons: none)
    Unikadl - Unikadl has two full Moons and one that is literally in half. While the planet is very hot, the moons there somehow render the planet more livable that what you'd first expect. Mostly desert, but covered in rivers, hot springs, and volcanoes. It snows every night and completely melts and dries up by noon the next morning, bugs, lizards, and anything low to the ground are best suitable here although the Unik that live here don't like to share with their environment. (Moons: 1/2 a moon)
    Lemmos - Although hot, mostly filled with mountains and ravines, caves, volcanoes, ect. While not as plentiful in water as the planet before, most of the creatures here live off of sulfur and the plentiful amount of fruits that manage to grow. (Moons: two moons)
    Lespiscit - Not much is known about this planet besides the fact that it's a slave trading hotspot and practically everyone on Lespiscit is a filthy rich bastard. Known BEST for their sex slave trading of Third-Breeds, the last place any Third-Breed would want to go is HERE. (Moons: 1)
    Endemos - Endemos is often invoked in war with itself, despite the fact that it is a part of the Sambera Empire. Because of war, the climate of the planet has pretty much been destroyed and you need special equipment just the live there. . . or even be there at all. (Moons: 5)
    Sambera - MAIN STORY LOCATION. Much like Earth in a lot of respects, but ironically is much colder than Earth. Sand deserts are rare, because vegetation grows too well. Soil is fertile, even overly-fertile in places, and gets it's qualities from sulfur. A lot of trees here are blue, but grass color varies depending on location. Most of the climate on the planet is moist and while the sun is wonderful it rains a lot during the Spring and snows through most of Fall and the entire Winter-long. Forests grow thick and animals have to adapt themselves to stay warm year-long. Commonly all fur-creatures have thick, several-layer coats and birds have water-proof feathers. Water is plentiful here and caves are common. The continents are almost completely connected together, though, much like Pangaea.
    Sambera is known for it's eclipses that take place every two months, although most last only a few seconds to a few minutes, at the beginning of every year there is a guaranteed five hour eclipse that could happen any day within the first two months. This eclipse cannot (normally) be predicted.(Moons: 1)
    Maddis - to be defined over time.
    Rotevvera - to be defined over time.
    Sephungus - to be defined over time.
    Montaguioue - to be defined over time.
    Jennus - to be defined over time.
    Leddlisbuirg - to be defined over time.

    The Sambera empire is ruled by Emperor/King Iaculus who is literally a giant snake and was the one who, following his father, enforces the Non-species Trade. Since most of his Empire is within the same galaxy, the rest of the Sambera Empire doesn't matter (thus feel free to be creative with Empires outside of the galaxy--I encourage it).

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