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    Dusk of Thirds - Roleplaying Rules YOU MUST READ TO ROLEPLAY!


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    Dusk of Thirds - Roleplaying Rules YOU MUST READ TO ROLEPLAY! Empty Dusk of Thirds - Roleplaying Rules YOU MUST READ TO ROLEPLAY!

    Post  DindellaTheDefender on 31/10/2011, 23:02

    RULES!!! You might find the first few familiar if you have read the site rules.

    1. Religious and political debates are not allowed. Period.
    2. Respect other users and roleplayers. Don't boss each other around or bully each other.
    3. Fighting can be tolerated to an extent, but don't get everyone involved in it and if necessary Mic and Megan will intercept it. If the fighting does not settle or stop, we will see to it that there is some form of appropriate punishment.
    4. Don't STEAL other people's characters or I shall boot you.
    5. Do NOT kill other peoples' characters without their permission and once they're dead, well, they're DEAD.
    6. All characters must have flaws. Nothing and nobody is perfect. Period.
    7. Once I have written down "The Laws of the World" for this roleplay, please follow them.
    8. Characters in this roleplay are expected to be powerful, and many Third-breeds and certain breeds of creatures have a higher resistance to "death blows" and really bad wounding.
    9. I, Dindella, must approve of your character before you use it, HOWEVER. . . if you make minor characters that really don't play a role and just disappear or whatever for the sake of moving things along, I expect you to keep the Laws of the World in mind. IF, for whatever reason, you decide to make that character more important then you must create a profile for that character. No exceptions.
    10. Guns do not exist on this alien planet, but perhaps pepper-bombs and little ding-dong sort of things.
    11. Realistic characters are desirable. . . I may in fact hold a mini-RP sort of thing just to test your character(s) out.
    12. GRAMMAR. Use commas, exclamation points, periods, question marks, quotations, ect, where appropriate best you can please. Spell the best you can, no text talk ("Liek, OMG, no wai")--although there WILL be exceptions to this depending on the character, Do Not Abuse Capital Letters Or I Will Eat Your Brains Out Oh My God. Ect.
    (13. OOC communication MUST ONLY BE DONE INSIDE PARENTHESES!! NO OTHER METHOD! For whatever reason, every time I make a rule like this somewhere, NOBODY seems to understand that. Ticks me off. 100% Pet-Peeved by non-listeners.)
    14. I may actually be picky on who I allow to RP in this specific Unique Roleplay, so be aware of this. As said, I'm going to test your character, but at the same time I am looking at you. I'll prefer people will more skill, but I may hold a smaller roleplay inside here for everybody just to be fair.
    15. Rules may change, alter, ect at any time.
    16. No celebrity-using. All characters must stir from your own mind.

    Thank you for reading!!

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