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    About The Expri-Vamps (Wilhelm's kind)


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    About The Expri-Vamps (Wilhelm's kind)

    Post  Mick on 17/10/2011, 19:49

    Well, a Megan said that it should be good if i make a post about what a type nine is xD
    Okay, so Wilhelm is an expri-vamp, which he was exprimented into a vampire by vampire. It's a horrible process D:. The scientists were trying to get a type ten but they could only get as far as a type nine, Wilhelm and another (which i will not name cause i am too lazy to think of one xD), the scientist were about to expriment more on Wilhelm but he escaped.
    now i'll tell you the types abilities and weakneses (mostly the weaknesses ^^)

    1) very weak, basically a dead vampire, killed on sight when they find out that they are a type one.
    2) is a bit weak, can live, but needs blood alot, the light kills them >.> even the artificial light, and the other weaknesses that vampires have x 8 O.O.
    3)almost the same as type two except the blood intake is alittle less. they are really close to the type two's oddly O.o.
    4) >.> they can stand the artificial light, just they can't get close to the sun, not even the curtians can hide the light for them. Holy water burns them, no i mean makes fire on thier body (it does the same thing to the other lower levels i just don't want to write it xD)
    5) a normal vampire, almost
    6) >.> they can stand holy water and the cross, but that's it.
    7) this is when the scientist messed with thier blood intake, so they won't turn on them, the expri-vamps needs blood from another expri-vamp.
    8) they can go out into the sun :). >.> but they aren't immortal, they can die.
    9) has all immunities that the normal vampires don't have except that they need blood
    10) doesn't need blood and is truly immortal

    there is this one thing that the scientist did to them that normal vampires doesn't have >.> is that the expri-vamp can reproduce (please don't judge me) but there hasn't been any proof if there are any children from a expri-vamp O.O.

    The last known exprimentation was in 1990, in England. That's where the last sight of the doctor who had thought about this exprimentation. No one really knows the doctors name, just his face. >.> Wilhelm didn't get his name either. For all we know the doctor could be exprimenting at this moment xD.

    okay...>.> we need some other people write about their "special" creatures. xD

    so....this all came from my imagination, i might update it from time to time xD but this all i can think of right now :D
    hope this clears things out ^^

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